Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It is certainly no secret that the government, both Federal and State. has decided it is going to find a "Final Solution" to the problem of polygamy in America.

Polygamy and Mormonism has been a threat to the government since it's very beginnings. To the government, Mormonism is a threat because those people just don't need (Or want) anybody to tell them what to do or how to live, and, like Communism, if folks start getting the idea that you can not only live, but thrive by acting and working as a cohesive unit rather than depend upon another "System", than that very systems existence is threatened and "They" must be eliminated.

The government has been TRYING to do that now for over 150 years concerning the Mormons. The latest Federal attempt was by The Speaker of the Senate, Harry Reid, when he conducted a farcical "Hearing" in Washington when he invited anyone with anything negative to say about Mormon's to the microphone, but forbade anyone with anything positive to say from the room. Hitler would be proud of Harry Reid.

Back in the 1800s, the government took a less tactful approach than Harry is currently using, and gave the Mormons on the reservation a choice; Follow OUR rules and regulations and depend upon US by becoming a State, or we let these Federal Troops here loose on your asses like we did to them stinking redskins.

Some Mormons accepted the governments kind offer to avoid genocide and rewrote their Bible to fit the new Washington Prophet's idea of their religion and a few did not, and here we are today:

The governments dilemma has been that NOTHING they have done to date has worked. They've killed them. They've sent them to prison. They've seized their land and property.  They've sent other Mormon Sonderkommandos against them. They've stolen their children and tried to sell them. Still, they breed like rabbits and REFUSE to alter their way of practicing their religion. These guys are WORSE than those damned Indians! (And we all know how THAT turned out).

In 2004, the government came up with new brilliant idea, they would charge one of the Leaders with "Rape" for marrying off one of the girls of the community. Now SURELY once they convicted the dude with "Rape", the community would abandon him and start following the Great White Father in Washington...

It seemed all too easy. Getting a man convicted of a crime is a piece of cake in this Country, and so, First Utah, and then Arizona, came up to bat. Utah got to base first, and sent him to prison for life. Then, Arizona came to bat. Then things started falling apart; How do you send a guy to prison for a "Rape" that never happened? To this day, NOBODY has ever been convicted of "Raping" the girl who simply couldn't stay off her back. A new back-up plan HAD to be initiated because the Fed's knew that both Utah and Arizona had blown their chance at putting the dude away for them.

As most folks already know, if you want some patsy in prison, have him sit before a Texas "Judge", and the deed is done. NOBODY sends more folks to the big house than Texas, and it really doesn't matter if you're guilty of not, Texas is an equal opportunity bigot ready to send their own mother to the chair.

To the sheer delight of the Fed's, they also just happened to find a "Judge" squatting on the Bench in San Angelo, Texas which also just happens to be the home of the largest Klavern in the U.S. If you NEED a jury friendly to your case, what better place to find one?

Thus, the "Search" for "Sarah" afforded the grand opportunity to finally get this dude disgraced.

The plan has worked, and a few weeks ago, the Leader of the Mormons was sent to prison for 129 years. When he gets paroled, he'll be roughly 180 years old, and possibly no longer a threat to the government.

Now comes the problem: Plan A worked. They finally found a jury to send the guy away for awhile. However, Plan B has not worked.

Once the dude was sent to prison, the rest of the Mormons have not INSTANTLY sold him for 30 pieces of silver and become "Good" Mormons (Those who follow the Great Black Father in Washington). The rank and file have not thrown those stones and left the reservation as was planned. Now what the hell is the government going to do?

The goal from the gitgo is to destroy the Church these Indians Sorry, Mormons, belong to.Therefore, make the dude a Martyr to these gullible fools, and the public will allow the Fed's to disband these heathens, turn their kids into good Baptists, grab their land, and FINALLY be rid of them!

So how does one make someone a Martyr?

You can kill him in prison, either by a guard or an all too willing inmate, but the public might not like that if they found out you did that on purpose. However, if the dude "Kills himself", you might get away with it if you set the "Suicide" up correctly.

So, does he hang himself, or does he starve himself to death? If he hangs himself, the public might want to know why you gave him the rope to do it with. If he starves himself to death, they might want to know why you didn't simply have another hose party like Arizona did, and shovel stuff down the guys throat!

Well, public relations wise, the Arizona hose party didn't turn out all that well for them; the public heard the laugh track from the Sheriff and the AZ D.A. and didn't think it was funny.

So, Texas being the great humanitarians they want you to THINK they are, come up with the idea to make the dude a Martyr through medical technology.

This was the dude 3 short weeks ago:
Faster than you can say Auschwitz-Birkenau, this is the same dude one week later:

It kind of begs the question how the Germans were so inept at creating skeletons out of their victims. Maybe Texas Corrections can give them some pointers for the next time?

Today of course, the dude is in a medically induced coma in critical condition. I have to admit, I'm impressed with the speed at which they have put their plan into action.

Once he dies a Martyr, the Fed's can move in against the rest of the tribe Congregation, and EVERYBODY's happy!

Neat Plan huh?



Thomas said...

Harry Reid is the head of the Senate.

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Great article! I'm impressed.