Thursday, December 22, 2011


The children of the Ranch have been free from CPS and CASA captivity now for well over three years and the scars still remain from their abuse, neglect, sexual rapes and medical neglect at the hands of those "Good people", the residents of Eldorado and San Angelo.

For those ghouls, it is quite normal for them to abuse children, after all, CPS reported long ago that one out of every six children living in the same County where the Ranch is located was a victim of abuse or neglect. Their girls are use to being sexually abused, there are OVER 336 girls registered in the San Angelo Independent School District for the 2011-2012 school year who are either pregnant or already have a baby (Or more).

So kidnapping children at gunpoint and raping them is merely par for the course for these Texass "Good old boys".

For the children of the Ranch however, it was a travesty that will stick with these particular children for the rest of their lives, as did the States persecution of their parents and grandparents for merely being Mormon.

The children and their parents are moving on with their lives, the Ranch population has very nearly doubled since the tanks and SWAT Teams rolled on them on April 3, 2008 While their "Neighbors" made plans to adopt out the children and see to it that they never practiced their religion again. In that, Texass failed miserably. All they accomplished was to reinforce the Truth; That their neighbors and those not of their Faith were evil, disgusting perverts. That learned lesson will be taught for generations of these Mormons to come and is the only real Legacy of the attempt to eradicate them and the religion they have chosen for themselves.

While the Ranch flourishes in the midst of a drought and the economic collapse of the system that propped up and supported the local vagrants drags them further and further into destitution, CPS and CASA in San Angelo has been busy trying to stay afloat while their own people steal every penny they can from the local children. It appears that not only are they screwing as many children as possible, but they seek to add to the children's pain and suffering by even resorting to stealing their Christmas presents. (And yet, people have the nerve to ask me why I call them vultures.)    

The Ranch children were kidnapped, just as ALL children around the Country are kidnapped by CPS and CASA for the State and Federal dollars these children bring in on the foster "Care" and Adoption block. This fact couldn't have been made any clearer, than by reading the letter written to the hairball by Arrow Children and Families Services, when they complained of losing the Mormon children that were promised to them DURING the raid by the dykes of San Angelo CPS, CAC, CASA and the "Judge" herself. Fortunately for the children, there were people on Texass and around the Country who didn't approve of the childrens being raped and abused by the State, and we made damned sure the children were returned to their parents where they belonged in the first place.

While the Ranch children are now home and once again safe, the same cannot be said of the thousands of other children around the Country who are STILL being used for the State and Federal dollars that can be wrung from their misery.

For them, the Holiday Season that is now upon them looms bleak as the vultures gorge themselves to even greater obesity (If that's even possible given some of these bitches weight.).

Having been through the disgusting depravity that is CPS myself ;  I completely understand what they are being dragged through. It is a mindset and a system we have not seen since Nazi Germany.

Having your children stolen from you and abused, neglected, raped and even killed is bad at any time of year, but during the Holidays, it adds bleach to the wounds, and the filthy bastards know it! While everyone around you walks around with smiles and good cheer, it stings you like sleet in a blizzard. Hearing the words "Merry" or "Happy" are actually painful. Seeing a Christmas tree or a Chanukah Bush makes you want to lay down and cry. But the worst of all is knowing you have NO ONE to call or write to to try to stop the madness because they are all off having a great time while your child languishes with some stranger, or worse.

Who can imagine a Christmas or Chanukah that is black, cold, and dark? A parent with a stolen child can!

The only gift I can give to any of those parents who are hurting out there is the gift of letting them know that what they are going through is understood, and that there are folks who are thinking of them and their children. If you need a sounding board, or just someone on the other end of the keyboard, I will be available from Christmas Eve through Christmas Day to let you know that you are NOT alone, and that people DO give a shit about what is going on.

Christmas is a very dangerous time for those of us who have had CPS and CASA enter into our lives. You need to realize that these ghouls would like nothing better than for you to make a very foolish decision. Don't play THEIR game! Don't make THEM happy! The LAST thing they want to hear when they return to their desk is the phone ringing with YOU on the other end.

It's EASY to get depressed about what they are doing to you, but remember, depression is anger turned inward. Take that anger and point it in the right direction; point it straight between their eyes and fight for your child like no one else can.

Stay strong,


(Roger, NOTHING would make me happier than for you or that other pedophile friend of yours "Stamp", to e mail me or to phone me. GOT THE BALLS?)

Monday, September 5, 2011


Having been called every nasty name in the book for calling the kidnapping and rape of 465 Mormon children wrong by their Texas persecuters, I have no empathy for the situation these scumbags in Texas now find themselves in.

Just as the good old boys wanted to see even more pain and suffering heaped upon the children of the Ranch solely based upon the fact that they were Mormon, so do I waqnt to see more pain and suffering heaped upon their oppressors.

I pray Texas gets no rain. I pray Texas houses burn to the ground. I pray that EVERYTHING they wished upon the children and parents of the Ranch occurs to them, 10 FOLD.

They showed no pity, they showed no humanity, they showed no compassion, so why the FUCK should they even expect any for themselves?

I don't see what's happening to the vultures in San Angelo or Eldorado as a sign that Warren's pox on their houses is coming true, nor do I see it as a sign from God (Like some nutjob, whacko, Right Wing Conseravative asshole would), but as KARMA. You schmucks are so filled with hate and bigotry, you CREATE it. You love to destroy. You love to hate. So live with it! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It is certainly no secret that the government, both Federal and State. has decided it is going to find a "Final Solution" to the problem of polygamy in America.

Polygamy and Mormonism has been a threat to the government since it's very beginnings. To the government, Mormonism is a threat because those people just don't need (Or want) anybody to tell them what to do or how to live, and, like Communism, if folks start getting the idea that you can not only live, but thrive by acting and working as a cohesive unit rather than depend upon another "System", than that very systems existence is threatened and "They" must be eliminated.

The government has been TRYING to do that now for over 150 years concerning the Mormons. The latest Federal attempt was by The Speaker of the Senate, Harry Reid, when he conducted a farcical "Hearing" in Washington when he invited anyone with anything negative to say about Mormon's to the microphone, but forbade anyone with anything positive to say from the room. Hitler would be proud of Harry Reid.

Back in the 1800s, the government took a less tactful approach than Harry is currently using, and gave the Mormons on the reservation a choice; Follow OUR rules and regulations and depend upon US by becoming a State, or we let these Federal Troops here loose on your asses like we did to them stinking redskins.

Some Mormons accepted the governments kind offer to avoid genocide and rewrote their Bible to fit the new Washington Prophet's idea of their religion and a few did not, and here we are today:

The governments dilemma has been that NOTHING they have done to date has worked. They've killed them. They've sent them to prison. They've seized their land and property.  They've sent other Mormon Sonderkommandos against them. They've stolen their children and tried to sell them. Still, they breed like rabbits and REFUSE to alter their way of practicing their religion. These guys are WORSE than those damned Indians! (And we all know how THAT turned out).

In 2004, the government came up with new brilliant idea, they would charge one of the Leaders with "Rape" for marrying off one of the girls of the community. Now SURELY once they convicted the dude with "Rape", the community would abandon him and start following the Great White Father in Washington...

It seemed all too easy. Getting a man convicted of a crime is a piece of cake in this Country, and so, First Utah, and then Arizona, came up to bat. Utah got to base first, and sent him to prison for life. Then, Arizona came to bat. Then things started falling apart; How do you send a guy to prison for a "Rape" that never happened? To this day, NOBODY has ever been convicted of "Raping" the girl who simply couldn't stay off her back. A new back-up plan HAD to be initiated because the Fed's knew that both Utah and Arizona had blown their chance at putting the dude away for them.

As most folks already know, if you want some patsy in prison, have him sit before a Texas "Judge", and the deed is done. NOBODY sends more folks to the big house than Texas, and it really doesn't matter if you're guilty of not, Texas is an equal opportunity bigot ready to send their own mother to the chair.

To the sheer delight of the Fed's, they also just happened to find a "Judge" squatting on the Bench in San Angelo, Texas which also just happens to be the home of the largest Klavern in the U.S. If you NEED a jury friendly to your case, what better place to find one?

Thus, the "Search" for "Sarah" afforded the grand opportunity to finally get this dude disgraced.

The plan has worked, and a few weeks ago, the Leader of the Mormons was sent to prison for 129 years. When he gets paroled, he'll be roughly 180 years old, and possibly no longer a threat to the government.

Now comes the problem: Plan A worked. They finally found a jury to send the guy away for awhile. However, Plan B has not worked.

Once the dude was sent to prison, the rest of the Mormons have not INSTANTLY sold him for 30 pieces of silver and become "Good" Mormons (Those who follow the Great Black Father in Washington). The rank and file have not thrown those stones and left the reservation as was planned. Now what the hell is the government going to do?

The goal from the gitgo is to destroy the Church these Indians Sorry, Mormons, belong to.Therefore, make the dude a Martyr to these gullible fools, and the public will allow the Fed's to disband these heathens, turn their kids into good Baptists, grab their land, and FINALLY be rid of them!

So how does one make someone a Martyr?

You can kill him in prison, either by a guard or an all too willing inmate, but the public might not like that if they found out you did that on purpose. However, if the dude "Kills himself", you might get away with it if you set the "Suicide" up correctly.

So, does he hang himself, or does he starve himself to death? If he hangs himself, the public might want to know why you gave him the rope to do it with. If he starves himself to death, they might want to know why you didn't simply have another hose party like Arizona did, and shovel stuff down the guys throat!

Well, public relations wise, the Arizona hose party didn't turn out all that well for them; the public heard the laugh track from the Sheriff and the AZ D.A. and didn't think it was funny.

So, Texas being the great humanitarians they want you to THINK they are, come up with the idea to make the dude a Martyr through medical technology.

This was the dude 3 short weeks ago:
Faster than you can say Auschwitz-Birkenau, this is the same dude one week later:

It kind of begs the question how the Germans were so inept at creating skeletons out of their victims. Maybe Texas Corrections can give them some pointers for the next time?

Today of course, the dude is in a medically induced coma in critical condition. I have to admit, I'm impressed with the speed at which they have put their plan into action.

Once he dies a Martyr, the Fed's can move in against the rest of the tribe Congregation, and EVERYBODY's happy!

Neat Plan huh?


Friday, August 19, 2011


Dear Brother Lyle Jeffs, and all FLDS,                                                              August 10, 2011
Please take this as a matter of life or death. This is a warning, as a brother and friend. 
As a priesthood bearer, there is a responsibility to see to it there is no iniquity in the church, and to protect the virtue, and values of our church.  You all have had five long years and numerous opportunities to clean this immoral mess up, and you have not! 
You refused to take the directives and confessions after Warren Jeffs was stopped in 2006, that he acknowledged his perverted, immoral behavior and cover up.  In January 2007, you refused to take his confession, that men that held Priesthood were sent away unjustly and they needed reunited with their families and loved ones, and you failed your moral test again.  Warren Jeffs confessed that he usurped his authority, and he was not ordained the prophet and never was, and asked you and others to turn to the one that was legitimately called, that of William E. Jessop, and asked that  men sent away to return and take their place.  You and “others" refused to come clean before the Lord and the people, and started usurping authority to yourselves.
You condoned the immorality by your failure to accept once again the terrible deeds that were done, by believing you can sit in the halls of the court and turn off the evidence and deny the abominations of Warren Jeffs, once again showing a willingness to let men go to prison, bringing on the wrath of God in the form of raids against our lands, children and loved ones, leaving the saints to suffer under terrible evils, deceptions and corruption, and continuing to cover it up, lying repeatedly to the people, bringing one plague after another to the people, removing love, replacing it with name calling, causing fear and hate to those who knew and accepted the truth, in an all-out sabotage of the truth. 
Stop dear brother as we did, and turn to Heavenly Father for the truth and salvation, and He will help us and the saints that need the father of truth instead of this deadly deception of evil.  Please turn to the first two commandments with all your heart.  We tell you as brethren, no one has the right to cover up immoral conduct, no matter who you think they are if they are involved in evil and wrongdoing.  The Lord is no respecter of persons!
This is our opportunity to come clean, for the Lord said He will not be mocked, or you are going down with the wicked and be damned.  I love you and ask the Lord to help us to come clean before Him and be counted among His people that are the honest and pure in heart.
We are at peace, leaving judgment in the hands of God.  As you can see for yourself, He is very capable.
William Edson Jessop
William Roy Jessop

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear Internal Renue Service

August 15, 2011

Internal Revenue Service
324 25th St
Ogden, Utah 84401

                                                             Re: CASA OF TOM GREEN COUNTY                                                                      75-2169081
                                                                   CHILDREN'S ADVOCACY CENTER
                                                                   OF TGC, INC.

Dear Internal Revenue Service:

As you may recall, I wrote to you several times on this matter, and have asked that you look into the fraudulent activities concerning BOTH of the above named entities.

As you you MAY know, The Director of the CAC, Mrs. Mike Brown, has been Indicted by a Federal Grand Jury for embezzling in excess of $250,000.00 of CAC  funds. The indictment indicates that this amount of embezzlement took place between 2005 and 20010. Mrs. Brown has been the Director of the CAC since 1994. There remains an as yet unaccounted for period of behavior of some 12 years on her part.

It also leaves un-answered the question of Mrs. Brown and her husband paying taxes on the amounts embezzled. I would suggest they did NOT, and that their personal finances were co-mingled, thereby indicating evasion of taxes due on BOTH their parts. The amount of funds in question leaves that conclusion inescapable.

As I explained in my letter of April 2, 2011 Mrs. Brown did not enjoy the fruits of her ill gotten gains alone, she was cheerfully joined by members of her staff of BOTH the CAC and CASA, Directed by one Shirley Davis. I continue to believe that an Audit of CASA funds is warranted, given the fact that the Director of CASA joined with Mrs. Brown on her junkets, and HAD to know that the agency's funds were being used illegally. In addition, the "Rewards" received by these staff and friends of Mrs. Brown were HIGHLY unlikely to have been declared on their own individual Income Tax Returns as Taxable income.

The question of Tax evasion and theft is no longer disputed. The only question is; How extensive was the theft and who was involved. We look to you to answer these questions and put an end to the misuse of public funds in BOTH agencies.

Thank you,

W.J. Medvecky
2211 S.E. 1st. Terrace
Cape Coral, FL 33990


Friday, August 12, 2011


— After a four-month investigation by the FBI and Texas Rangers, a federal grand jury indicted former Children's Advocacy Center Executive Director Debra Brown on six counts of theft involving programs that received federal funds.
(The Texas Rangers would not touch this case with "Judge" Brown's hands, let alone their own. The REFUSED to get involved, and left it ALL to the Fed's)

The indictment, filed Wednesday with U.S. Attorney James T. Jacks of the Northern District of Texas, alleges Brown "embezzled, stole or obtained by fraud" almost a quarter of a million dollars from the center.

An indictment is an accusation by a federal grand jury, and a defendant is entitled to the presumption of innocence unless proven guilty.
(Strange; I have NEVER seen these words written by this paper regarding any OTHER indictment of a person, so why now for "Judge" Brown's wife?)

Heather Ward, who replaced Brown as executive director of the Children's Advocacy Center, said when she first heard the amount — weeks before the indictment came out — she was shocked.
(She heard this figure "Weeks before the indictment came out". That explains why she said NOTHING while debbie testified in Court last week as a "Respected member" of the community, and the former Director of CAC. Does Heather think a crook who steals a quarter of a million bucks from a childrens "Charity" has any credibility? Obviously, in San Angelo, debbie is most probably one of its more stellar citizens.) 

She said the staff has cooperated fully with authorities and considered the case out of the center's hands as soon as investigators picked it up.
(debbie steals a quarter of a million bucks (Officially), and nobody around her  has a clue?) 

"This has been difficult for all of us," Ward said in a text message Thursday. "She was our boss and we respected what we saw her do on behalf of children. We never suspected this."
(Which is why the staff took Vegas junkets on CAC credit cards and never suspected the children were paying for it).

Despite the indictment, the center's commitment to serving children will continue to be the priority, she said.
"EXACTLY what "Continued commitment" to serving the children" would that be? The Director was stealing the childrens money hand over fist, and "Nobody" knew it!) 

"I think not only the indictment, but everything we've gone through as far as staff changes and implementations of new procedures and new grants, we're finally coming out of this," Ward said. "It feels like there's a lot of closure."
(I wonder if Heather was on her knee's when she said  this? She's not looking for "Closure", she looking for more stonewalling from everybody in hopes this shit goes away without the Feds coming for them, too.)

According to a statement released by the Department of Justice Thursday, Brown is expected to surrender to authorities within the next few weeks.
(Do you REALLY expect a Texas "Judges" wife to be seen in a perp walk in cuffs?)

Kathy Colvin, spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney in Dallas, said that means a time will be set up for her to appear in court. Defendants charged with white-collar crimes generally have an arraignment set up without being detained.
(NAME SOMEONE under Federal Indictment who is "Invited" to turn themselves in.)

Brown, 51, served as executive director of the Children's Advocacy Center of Tom Green County for 16 years.
(Which FULLY explains why the Feds only took her  thefts back to 2005.)

She resigned in February following the board's decision to put her on administrative paid leave.
(The reporters nose is growing. She was on paid Administrative leave for 6 weeks before she resigned, with Heather KNOWING that an audit showed she stole $66,000.00 of the childrens money.)

An audit performed by a private forensic auditor initially estimated losses of $66,000. The audit covered a period of two years.
(Heather knew about the 66 grand, and said NOTHING about it for almost 3 months.)

The U.S. Attorney's Office declined to comment on how many years its investigation spanned.

The indictment alleges that during the period from January 2005 through Dec. 31, 2010, Brown stole approximately $237,013 from the CAC.
(And prior to that, from 1994 until December, 2004, debbie was as honest as the day is long. One day in January, 2005, debbie woke up and realized the kids money actually belonged to her?)

The center's budget last year was $964,230.
(You mean debbies budget, right?)

"She submitted and processed fictitious reimbursement forms for items she supposedly purchased for CAC, or one of its programs, and for supposed CAC-related expenses, including travel expenses she and others incurred," according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney's Office.
("She and others"... Yes, every single damsal in the CASA office of San Angelo was in on the skam, they didn't have any money to buy the kids Christmas pesents, but they could all hop on planes for junkets to Vegas on the CAC and CASA dime.)

"She caused CAC checks to be issued to her without any supporting documentation and either deposited the checks into her personal checking account, cashed them or submitted them as payment on her personal credit card accounts."
(And during all this "Causing", the Board of Directors and the accountants were all enjoying a circle jerk?)

Brown is the wife of Tom Green County Judge Mike Brown. Reached on his cellphone Thursday, Mike Brown said he was in Odessa and had not heard about the indictment. He declined to comment on the case.
(Heather Ward hears about the amount (Weeks before the indictment" but debbies "Judge" husband is clueless about the whole thing? Gee, now THAT's a credible denial.)

No attorney was listed for Brown, according to an online docket sheet.

No one answered calls made Thursday afternoon to the Browns' residence in San Angelo.

The CAC is a nonprofit program that provides services to abused and neglected children in the Concho Valley.
(The CAC is a nonprofit program that makes debbie brown rich and allows her friends to jump on the bandwagon.) 

It offers parenting and outreach classes to families.
(It extorts families to pay for "Therapy" and "Services" to favored, profit making, companies or the families face the loss of their children.)

It's made up of four programs — Court Appointed Special Advocates, Hope House, Family Enrichment Services and Child Fatality Review Team.
(All of which receive their own individual funding IN ADDITION to the funding received by the CAC. They are ALL INDIVIDUAL 501 (c) (3) charities receiving monies from the Feds, EACH with their own budgets EXACLY like the one pilfered by debbie.) 

Prosecutors said the U.S. government is "a significant source" of the CAC's grant funding through the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services.
(Which explains why my initial complaint of her thefts over 2 years ago went to the  I.R.S. in Utah.)

Some of the grants are distributed through state offices and agencies.
(Graft and theft in Texas is the norm, so that explains why the Texas Rangers wanted NOTHING to do with her case.)

If Brown is convicted, each count carries a maximum statutory sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, the statement said.
(She is a Texas "Judges" wife. Anyone who thinks she will get a prison sentence of 60 years and a $1,500.000.00 Fine needs a lobotomy. She will get a suspended sentence and have to "Repay" the government at the rate of $100.00 per month, or some other such foolishness. The I.R.S. won't even go after her for evading taxes for the money she and her pals stole.) 

Restitution also could be ordered.
(Santa Claus could be real.)

The case is being investigated by the FBI and the Texas Rangers.
(Want to buy a bridge?)

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ann C. Roberts of the U.S. Attorney's Office in Lubbock is in charge of the prosecution.
(Who knows "Judge" Brown HOW WELL?)

According to the indictment, "Brown, an agent of the CAC, embezzled, stole, obtained by fraud, and otherwise without authority converted to her own use" more than a quarter of a million dollars under the control of the CAC. "Brown obtained those funds through the issuance of approximately 71 checks, all of which were cosigned by her."

The indictment alleges that each year from 2005 through 2010, Brown embezzled at least $5,000 that was under the control of the CAC.
(Do the math: 6 X 5 =s $30,000.00  So, where's the rest of the $207,013.00)

Colvin said after Brown surrenders to authorities she will appear before a magistrate judge who will make sure she's aware of the charges, ask if she has an attorney or if she needs one appointed.
(I hope its not too stressful for debbie.)

At that point the prosecutors may or may not ask for Brown to be detained.
(A "Texas "Judges" wife? Are  you NUTS?)

Monty Stanley, former CAC spokesman and human resources director at the San Angelo Standard-Times, said in a statement that he hasn't given the case much thought since the day the board members turned over the investigation to federal authorities.
(This dude was on the Board of Directors of a charity for children that had a quarter of a million bucks either stolen from under his nose, or with his blessings, and he "Didn't give it a thought"? WHAT exactly does this schmuck think warrants his time and attention?)

"I have faith in the justice system," he said.
(Read between the lines again: He knows the "System" will  protect the good old boys of the community, and fuck everybody else.) 

"The real story here," he said, "is the dedicated staff and volunteers" of the CAC who "put their personal opinions and desires aside and continued their difficult work of providing needed services to the community's children and their families.
(A better translation; "The staff is wringing its tits off to maintain the "System" and make this thing go away so that we can continue to bleed this cash cow.")

"Their heroic personal commitment to their jobs is like nothing I've ever seen."
(They steal children from families for fun and profit; what is "Heroic" about that? If they weren't stealing other peoples children to be raised as "Good Baptists", they would be flipping burgers for a living.)

Ward said she appreciated the support shown for the CAC.
"This is an unfortunate event for our entire community," Ward said. "We have taken the steps necessary to ensure this never occurs again by implementing policies and procedures that cannot be circumvented."
(Have you checked with the rest of the girls on those junkets before you make that claim? Now that the damsils KNOW that their trips were paid for by the childrens stolen funds, do they intend to reimburse the children? What say you Shirley Davis?

Speaking of Shirley... You are in charge of the budget for CASA of Tom Green County, Inc. (Employer ID 75-2169081). What's the likelihood that you picked up a few budgetary "Tricks" from your pal debbie? Or did you let her do all the stealing, while you merely "Reaped" the rewards? When you went to Vegas, was it First Class? You didn't really have to sit in the back of the plane did  you?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Power Tends to Corrupt, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

Not that they needed it, but the Jury in the Trial of WSJ was whipped into a sexual frenzy with them being given the green light of letting their imaginations run rampant by the "Special" Persecutor, and it took them just 3 hours to relieve their pent-up sexual fantasies in a bathroom stall and then find Warren "Guilty" of their lust.

The verdict was virtually assured from the moment the Mormons moved into town in 2004 and took away the local's legal availability of their own children as their bed warmers. From day one of the Mormons move-in, the drumbeat of persecution and voyeurism never ceased, and then the booksellers and pole dancers came to town and further titillated the fantasies of the local morons with stories of dead boy babies being buried on the Ranch in the dark of night and Ritual Sacrifice and cremations of tender young virgins going on behind those "Walls". It made for great sexual fantasies and made at least one of the obese morons rich selling his rag in Eldorado. It also sold the books of the pole dancers and desert bunnies.

Being found guilty of a "Crime" in Texas is as assured as finding a large group of good old boys standing around the local San Angelo and Eldorado Elementary and Junior High schools leering at the "Cheerleaders" doing splits and hopefully catching a glimpse of the girls underpants. There's a good reason why there were 325 little girls with babies or pregnant last year registered in school, but to hear the locals tell the story, all them girls were put on their backs by the "Randy" boys in school, (Those aged 14 or under). No respectable good old boy would take a little girl to bed, which fully explains why they had to change the Law in Texas to stop them Mormons from bedding their booty in 2005.

In Texas, it's the lifelong dream or their "Judges" to become the next Judge Roy Bean. It's the lifelong dream of all Texas Sheriffs to become the next Joe Arpaio. It's the lifelong dream of the Texas Rangers to become the next J. Edgar Hoover, and it's the lifelong dream of all Texas prosecutors to become the next Mike Nyfong. This recipe explains precisely why Texas leads the entire Nation in convictions that are over-turned on Appeal. A "Judge" like barbie is clueless that Judge Roy Bean was a despot. Doran is clueless that Arpaio is a megalomaniac. The Rangers don't want to hear it when they are told that Hoover was a cross- dressing pansie. Texas prosecutors are in a leage all by themselves, even when it is proven beyong a shadow of a doubt that they killed an innocent man (Willingham), they consider it "Harmless error". Compared to them, Nyfong is Clarence Darrow.

The good old boys like to blast me for "Defending" Warren Jeffs. Their problem is that that they CANNOT post ONE instance where I defended the actions of Warren Jeffs. They can post PLENTY of instances where I said he was going to be found guilty, I even bet money on it. He was going to be found guilty from day one, the rest of the men were going to be found guilty from day one, so why bother to carry on the charade of these silly old "Trials"?

It was a joke; as silly as the raid was to "Find Sarah". If Leslie and Doran actually believed there ever was a "Sarah", they need to get an award; "Most Gullible Assholes in Town". I can't imagine that ANYONE would feel safe in their home knowing that what stood between them and the barrel of a snipers rifle was the "Investigative abilities" of either of those two incompetent schmucks.

All that aside, Warren will now be sentenced to prison for 99 years (Taking bets, don't be bashful), and the F LDS Church has no choice but to figure out how they got to where they are now:

TO BE SURE, a great deal of the responsibility lays at the feet of the booksellers, the Quorum of the 12, Dan Fisher, the State governments of Utah, Arizona and Texas, and even the Federal government of Harry Reid and the LDS membership within those agencies, especially the F.B.I. Mormon Mafia (Google it).

But ultimately, the real cause of the situation the Church finds itself in today is in abandoning the system of Governance from a Quorum to an individual. I happen to think I'm a pretty nice guy, but the fact of the matter is, like a barbie, you give me unlimited power and I'm going to become one great big asshole. It's human nature.

Placing all that responsibility on one persons shoulders is in fact, irresponsible; not only to the Church, but to that person. Replacing Warren with another single leader, answerable to no one but himself, is flat out foolish. Further, it will give the dreck who would destroy the Church and its People, the necessary "Reason" to pull another raid. They are actively looking for an excuse to throw ALL the adults in prison and to "Save" the children by converting them to their version of a "Proper" Christian upbringing (Read that as Baptist). Now I ask you, would you allow your dog to be brought up as a Southern Christian Baptist?

The real Leadership of the F LDS Church, its Elders and the Women of the Church, need to step up to the plate and declare that they want and need responsible Leadership from a representative Quorum of Elders, chosen by the membership, not in some secret meeting held by anonymous individuals. The Work, the Trust and the rearing of the children needs to be brought out into the open and those stupid walls torn down.

Were I a member of the F LDS Church, I would be PROUD to be a member. I would be proud of the way my children were raised, and I would be proud of my community.

The FACT of the matter is that NOBODY can stop you from living as any REAL Mormon should be living, and as the LDS themselves openly pray for. The ONLY difference between a Fundamentalist Mormon and the SLC crowd is that you are not hypocrites.

I don't see a better opportunity than right now to step out of the shadows and from behind those walls and DEMAND that you be entitled to the same freedoms afforded every other religion in this Country. Your children deserve nothing less.

Your future, your childrens future, and the Churches future are now in your hands. In the past, the process of determining your future was closed to you. It will remain closed ONLY if you allow it to be.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

San Angelo tries to coverup another travesty.

First, a local Judges wife, Debbie Brown steals $66,000.00 from a local childrens charity she ran, and now a "Trial" is going on in this shithole and the papers are openly participating in the persecution of their hated Mormon's who have dared to move into "Their" town.

Rather than pretend they are "Reporting" the news, they accept the party line of the local "Judge", hook line and sinker and report NO "News" to the contrary.

All the local white trash in town naturally wants to hang the Mormons. The Mormons are a threat to them because now they can no longer legally screw all the little girls they wish to. Things have slowed down so much, that the local schools are down to a mere 325 little girls who are either pregnant or already have a baby or two. By Texas standards, that's a pitifully small number of 11 to 16 year olds being made mommies.

Not wishing to rock the boat, the local media won't print the truth, but since I have no interest in nailing a teen or two, here is my comment they refuse to print:
WilliesFriend writes:
in response to Barney:
Your just wasting your time.These scumbags that defend Jeff's and the other child rapist will never answer a direct question.Medvecky can't post a decent question either.I believe JulieW is someone that is living at the YFZ ranch.It really doesn't matter though.The FLDS are totally exposed now,and those that had questions at first now know the truth.Even if somehow Warren were to walk away a free man,the damage is done.
In response to Scumbag Barney, I'm sure the picture itself will be good enough for the jury, but we do have to remember it's a Texas jury. You boys looked at the picture and could somehow see his tongue down her throat. That makes for a great sexual fantasy, but HARDLY enough proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the tape depicted a "Rape" of anyone.

And THEN we have the pesky problem of the girl being in CPS custody and undergoing a SANE exam. Let's not forget, she was one of the girls who was supposed to be "Pregnant". Not only was she not pregnant, to CPS and CASAs GREAT dismay, she was found to have an intact hymen.

Now if Warren sports a 1 inch penis, your fantasy may STILL be a viable one, but I have to imagine that Johnie Hanna has given Warren enough "Cavity Searches" to not only satisfy his sexual cravings, but knows that Warren has a schmuck slightly longer than that.

As y'all know, ALL the children were given SANE exams in Captivity INCLUDING BOTH girls. Are we surprised that the Doctor who gave Veda her exam testified, and that Merrianne's Doctor was no where to be seen? Not in the slightest. Veda's Doctor helped to prove Veda gave birth to a child. On the other hand, Merrianne's Nurse (R.N.) proved that Merrianne was still intact in April, 2008.

Now I KNOW you boys ain't too bright, but if the Medical Records PROVE she was a virgin in 2008, your fantasies are nothing more than wasted seed spilled onto the ground.

By the way, withholding exculpatory evidence may be honkey dory in barbies court, but the Bar frowns upon it...BIGTIME when it becomes public in open Court. Nichols's rotund pal is going to have a LOT of explaining to do when barbie is caught with her knickers down.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


To my Friends in the F LDS Church:

It would be REALLY irksome to me if, after this is all over, I heard the rank and file of the Church say that, "We didn't understand what was happening in the media, and we didn't know the power they have".

BY THE HOUR, you have every talking head on just about every single channel out there actively working to destroy the Church. They OPENLY are saying that "This is not just a case of this one evil man, Warren Jeff's, it's a system that is abusing and destroying these children." It is a deliberately coordinated shark attack by a business that feeds off human misery and suffering, and the more, the better. When they add the gasoline of "Child Sex Abuse" to the bonfire, their ratings and the sale of their papers and books goes through the roof.

Today, there is a public ORGY of "Outrage" out there, and they are ALL using your children to satisfy their sexual fantasies concerning your children. They CANNOT hear enough "Gruesome" details about what is going on in the children's lives, and they simply don't want to be bored with hearing that the children are doing just fine. There's NO sexual satisfaction for them in THAT kind of story. 

The knuckleheads sitting in front of their TVs are watching a PARADE of dreck relating "Lost Boys", "Waterboarding", "Incest" and "Sexual abuse of young girls" (With video of girls from 6 to 14 working on the Ranch in the garden, or playing in the Creek in the background).

I see Merrianne's picture AT LEAST once every 15 minutes.

When they sit there looking at these children, they don't see them turning pitchforks and riding bikes, they envision them in bed with them. THAT"S what they are being told is happening! Quite literally, the media is whipping the public into a masturbatory frenzy over the images of YOUR CHILDREN in innocent poses and everyday activity. You can practically watch the talking heads drooling as they describe their fantasies concerning you and your children. And from you; they hear nothing, so it MUST be true! That kind of nonsense is what brought the tank and the snipers to the Ranch in the first place!

The Church is being irrevocably destroyed. The option of "Answering them nothing" is destroying it.It's LONG past time to stick a sock in Nancy Disgrace's mouth and shove it in.

The NEXT move, is going to be the "White Knight" of the government stepping in and systematically disbanding the entire thing "Due to the outrage of the public". This "Outrage" is a manufactured commodity, it is doing EXACTLY what it was intended to do by these same people, which is to disband the Church and scatter it to the wind. You give them License to do that by your silence.

By remaining silent, by allowing these assholes to define you, you are walking yourselves and your children into the ovens. Barbie tried once to sell them all to the Baptists, this time, it will stick.

If that's the plan; if you are DEAD DETERMINED to become Martyrs, then at least let the children's hands go so that they don't become a part of a suicide pact they aren't capable of understanding.

Your children deserve more than to be used by the booksellers and media for the gratification of the public's voyeuristic interests. Let the public start drooling over their own children if that is what they are determined to do.

Bill Medvecky

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


In 2008, the Arizona and Utah goons decided they would put together an "Enforcers" list of people in the FLDS who just might "Bring harm" to the "Judge" in the case, a gimp named barbie.

The list was largely laughed at by all concerned, including the media who published it. The list contained "Proof" of the dangerous nature of the "Enforcers" who allegedly "Stared" or "Glared" at folks, or seemed "Too interested" in the goings on of the goons. The list was a joke, but the goons were deadly serious in presenting it to their fellow Texas goons who naturally took it quite serious. The machine guns and bullet proof vests came out, as did the cop cars sitting in front of the gimps house at;

5425 Bent Oak Ct.,
San Angelo, TX 76904-8726

Telephone: 325-944-9958

A map to her home, and a satellite view of her home is available on Google.

Those who wish to see how a "Poor Texas Judge" lives can drive by at any time, it is an open, public road.

As it turns out, the list was one more plan by the goons, both State and Federal, to attempt to infiltrate and discredit the religion in the hopes of destroying it by clandestine activity.

Both the Washington County, Utah goons, and the Mohave County, Arizona goons have been trying to locate a "Mole" or put a plant into the community for years. Currently, even the Fed's have joined the act, using the Mormon Mafia of the F.B.I. (Google it) in Salt Lake City to try to find a way to get a plant into the group.

This is a two way street:

Some friends have supplied us with some information on the goons activities, and have been kind enough to share it with me.

Thanks to the goons in Texas, Utah and Arizona, we know what their list looks like; this is what OUR  list looks like, in part. There is MUCH more, so stick around, as they play their goon games, we will follow along.

Steven G. Loya  #6018
Highway Patrol Division 
Password: corina
Address: 8403 S. Navajo Drive Safford, Az 85546
Wife: Stephanie Loya (
Cell phone: 928-651-5629
Home phone: 928-428-1337

Horacio Lomeli #5871
Password: hl85648
Address:  1920 W. Sunset Drive   Nogales Arizona 85621
Cellphone: 520-470-9239

Charles D Springstun Jr #91027
Password: amostex 
Address: 12415 E COMSTOCK  FLAGSTAFF, AZ 86004-0000
Home Phone: (928) 526-6837

Daniel Scott #6286
Passwod: ps6286
Phone: 520-221-3332 

Gary Ciminski  #4675
Password: 12345

Larry Parks
Pass: rosebud

Edward Anderson
Password: tonopah

[in@yourbox chingalamigra1] $ ls -R
files/(U-LES) 20070828 National Ferry Brief.ppt
files/(U~FOUO) SIR_0208.pdf
files/(U~~FOUO) HSA - Use of Common Precursor Chemicals to Make Homemade Explosives 08122010.pdf
files/(U~~LES) HSA - Mexico Sonora-Based Threats to U.S. Border Security 08262010.pdf
files/01-04 The Truth.pdf
files/021710 PPD HDB Intel.pdf
files/03-19-10 Situational Awareness 2C VIP TICKET.pdf
files/03-22 BORDER STAR Summary.pdf
files/03-25-09 Situational Awareness Bulletin-CIAU.pdf
files/030609 SUR-13 gang member initiation.pdf
files/04.09.10 DLO Wkly Rpt 14.pdf
files/05-07 - OST Liaison Briefing.ppt
files/06-04-10 FBI IIR info.doc
files/061511 PPD HDB Intel.pdf
files/07001(Electronic). CIC.pdf
files/09-002 cell phones.pdf
files/09-062 Bayer Asprin Mailer.pdf
files/09-18-09 OSPB Letter to Agencies.pdf
files/09.10.10 DLO Wkly Rpt 36.pdf
files/10 30 2008 FOD Mexican Cartel Activity.pdf
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files/2008 gun log 1.doc
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files/2010-02-0015 Flat Screen Trend.pdf
files/2011 AZGIA Conference Flyer.pdf
files/2011 Weapons Inspections.doc
files/2011-000569 dver 963.doc
files/2011-000569 dver.doc
files/2011-2016 Revised Contract.doc
files/20110104_(LES) STAC_Threat ofGang Infiltration to LawEnforcement Agencies.pdf
files/20110609_Situational Awareness Brief_Spice Concealment Method.pdf
files/22009 038 899.pdf
files/2C VIP TICKET.pdf
files/3-11-2011 weekly SA.pdf
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files/3.21 Central Roster.xls
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files/ATFE Southwest Border Strategy Project Gunrunner Weapons of Choice SW Border Weapons of Choice.pdf
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files/Agenda Non Law - Final print.doc
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files/CI08001 Subject with Warrant Possible attend Arizona Oi Festival.pdf
files/CIA bike ride.pdf
files/CIAC 08-076 LE Cyber Attack.pdf
files/CIAC 11-141 BOLO SW Plaza Suspect.pdf
files/CMV cheat sheet Nov 2007.doc
files/CRIME ALERT - 187 - 100604285.pdf
files/CRIME ALERT 2009-0084.doc
files/CVE Detail Form July 2010 saveable.pdf
files/CVE opening.pdf
files/CVEB Detail Sign In Sheet 01 13 2011.xlsx
files/Calibre Press - Street Survival Seminar.pdf
files/Camp Navajo Bldg 8 & Parking.jpg
files/Camp Navajo Entrance_Hughes Ave.jpg
files/Camp Navajo Exit 185.jpg
files/Cartel leader threatens deadly force on U.S. police.docx
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files/Cell Phone search affirmed 4th circuit.pdf
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files/Cibola _Cigarette stash Bulletin~6267960.pdf
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files/Combined SB 42 collection plan.doc
files/Commercial Vehicle Enforcement.doc
files/Consent To Search Requirements.doc
files/Copy of Copy of OSD stats70.xls
files/Copy of Copy of Operation Safe Passage Stat Sheet.xls
files/Court Phase-In Priority.xls
files/Cover leter.rtf
files/Covert Electronic Key Video camera 0809.pdf
files/Crown Vic issue.pdf
files/Crum ops for Bruce.doc
files/Cyber-Security Toolbox Edition 3.pdf
files/D-3 Roster List.xls
files/D15 Roster 09.xls
files/D9 - Reorg Roster - 2011.doc
files/D9Court INFO.doc
files/DEA Narco-Terrorism I Mexico Drug Trafficking Organizations.pdf
files/DHS CBP Carrier Information Guide.pdf
files/DHS CBP EPIC Gang Intelligence Unit Language of the Cartels Narco Terminology Identifiers and Clothing Style.pdf
files/DHS CBP EPIC Gang Intelligence Unit Nortenos.pdf
files/DHS CBP How To Read a Mexican Voter Card.pdf
files/DHS CBP The Nexus Report 9-04-10.pdf
files/DHS Reference Aid Mexico The Sinaloa Drug Cartel.pdf
files/DPS Background Investigation Class 1-1-10 version.pps
files/DPS Contact_1138000000716_08302010193250.pdf
files/DUI Abatement Report 2010.doc
files/DUI Release HPD order.doc
files/Dan Johnson.doc
files/Dept cutbacks 001.jpg
files/Diplomatic Tags.doc
files/Directions Flag-Camp Navajo.jpg
files/District 1.JPG
files/District 15 (Willcox) ASSIGNMENTS 01 13 2011.docx
files/District 16 ASSIGNMENTS 01 13 2011.docx
files/Division Staff Notes 06162011.doc
files/Drug Stat Sheet.xls
files/EB10-67 Cocaine Concealed inside Metal Boxes in Front Seat of SUV.pdf
files/EB11-41 US Highway Seizures on the EPIC Portal.pdf
files/EB11-42 Liquid Meth in Large Beverage Containers.pdf
files/EPIC Police Officer's Guide 10-01-09.pdf
files/East C&I List.xls
files/Effect of Principle Elimination vs Smuggling March 2010.doc
files/Eligibility 2010-2011.xlsx
files/Emergency Response Speed Analysis.doc
files/Evaluating Threats 2008-2013.pdf
files/Evaluation Form.doc
files/Excel Version of Gang Card 2006.xls
files/Executive Branch Directory (03-04-2011).pdf
files/FBI New Motorcycle Club Formed in Phoenix Arizona.pdf
files/FBI OC TRNG.doc
files/FBI Request for Public Assistance.pdf
files/FBI Sovereign Citizen Extremists May Use Mock Peace Officer Identification Cards to Impersonate Law Enforcement.pdf
files/FC 2009-0623 Chris Hayes Federal Warrant Bulletin.pdf
files/FC20091253 Salt River Gang Violence Officer Safety.pdf
files/FEMA Transcript Request1.doc
files/FINAL ACTT Weekly- 100910.pdf
files/FMCSA Account info.doc
files/FO PPT 07162009.ppt
files/FOP NOTES FROM WED 6-10-09.doc
files/FY 2011 Grant Cycles.xls
files/Final BV report  Nov1 -30 2007.pdf
files/Final Eval.doc
files/Find my iPhone.pdf
files/Fineman ops.doc
files/Fingerprinting procedures.doc
files/Firearms Training Unit meeting 05-26-11.ppt
files/Flagstaff Hotels.jpg
files/GI08002-Sovereign-Militia Information.pdf
files/GI10003 - SB1070 Protests & Civil Disobedience.pdf
files/GIITEM tri fold - Hells Angels.pdf
files/GISAC Militia Group May Attempt to Flood 911 Call Centers.pdf
files/GOHS DUI Reporting Worksheet.doc
files/GOHS Reporting worksheet 052311.doc
files/GOHS Reporting.doc
files/Gang Intelligence Bulletin 20100328_20100410.pdf
files/Gangs and LE Targets.pdf
files/General Order Quiz.doc
files/Graham County Plain Language.DOCX
files/Graley Flyer.pdf
files/HA Florence Prison Run Bulletin # 7.pdf
files/HA-BOLO (3).doc
files/HAMC funeral & prison run v3.pdf
files/HPD ORDER - Use of Electronic DEvices.doc
files/HPD Residency Requirements.doc
files/HSA-US Mexico Border-Record Number of Underground Tunnels Discovered in 2007, dated 19 February 2008.pdf
files/HSRA - Hammerskin Nation, dated 09262008.pdf
files/HSRA - National Socialist Movement, dated 26 September 2008.pdf
files/Hand Out Powerpoint Cognitive Interview.ppt
files/Hand Out Powerpoint Detection of Deception.ppt
files/Hand Out Powerpoint Elements of Interrogation.pptx
files/Hand Out Powerpoint Structure of Interiview.ppt
files/Hand Out powerpoint Active Listening.ppt
files/Hate in America Registration Form1.doc
files/Hearing request form.doc
files/Herrera SW ops.doc
files/Herrera rely buy.doc
files/Homeland Security Bulletin.pdf
files/How Warren Jeffs was really captured..JPG
files/ICR09008- Yuma Border Intelligence_Painted Bales.pdf
files/ICR10006 Threats Against Arizona elected officials corrected.pdf
files/ICR10006 Threats tAgainst Arizona elected Officials.pdf
files/IN09002 Counter Surveillance at Demonstration Protest-Final.pdf
files/IN09008 State DL Formats.pdf
files/IN09012 07022009 ATL 2 MX Nationals Elster_Navarro.pdf
files/IN09016 GIU Information Bulletin.pdf
files/IN09022 Guerrero Yasmin PC for Arrest IIMPACT.pdf
files/INTEL 09-085 Trailered Ultra Lights.doc
files/INTEL-11-064 Meth Transport.pdf
files/INTERDICTION ASSIGNMENTS 01 13 2011.docx
files/INTERPOL Orange Security Alert 2009-59-OS-CCC.PDF
files/Illinois Statewide Terrorism Intelligence Center BOLO Possible Narcotics Trafficking 10-05-10.pdf
files/Impound Hearings_Casa Grande (SPA) 09050835Revised.doc
files/Intel Chapo Guzman 01-26-2009.doc
files/Interdiction Ops Plan Cycle 2 2011.doc
files/Interdiction Squad Resume.doc
files/Intoxilyzer Recert Training.pdf
files/Investigating Drug-Related and Financial Kidnappings 0310.pdf
files/Invitation to Grand Opening.pdf
files/JAB Alert 61.pdf
files/JAC Dec 2010 Monthly.pdf
files/JAC Report December 15, 2010.pdf
files/JHSA Al-Qaida Media Campaign and Overseas Activities Sustain Heightened Threat to Homeland,dated 28 September 2007.pdf
files/JIOC 11-04-0002 Update.pdf
files/JIOC 11-04-0011.pdf
files/Jakarta Terrorists Posing as Couples.pdf
files/Jan 4.doc
files/January 2011 AHPA Notes.doc
files/Job Description OPCOOM.doc
files/July 1 2011 Payday not paid early.pdf
files/K2  Spice Article.docx
files/KNR NEWS REPORT MAY 12, 2011.pdf
files/KNR NEWS REPORT MAY 13, 2011.pdf
files/KNR NEWS REPORT MAY 3, 2011.pdf
files/KNR NEWS REPORT MAY 9, 2011.pdf
files/Killer Implants.pdf
files/Kopbusters LE Scam 0309.pdf
files/L Parks - Pres Bush Photo.bmp
files/LAPD TACOPS Volume 5 No 2.pdf
files/LASD Request.pdf
files/LE Report 021610.doc
files/LE Report 021610a.doc
files/LE Roadside Questioning.pdf
files/LWOP Memo.doc
files/Late Reports.doc
files/Latta Officer Safety Alert.pdf
files/Law EnforcementFF.docx
files/Law ONLY Agenda 2009.doc
files/Letter of Appreciation.doc
files/MAGLOCLEN USSS Characteristics of the Armed Individual 2010.pdf
files/MCAC Watch Section Bulletin # 1078 - Malicious Email.pdf
files/MCAT-DGEU IGA Lance  of 08 27 09.doc
files/MGT300 - MCATI Command Training Announcement.doc
files/MOUApache SheriffRH.doc
files/Mandatory Fingerprint Compliance (04270).pdf
files/Master Warrant List Continued.doc
files/May 12.doc
files/Maza ops.doc
files/McDonalds Off Duty Shooting 0910.doc
files/Mexican Drug Cartels Briefing 1209.PDF
files/Mexican Hitmen - It Was Better to Just Shoot Them 0211.doc
files/Mixed Martial Arts & LE Defensive Tactics.pdf
files/Monument Fire Daily Log.doc
files/Monument Fire OPs PLan.doc
files/Monument Fire Personnel Roster.doc
files/Murray PID Lookout.pdf
files/Muster ModuleC.pdf
files/NAPA rules & guidlines, Sept 2005.DOC
files/NATION WIDE - Counterfeit License Plate Stickers.pdf
files/NCB-NM Article and Current Events Monitor 8 - 15 April 2011.pdf
files/NIBIN Bulletin 05.doc
files/NPB Expectations.doc
files/NPB Staffing Revised Reduction Plan.doc
files/NYPD Active Shooter Recommendations and Analysis for Risk Mitigation.pdf
files/NYSIC Concealment Handbook.pdf
files/NYSIC Concealment Smartbook 2009.pdf
files/Navajo Nation MOU w AG changes 5-16-11.DOC
files/New Chem Lesson PP64.ppt
files/New Findings from FBI about Cop Attackers _2_.pdf
files/New Quarterly Form for Sgts..doc
files/New SIMS Lesson PP.ppt
files/New York State Task Force on Police-on-Police Shootings Reducing Inhere.pdf
files/New weekly 2011.xls
files/Nogales 2009 Schedule.xls
files/Nogales 2011 Schedule Modified.xls
files/Nogales 2011 Schedule Revised.xls
files/Nogales Fingerprinting Guidelines.doc
files/Non Law Enforcement Agenda 2009.doc
files/Notes from FOP meeting 3-11-09.doc
files/Notes from Sgt.doc
files/OAW 06212011.pdf
files/OPSG 05-09-09 (Santa Cruz).doc
files/OPSG 05-23-09 (Santa Cruz).doc
files/OPSG 12-03-09 (Santa Cruz).doc
files/OPSG02-17-11 (Santa Cruz).doc
files/OPSG02-18-11 (Santa Cruz).doc
files/OPSG02-28-11 (Santa Cruz).doc
files/OPSG03-28-11 (Cochise).doc
files/Officer Awareness - The Perils of Social Networking.pdf
files/Officer Go-by.doc
files/Officer Safety - Anthrax Cash 0209.pdf
files/Officer Safety - Narc That Car.pdf
files/Officer safety - undercover details.pdf
files/Officer-vehicle inventory 05-05-11.xls
files/Operation Agua Cercada Deployment.doc
files/Operation Safe Driver - 100810.doc
files/Operation Safe Driver April 12-13, 2011.doc
files/Operation Safe Passage - 06-13-10.doc
files/Operation Safe Passage - Border Guardian May 27,2011.doc
files/Operation Safe Passage Stat Sheet.xls
files/Operations Plan for Border Violence Patrols.rtf
files/Outbound Cycle 2 2011.doc
files/Outbound Feb11.doc
files/Outside Vest Carriers.doc
files/Overtime Pay Request Form.xls
files/PCSD Intel Alert 090530146.pdf
files/PSPRS Retiree Rtn to Wk Affidavit .doc
files/PTE DC Memo.doc
files/Patriot Report 2126-07.rtf
files/Person of Interest.ppt
files/Peters Flat 001.jpg
files/Phasing out the Ford Crown Vic.doc
files/Planning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation FINAL (2).pdf
files/Polar Conversions.xls
files/Position Proposal.doc
files/Pow Wow Lunch Registration.doc
files/Public Safety Benefits Discussion.doc
files/Qual Course DRAFT - 2-16-11.pdf
files/RAND_Securing America's Passenger Rail.pdf
files/RFP iXP Commitment rev062111.docx
files/ROIC NJ Common Operating Picture 9-21-10.pdf
files/Racial Profiling Draft Report.pdf
files/Racial Profiling.docx
files/Radical Islamist Tattoos 0210.pdf
files/Read Only Sup Instructions.doc
files/Reference Log.xls
files/Regional Emergency Communications Study.docx
files/Release of DUI Suspect.doc
files/Requesting use of DPS freq..pdf
files/Right-Wing Extremists Part 1.wmv
files/Robustness of HGN Sept 2007.pdf
files/Ron Kopcik1.vcf
files/Ruff Ryders Bulletin 12.pdf
files/SA110013 - Death of Osama Bin Laden.pdf
files/SIR 20090515-locator service (2).pdf
files/SO09018 Officer Safety Fetters.pdf
files/SO09019 ICE ASAC Douglas Officer Saftey Bulletin.pdf
files/SO10001 MCCLELLAND SAB.pdf
files/SO9006 New Guidelines for Indoor Grow Operations_WMD HazMat Final.pdf
files/SO9009 Zetas Order Mules.pdf
files/SSN_Facts (2).pdf
files/STICDIN060509 - Gang Members Purchasing Specialty Plates.pdf
files/San Diego County DA's Office Financial Crimes Contacts List February 2011.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Professional.pdf
files/San Diego LECC Cross-Border Kidnapping Threat Assessment.pdf
files/Save the Date - Sheriff.pdf
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files/TCA-10-01-0003_Nogales Violence.doc
files/TCA-10-02-0003_Nogales-Puerto Penasco Violence.doc
files/TCA-10-05-0017_LEA Intel Gathering Advisory.pdf.pdf
files/TCA-10-06-0003_Current Smuggling Methods.pdf
files/TCA-10-08-0003_Info-Adv_Confirmed Shootout Nogales.pdf
files/TIC Cards  ACTIC ~ ver1.pdf
files/TVR 2.24.10.pdf
files/Tactical Crime Analysis Class.pdf
files/Tactical Human Tracking Techniques 0608.pps
files/Tampa Police Department How A Suspect Defeated the Cruiser Lock to Escape.pdf
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files/UASI 09102010 Bulletin.pdf
files/UASI TPD IT-Hizbollah 20092010.doc
files/US Army Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs).pdf
files/US DOJ Law Enforcement Telephone Investigations Resource Guide Cellular Satellite  VoIP Phone Providers11.pdf
files/US Map 2010 edition.pdf
files/USAF OSI Criminal Intelligence Bulletin New Unregulated Psychoactive Substances Marketed as Bath Salts.pdf
files/USBDC 08-09 _First Resp Awareness Bulletin--Paintball and Airsoft Grenades_ _2_ _5_.pdf
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files/Winchester Product Warning and Recall Notice Ranger Law Enforcement 223 Remington 64 Grain Power-Point Revised 6-01-11.pdf
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