Friday, August 19, 2011


Dear Brother Lyle Jeffs, and all FLDS,                                                              August 10, 2011
Please take this as a matter of life or death. This is a warning, as a brother and friend. 
As a priesthood bearer, there is a responsibility to see to it there is no iniquity in the church, and to protect the virtue, and values of our church.  You all have had five long years and numerous opportunities to clean this immoral mess up, and you have not! 
You refused to take the directives and confessions after Warren Jeffs was stopped in 2006, that he acknowledged his perverted, immoral behavior and cover up.  In January 2007, you refused to take his confession, that men that held Priesthood were sent away unjustly and they needed reunited with their families and loved ones, and you failed your moral test again.  Warren Jeffs confessed that he usurped his authority, and he was not ordained the prophet and never was, and asked you and others to turn to the one that was legitimately called, that of William E. Jessop, and asked that  men sent away to return and take their place.  You and “others" refused to come clean before the Lord and the people, and started usurping authority to yourselves.
You condoned the immorality by your failure to accept once again the terrible deeds that were done, by believing you can sit in the halls of the court and turn off the evidence and deny the abominations of Warren Jeffs, once again showing a willingness to let men go to prison, bringing on the wrath of God in the form of raids against our lands, children and loved ones, leaving the saints to suffer under terrible evils, deceptions and corruption, and continuing to cover it up, lying repeatedly to the people, bringing one plague after another to the people, removing love, replacing it with name calling, causing fear and hate to those who knew and accepted the truth, in an all-out sabotage of the truth. 
Stop dear brother as we did, and turn to Heavenly Father for the truth and salvation, and He will help us and the saints that need the father of truth instead of this deadly deception of evil.  Please turn to the first two commandments with all your heart.  We tell you as brethren, no one has the right to cover up immoral conduct, no matter who you think they are if they are involved in evil and wrongdoing.  The Lord is no respecter of persons!
This is our opportunity to come clean, for the Lord said He will not be mocked, or you are going down with the wicked and be damned.  I love you and ask the Lord to help us to come clean before Him and be counted among His people that are the honest and pure in heart.
We are at peace, leaving judgment in the hands of God.  As you can see for yourself, He is very capable.
William Edson Jessop
William Roy Jessop


Thomas said...

The appellate court has upheld the injustiice against the FLDS. This should have beeen expected. This court restored the death penalty of a man because they claimed he may have used a condom. Our friends at the FLDS need to wake up. Their enemies are exploiting the issue to destroy them. Warren Jeff's policy of tell them nothing is a disaster. Public opinion must be engaged. It freed the children. Only the public can can free their fathers.

Call me Kate said...

After all the evidence from the Warren Jeffs trial, I'm not sure there is a way to free any of the men and I'm sure there will now be more indictments against them. I have felt all along that they would go through the first round, wait for the appeal and then continue on.


From the gitgo, we knew we had to get this nonsense into a REAL Court of Law, which means the Fed's.

Admittedly, they want to screw the Mormons to the wall as much as the Klan in Eldorado does, but they follow the Constitution a little more closely.

One of the things they take into consideration is "Consistancy" with Rulings, and in this case, there is none.

This same State Court Ruled that the children had to be returned to their parents because there was "No credible evidence" that they were being abused in the first place, so the goons had no cause to remove them based upon the "Complete and total lack of any evidence that they were being abused by anyone".

Now, this same pack says that the SW was valid because the Hot line "Believed" that "Sarah" existed.

If that was the case, then their kidnapping was legal, and the kids should have been kept and sold into slavery by the Baptists.

The Feds have already Ruled that an anonymous phone call, and NOTHING else, is insufficient to go and snatch a kid out of his or her home.

Now it may well be true that Texas already knew before it gassed up the tank what they were going fishing for, but that can't come into the record. SO, what you've got is an anonymous phone call coming in from an "Untraceable" SOURCE that the pigs didn't even bother to try to trace.

If the "Evidence" wasn't good enough to keep the children, the 3rd Circuit is going to have to explain how that exact same "Evidence" is good enough to keep a man in prison for 75 years.

Thomas said...

Texas is one of two states that divide the appeallate process into two branches. TExas has the Court of Civil appeals and the Court of Criminal appeals. The civil court returned the children. The criminal court only overturns convictions at the request of a district attorney.

Call me Kate said...

I don't agree with you about the 3rd Court having to explain why on the one hand it sent the children back and on the other hand it upheld the search warrant. They come from totally different venues. One was civil (the children) and one was criminal (search warrant). There are different burdens to be met so it won't be hard.

What I'm curious about is if the court will cancel the oral arguments scheduled for Raymond in October. His arguments have to closely parallel those of Emack. Also, I thought Emack was going to attack the bigamy law itself in his appeal. Apparently he didn't and his bigamy appeal only dealt with the search warrant. That was disappointing. I really wanted to see a challenge to the bigamy law and how this court would rule.

April Day said...

Michael Emack pleaded no contest and got a sentence of seven years. As I recall, he said he pleaded no contest because that was the only way he could preserve his dignity.

Mr. Emack is 60 years old now. He will be 66 or 67 when he's released. Hopefully, he will be able to spend the last years of his life free and in peace. I wish the best of luck to him and to his family.

Call me Kate said...

Thomas, that's not exactly right. The 3rd Court of Appeals hears both civil and criminal cases as do all the other Courts of Appeal. When you take a case from one of these 1st layer of appeals courts is when it is split. A civil case will be appealed to the Texas Supreme Court and a criminal case will be appealed to the Court of Criminal Appeals. The CCA is nicknamed the Court of Last Resort.

I'm not sure exactly sure how many of these 1st layer appeals courts there are, but I know there are at least 10.

Also, why would a DA ask for a conviction to be overturned. That makes no sense.