Friday, August 12, 2011


— After a four-month investigation by the FBI and Texas Rangers, a federal grand jury indicted former Children's Advocacy Center Executive Director Debra Brown on six counts of theft involving programs that received federal funds.
(The Texas Rangers would not touch this case with "Judge" Brown's hands, let alone their own. The REFUSED to get involved, and left it ALL to the Fed's)

The indictment, filed Wednesday with U.S. Attorney James T. Jacks of the Northern District of Texas, alleges Brown "embezzled, stole or obtained by fraud" almost a quarter of a million dollars from the center.

An indictment is an accusation by a federal grand jury, and a defendant is entitled to the presumption of innocence unless proven guilty.
(Strange; I have NEVER seen these words written by this paper regarding any OTHER indictment of a person, so why now for "Judge" Brown's wife?)

Heather Ward, who replaced Brown as executive director of the Children's Advocacy Center, said when she first heard the amount — weeks before the indictment came out — she was shocked.
(She heard this figure "Weeks before the indictment came out". That explains why she said NOTHING while debbie testified in Court last week as a "Respected member" of the community, and the former Director of CAC. Does Heather think a crook who steals a quarter of a million bucks from a childrens "Charity" has any credibility? Obviously, in San Angelo, debbie is most probably one of its more stellar citizens.) 

She said the staff has cooperated fully with authorities and considered the case out of the center's hands as soon as investigators picked it up.
(debbie steals a quarter of a million bucks (Officially), and nobody around her  has a clue?) 

"This has been difficult for all of us," Ward said in a text message Thursday. "She was our boss and we respected what we saw her do on behalf of children. We never suspected this."
(Which is why the staff took Vegas junkets on CAC credit cards and never suspected the children were paying for it).

Despite the indictment, the center's commitment to serving children will continue to be the priority, she said.
"EXACTLY what "Continued commitment" to serving the children" would that be? The Director was stealing the childrens money hand over fist, and "Nobody" knew it!) 

"I think not only the indictment, but everything we've gone through as far as staff changes and implementations of new procedures and new grants, we're finally coming out of this," Ward said. "It feels like there's a lot of closure."
(I wonder if Heather was on her knee's when she said  this? She's not looking for "Closure", she looking for more stonewalling from everybody in hopes this shit goes away without the Feds coming for them, too.)

According to a statement released by the Department of Justice Thursday, Brown is expected to surrender to authorities within the next few weeks.
(Do you REALLY expect a Texas "Judges" wife to be seen in a perp walk in cuffs?)

Kathy Colvin, spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney in Dallas, said that means a time will be set up for her to appear in court. Defendants charged with white-collar crimes generally have an arraignment set up without being detained.
(NAME SOMEONE under Federal Indictment who is "Invited" to turn themselves in.)

Brown, 51, served as executive director of the Children's Advocacy Center of Tom Green County for 16 years.
(Which FULLY explains why the Feds only took her  thefts back to 2005.)

She resigned in February following the board's decision to put her on administrative paid leave.
(The reporters nose is growing. She was on paid Administrative leave for 6 weeks before she resigned, with Heather KNOWING that an audit showed she stole $66,000.00 of the childrens money.)

An audit performed by a private forensic auditor initially estimated losses of $66,000. The audit covered a period of two years.
(Heather knew about the 66 grand, and said NOTHING about it for almost 3 months.)

The U.S. Attorney's Office declined to comment on how many years its investigation spanned.

The indictment alleges that during the period from January 2005 through Dec. 31, 2010, Brown stole approximately $237,013 from the CAC.
(And prior to that, from 1994 until December, 2004, debbie was as honest as the day is long. One day in January, 2005, debbie woke up and realized the kids money actually belonged to her?)

The center's budget last year was $964,230.
(You mean debbies budget, right?)

"She submitted and processed fictitious reimbursement forms for items she supposedly purchased for CAC, or one of its programs, and for supposed CAC-related expenses, including travel expenses she and others incurred," according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney's Office.
("She and others"... Yes, every single damsal in the CASA office of San Angelo was in on the skam, they didn't have any money to buy the kids Christmas pesents, but they could all hop on planes for junkets to Vegas on the CAC and CASA dime.)

"She caused CAC checks to be issued to her without any supporting documentation and either deposited the checks into her personal checking account, cashed them or submitted them as payment on her personal credit card accounts."
(And during all this "Causing", the Board of Directors and the accountants were all enjoying a circle jerk?)

Brown is the wife of Tom Green County Judge Mike Brown. Reached on his cellphone Thursday, Mike Brown said he was in Odessa and had not heard about the indictment. He declined to comment on the case.
(Heather Ward hears about the amount (Weeks before the indictment" but debbies "Judge" husband is clueless about the whole thing? Gee, now THAT's a credible denial.)

No attorney was listed for Brown, according to an online docket sheet.

No one answered calls made Thursday afternoon to the Browns' residence in San Angelo.

The CAC is a nonprofit program that provides services to abused and neglected children in the Concho Valley.
(The CAC is a nonprofit program that makes debbie brown rich and allows her friends to jump on the bandwagon.) 

It offers parenting and outreach classes to families.
(It extorts families to pay for "Therapy" and "Services" to favored, profit making, companies or the families face the loss of their children.)

It's made up of four programs — Court Appointed Special Advocates, Hope House, Family Enrichment Services and Child Fatality Review Team.
(All of which receive their own individual funding IN ADDITION to the funding received by the CAC. They are ALL INDIVIDUAL 501 (c) (3) charities receiving monies from the Feds, EACH with their own budgets EXACLY like the one pilfered by debbie.) 

Prosecutors said the U.S. government is "a significant source" of the CAC's grant funding through the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services.
(Which explains why my initial complaint of her thefts over 2 years ago went to the  I.R.S. in Utah.)

Some of the grants are distributed through state offices and agencies.
(Graft and theft in Texas is the norm, so that explains why the Texas Rangers wanted NOTHING to do with her case.)

If Brown is convicted, each count carries a maximum statutory sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, the statement said.
(She is a Texas "Judges" wife. Anyone who thinks she will get a prison sentence of 60 years and a $1,500.000.00 Fine needs a lobotomy. She will get a suspended sentence and have to "Repay" the government at the rate of $100.00 per month, or some other such foolishness. The I.R.S. won't even go after her for evading taxes for the money she and her pals stole.) 

Restitution also could be ordered.
(Santa Claus could be real.)

The case is being investigated by the FBI and the Texas Rangers.
(Want to buy a bridge?)

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ann C. Roberts of the U.S. Attorney's Office in Lubbock is in charge of the prosecution.
(Who knows "Judge" Brown HOW WELL?)

According to the indictment, "Brown, an agent of the CAC, embezzled, stole, obtained by fraud, and otherwise without authority converted to her own use" more than a quarter of a million dollars under the control of the CAC. "Brown obtained those funds through the issuance of approximately 71 checks, all of which were cosigned by her."

The indictment alleges that each year from 2005 through 2010, Brown embezzled at least $5,000 that was under the control of the CAC.
(Do the math: 6 X 5 =s $30,000.00  So, where's the rest of the $207,013.00)

Colvin said after Brown surrenders to authorities she will appear before a magistrate judge who will make sure she's aware of the charges, ask if she has an attorney or if she needs one appointed.
(I hope its not too stressful for debbie.)

At that point the prosecutors may or may not ask for Brown to be detained.
(A "Texas "Judges" wife? Are  you NUTS?)

Monty Stanley, former CAC spokesman and human resources director at the San Angelo Standard-Times, said in a statement that he hasn't given the case much thought since the day the board members turned over the investigation to federal authorities.
(This dude was on the Board of Directors of a charity for children that had a quarter of a million bucks either stolen from under his nose, or with his blessings, and he "Didn't give it a thought"? WHAT exactly does this schmuck think warrants his time and attention?)

"I have faith in the justice system," he said.
(Read between the lines again: He knows the "System" will  protect the good old boys of the community, and fuck everybody else.) 

"The real story here," he said, "is the dedicated staff and volunteers" of the CAC who "put their personal opinions and desires aside and continued their difficult work of providing needed services to the community's children and their families.
(A better translation; "The staff is wringing its tits off to maintain the "System" and make this thing go away so that we can continue to bleed this cash cow.")

"Their heroic personal commitment to their jobs is like nothing I've ever seen."
(They steal children from families for fun and profit; what is "Heroic" about that? If they weren't stealing other peoples children to be raised as "Good Baptists", they would be flipping burgers for a living.)

Ward said she appreciated the support shown for the CAC.
"This is an unfortunate event for our entire community," Ward said. "We have taken the steps necessary to ensure this never occurs again by implementing policies and procedures that cannot be circumvented."
(Have you checked with the rest of the girls on those junkets before you make that claim? Now that the damsils KNOW that their trips were paid for by the childrens stolen funds, do they intend to reimburse the children? What say you Shirley Davis?

Speaking of Shirley... You are in charge of the budget for CASA of Tom Green County, Inc. (Employer ID 75-2169081). What's the likelihood that you picked up a few budgetary "Tricks" from your pal debbie? Or did you let her do all the stealing, while you merely "Reaped" the rewards? When you went to Vegas, was it First Class? You didn't really have to sit in the back of the plane did  you?


April Day said...

I don't have a problem with Debra Brown or her CASA girl friends touring Las Vegas or Utah on their own dime. People can go anywhere they like on their personal vacations.

But I think they were wrong if they used CASA funds to pay for their trips.

ryanne johnson said...

I'm surprised Anne Roberts didn't railroad her, but then Brown is one of them. I sat in the court room during a trial Roberts prosecuted. She's a trip and should be disbarred. I knew the woman she prosecuted and she allowed the woman's sister to tell a lie on the witness stand. Everyone is San Angelo know that the liar is just that...a liar. All of the San Angelo police knows Roberts so called star witness. I can't believe how crooked San Angelo, Roberts and that stupid attorney the woman had. I don't blame the woman for firing the attorney. If that woman ever gets out of prison I will testify for her if she ever goes after those crooked idiots. I wonder if she sleeps at night. The judge was something else too. He did not make that womans sister return to court so that she could prove that her sister was a liar. Justice in this case was a frigging joke,