Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear Internal Renue Service

August 15, 2011

Internal Revenue Service
324 25th St
Ogden, Utah 84401

                                                             Re: CASA OF TOM GREEN COUNTY                                                                      75-2169081
                                                                   CHILDREN'S ADVOCACY CENTER
                                                                   OF TGC, INC.

Dear Internal Revenue Service:

As you may recall, I wrote to you several times on this matter, and have asked that you look into the fraudulent activities concerning BOTH of the above named entities.

As you you MAY know, The Director of the CAC, Mrs. Mike Brown, has been Indicted by a Federal Grand Jury for embezzling in excess of $250,000.00 of CAC  funds. The indictment indicates that this amount of embezzlement took place between 2005 and 20010. Mrs. Brown has been the Director of the CAC since 1994. There remains an as yet unaccounted for period of behavior of some 12 years on her part.

It also leaves un-answered the question of Mrs. Brown and her husband paying taxes on the amounts embezzled. I would suggest they did NOT, and that their personal finances were co-mingled, thereby indicating evasion of taxes due on BOTH their parts. The amount of funds in question leaves that conclusion inescapable.

As I explained in my letter of April 2, 2011 Mrs. Brown did not enjoy the fruits of her ill gotten gains alone, she was cheerfully joined by members of her staff of BOTH the CAC and CASA, Directed by one Shirley Davis. I continue to believe that an Audit of CASA funds is warranted, given the fact that the Director of CASA joined with Mrs. Brown on her junkets, and HAD to know that the agency's funds were being used illegally. In addition, the "Rewards" received by these staff and friends of Mrs. Brown were HIGHLY unlikely to have been declared on their own individual Income Tax Returns as Taxable income.

The question of Tax evasion and theft is no longer disputed. The only question is; How extensive was the theft and who was involved. We look to you to answer these questions and put an end to the misuse of public funds in BOTH agencies.

Thank you,

W.J. Medvecky
2211 S.E. 1st. Terrace
Cape Coral, FL 33990




I have no problem with folks calling me an S.O.B.

Just make DAMNED sure you know your OWN lineage FIRST.

She presented herself as a Saint. So did Shirley Davis. Well, let's see if that's the case shall we?

Vulture said...

I wanna be like you when (if?) I grow up. You're a way better curmudgeon than I am.


Sanctimonious hypocrites REALLY piss me off, and NOBODY pisses me off faster than some smarmy, mealy mouthed CPS or CASA worker pretending to "Love" children.

People who love children can't POSSIBLY look their victims in the eye the way they do and sleep well at night.

At the EXACT SAME TIME debbie was "Protecting" the children of the Ranch, she was stealing money blind from them through her job.

Purely and simply, she is a fucking ghoul.

April Day said...

It is really shocking to me that a judge's wife would do something like this.

Honesty and integrity must not be her better features.

There's still some people who think her husband didn't know what she was doing.


She stole and put into the bank $250,000.00 PLUS an annual salary of $60,000.00, PLUS "Reimbursement" for food, fuel, mileage and travel expenses, and her "Judge" husband was unaware?

This is a man who determines finances for an entire Counties government?

He must be one cracker jack of a finance manager if he misses this kind of money flowing through his own household.

When the cash was flowing through his bank account, did he think the good fairy was making it for him?

April Day said...

I hope the residents of Tom Green County will recall Judge Mike Brown.

My husband says Texans are stupid enough that they will probably vote Judge Brown in again. It's obvious that they like crooks -- look at their governor. LOL.


One of our drooling readers wanted to know where Flora Jessop was taught to pole dance because he wanted to teach his daughter the trade.

I would have to guess that Flora learned her trade on her back like most whores do.