Saturday, August 6, 2011

Power Tends to Corrupt, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

Not that they needed it, but the Jury in the Trial of WSJ was whipped into a sexual frenzy with them being given the green light of letting their imaginations run rampant by the "Special" Persecutor, and it took them just 3 hours to relieve their pent-up sexual fantasies in a bathroom stall and then find Warren "Guilty" of their lust.

The verdict was virtually assured from the moment the Mormons moved into town in 2004 and took away the local's legal availability of their own children as their bed warmers. From day one of the Mormons move-in, the drumbeat of persecution and voyeurism never ceased, and then the booksellers and pole dancers came to town and further titillated the fantasies of the local morons with stories of dead boy babies being buried on the Ranch in the dark of night and Ritual Sacrifice and cremations of tender young virgins going on behind those "Walls". It made for great sexual fantasies and made at least one of the obese morons rich selling his rag in Eldorado. It also sold the books of the pole dancers and desert bunnies.

Being found guilty of a "Crime" in Texas is as assured as finding a large group of good old boys standing around the local San Angelo and Eldorado Elementary and Junior High schools leering at the "Cheerleaders" doing splits and hopefully catching a glimpse of the girls underpants. There's a good reason why there were 325 little girls with babies or pregnant last year registered in school, but to hear the locals tell the story, all them girls were put on their backs by the "Randy" boys in school, (Those aged 14 or under). No respectable good old boy would take a little girl to bed, which fully explains why they had to change the Law in Texas to stop them Mormons from bedding their booty in 2005.

In Texas, it's the lifelong dream or their "Judges" to become the next Judge Roy Bean. It's the lifelong dream of all Texas Sheriffs to become the next Joe Arpaio. It's the lifelong dream of the Texas Rangers to become the next J. Edgar Hoover, and it's the lifelong dream of all Texas prosecutors to become the next Mike Nyfong. This recipe explains precisely why Texas leads the entire Nation in convictions that are over-turned on Appeal. A "Judge" like barbie is clueless that Judge Roy Bean was a despot. Doran is clueless that Arpaio is a megalomaniac. The Rangers don't want to hear it when they are told that Hoover was a cross- dressing pansie. Texas prosecutors are in a leage all by themselves, even when it is proven beyong a shadow of a doubt that they killed an innocent man (Willingham), they consider it "Harmless error". Compared to them, Nyfong is Clarence Darrow.

The good old boys like to blast me for "Defending" Warren Jeffs. Their problem is that that they CANNOT post ONE instance where I defended the actions of Warren Jeffs. They can post PLENTY of instances where I said he was going to be found guilty, I even bet money on it. He was going to be found guilty from day one, the rest of the men were going to be found guilty from day one, so why bother to carry on the charade of these silly old "Trials"?

It was a joke; as silly as the raid was to "Find Sarah". If Leslie and Doran actually believed there ever was a "Sarah", they need to get an award; "Most Gullible Assholes in Town". I can't imagine that ANYONE would feel safe in their home knowing that what stood between them and the barrel of a snipers rifle was the "Investigative abilities" of either of those two incompetent schmucks.

All that aside, Warren will now be sentenced to prison for 99 years (Taking bets, don't be bashful), and the F LDS Church has no choice but to figure out how they got to where they are now:

TO BE SURE, a great deal of the responsibility lays at the feet of the booksellers, the Quorum of the 12, Dan Fisher, the State governments of Utah, Arizona and Texas, and even the Federal government of Harry Reid and the LDS membership within those agencies, especially the F.B.I. Mormon Mafia (Google it).

But ultimately, the real cause of the situation the Church finds itself in today is in abandoning the system of Governance from a Quorum to an individual. I happen to think I'm a pretty nice guy, but the fact of the matter is, like a barbie, you give me unlimited power and I'm going to become one great big asshole. It's human nature.

Placing all that responsibility on one persons shoulders is in fact, irresponsible; not only to the Church, but to that person. Replacing Warren with another single leader, answerable to no one but himself, is flat out foolish. Further, it will give the dreck who would destroy the Church and its People, the necessary "Reason" to pull another raid. They are actively looking for an excuse to throw ALL the adults in prison and to "Save" the children by converting them to their version of a "Proper" Christian upbringing (Read that as Baptist). Now I ask you, would you allow your dog to be brought up as a Southern Christian Baptist?

The real Leadership of the F LDS Church, its Elders and the Women of the Church, need to step up to the plate and declare that they want and need responsible Leadership from a representative Quorum of Elders, chosen by the membership, not in some secret meeting held by anonymous individuals. The Work, the Trust and the rearing of the children needs to be brought out into the open and those stupid walls torn down.

Were I a member of the F LDS Church, I would be PROUD to be a member. I would be proud of the way my children were raised, and I would be proud of my community.

The FACT of the matter is that NOBODY can stop you from living as any REAL Mormon should be living, and as the LDS themselves openly pray for. The ONLY difference between a Fundamentalist Mormon and the SLC crowd is that you are not hypocrites.

I don't see a better opportunity than right now to step out of the shadows and from behind those walls and DEMAND that you be entitled to the same freedoms afforded every other religion in this Country. Your children deserve nothing less.

Your future, your childrens future, and the Churches future are now in your hands. In the past, the process of determining your future was closed to you. It will remain closed ONLY if you allow it to be.


April Day said...

I have read in the news several times Flora Jessop inciting the public to "demand accountability from these groups" (i.e. Mormon Fundamentalists) and to prosecute the mothers and fathers of the FLDS children.


Flora's intention, and the intention of ALL the book sellers is to destroy the Church they were not good enough to succeed in.

Flora is a Vegas pole dancer. She has the morals of a knat, and she intends to do anything she can to destroy the people who exposed her for what she is; a lying whore.

If that means she has to destroy the children to make herself look good and to help explain her degeneracy, than so be it.


San Francisco "Jamitin" wants to get on the site and some of his more colorful sexual fantasies. Sorry Jammy, you'll have to stick to bopping your bologna with your boypals.

God's Special One said...

I totally agree with you on "Absolute Power". Warren was an extreme example but when anyone gets a large amount of power, somehow the rules no longer apply to them. Take Elliot Spitzer and his anti-prostitution crusade,but it was ok for him to partake the services of a call girl.

The FLDS needs to learn that putting all authority in 1 person leads to disaster. The most troubling result of the WSJ trial is that the haters want to use this as a pretext to launch furthur assaults on the FLDS population even though the vast majority of FLDS are good people who had no idea what Jeffs was doing.


Most of us could not agree with you more.

Hopefully, before the mob gets whipped into a frenzy over the Mormons, the fundamentalists will realize they are under attack just to survive as a Church.

In America, "Religious freedom" means you believe in and practice an "Approved" religion. Mormons need not apply.


The jury spent 29 minutes in a circle jerk, and then a minute to sentence Warren to the max.

It's nice to know they gave it a whole minute of their time to put someone away for life.

I wonder what happened 3 month's ago, when the same court and jury gave a man 8 years for aggravated rape of an 11 year old?

What is the difference between a Texas penis and a Mormon penis? Does it matter if one wears a stetson? I guess so!

Crystal said...


While I disagree with you on quite a few things, I think your idea for the church's future leadership is a good one. How that suggestion would play out against a historical context of patriarchal/apostolic succession is another question. I know at one point in their past there was a council as well as a prophet, but who would choose the council? Would members choosing them be in line with the succession of power that has seemed to be important in their faith?

Personally, I have no problem with polygamy. I think decriminalizing that portion of their lifestyle would do more to stop the abuses that have been known to occur than just about anything else the state can reasonably do. Every "apostate" narrative has been clear -- so long as each wife is afraid of the law arresting them and their husbands for plural marriage, they won't go to the law for help when it *is* needed. Bad things happen even in good communities, and it doesn't mean the entire community is bad. But the secretiveness encouraged by persecution makes those bad things very difficult to stop.


My understanding is that the Church was set up in the 1940s with a Quorum, and with Rulen, that changed.

If I were God, I would change it back.

Joseph had a Quorum, as did Brigham.

As to where the Quorum comes from, I would suggest it be made up of each Family Patriarch. If another WSJ takes over a Family, the next oldest son in line takes over as agreed to by his entire Family.

The bottom line here is that the government is whipping the public into a frenzy to start lynching every adult fundamentalist and "Saving" their children from Mormonism.

The Church HAS to check-mate the governments persecution of them, or calmly walk into the noose and kiss their children goodbye.