Wednesday, August 3, 2011

San Angelo tries to coverup another travesty.

First, a local Judges wife, Debbie Brown steals $66,000.00 from a local childrens charity she ran, and now a "Trial" is going on in this shithole and the papers are openly participating in the persecution of their hated Mormon's who have dared to move into "Their" town.

Rather than pretend they are "Reporting" the news, they accept the party line of the local "Judge", hook line and sinker and report NO "News" to the contrary.

All the local white trash in town naturally wants to hang the Mormons. The Mormons are a threat to them because now they can no longer legally screw all the little girls they wish to. Things have slowed down so much, that the local schools are down to a mere 325 little girls who are either pregnant or already have a baby or two. By Texas standards, that's a pitifully small number of 11 to 16 year olds being made mommies.

Not wishing to rock the boat, the local media won't print the truth, but since I have no interest in nailing a teen or two, here is my comment they refuse to print:
WilliesFriend writes:
in response to Barney:
Your just wasting your time.These scumbags that defend Jeff's and the other child rapist will never answer a direct question.Medvecky can't post a decent question either.I believe JulieW is someone that is living at the YFZ ranch.It really doesn't matter though.The FLDS are totally exposed now,and those that had questions at first now know the truth.Even if somehow Warren were to walk away a free man,the damage is done.
In response to Scumbag Barney, I'm sure the picture itself will be good enough for the jury, but we do have to remember it's a Texas jury. You boys looked at the picture and could somehow see his tongue down her throat. That makes for a great sexual fantasy, but HARDLY enough proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the tape depicted a "Rape" of anyone.

And THEN we have the pesky problem of the girl being in CPS custody and undergoing a SANE exam. Let's not forget, she was one of the girls who was supposed to be "Pregnant". Not only was she not pregnant, to CPS and CASAs GREAT dismay, she was found to have an intact hymen.

Now if Warren sports a 1 inch penis, your fantasy may STILL be a viable one, but I have to imagine that Johnie Hanna has given Warren enough "Cavity Searches" to not only satisfy his sexual cravings, but knows that Warren has a schmuck slightly longer than that.

As y'all know, ALL the children were given SANE exams in Captivity INCLUDING BOTH girls. Are we surprised that the Doctor who gave Veda her exam testified, and that Merrianne's Doctor was no where to be seen? Not in the slightest. Veda's Doctor helped to prove Veda gave birth to a child. On the other hand, Merrianne's Nurse (R.N.) proved that Merrianne was still intact in April, 2008.

Now I KNOW you boys ain't too bright, but if the Medical Records PROVE she was a virgin in 2008, your fantasies are nothing more than wasted seed spilled onto the ground.

By the way, withholding exculpatory evidence may be honkey dory in barbies court, but the Bar frowns upon it...BIGTIME when it becomes public in open Court. Nichols's rotund pal is going to have a LOT of explaining to do when barbie is caught with her knickers down.



First San Angelo puts of the Stand one of their outstanding citizens, Debbie Brown, wife of local "Judge" Mike Brown, who stole $66,000.00 from her local childrens charity.

Now, the Pride of Texas society, Rozita Swinton, a lesbo negro dyke who caused the rape and kidnapping of 465 innocent children is telling us on Twitter how to live the "Good" life.

What's next? Let's put on John Wayne Gacy so he can give us some pointers of proper Texas Child Rearing techniques.

The BEST Texas can do is to point to a muff diving, dyke, darkie, as a source of "Good behavior". Texas is lower than even I thought it was!

April Day said...

Why are they concerned about where our friend Julie lives?

A year or two ago, some of the Kindred Spirits posted at the Salt Lake Tribune site that they thought Julie was Warren Jeffs.

I don't remember why they thought Julie was Warren. I think it might have had to do with Julie's initials (The reverse of JW is WJ.)

If you find out why they are looking for Julie, please let us know. Please let Julie know too.

April Day said...

I dislike Rozita too, but it doesn't have anything to do with her skin color or sexual preference.

I've read that she has a history of making prank phone calls in which she pretended to be an abused child and accused innocent people of abusing her.

The Kindred Spirits claim that someone else made the phone calls about the FLDS to Everett, WA and to Texas domestic violence shelter.

But I've read that Rozita was making prank phone calls and falsely accusing other people of molesting her long before the YFZ ranch was ever raided.

Making prank phone calls and falsely accusing innocent people of child abuse is a despicable thing to do. It's wrong. I don't want anything to do with a person who would do something like that.

I can't imagine why the Kindred Spirits twist the truth and make her their hero. They'll be singing a different tune if she makes another prank phone call and accuses them of molesting her.


There's a very good reason why MOST career CPS workers are dykes.

They HATE men, for whatever reason, and do not differentiate between male children, or male adults.

They are wired to be able to see a child in distress and have no emotional feelings concerning it. For example; When the children were being literally ripped from their mothers arms in the stables, the Texas Rangers were crying. They are not bothered by such scenes, in fact, they even get sexual satisfaction when they witness this kind of pain inflicted upon children, ESPECIALLY BOYS. Angie Voss could sit there all day long and watch these kinds of break-ups, and NEVER lose a minute of sleep. She is a ghoul, she is a dyke, and the two are inter-connected.


As for the negress, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, smells like a duck, and looks like a duck, then it's a duck.

In her case, she fits the profile of someone best described by Richard Prior. However, since I ain't a darkie, folks don't like it if I use the term.

If you drop into ANY local bar catering to the brothers, they'll be HAPPY to allow you to hear their favorite descriptive term concerning Rozy.

Rozy is what is known as a "Nappy headed, muff diving, ho." Nothing more, nothing less.


The Jury now has the case.

$1,000.00 says they find WSJ "Guilty" on both counts.

Now, we have the AG telling the Jury about his "Prior bad acts" for the next two weeks.

It will begin most probably when Warren was 3 years old and shit in his diaper. It will end with him in Jail in Mohave County being ungrateful for being tortured when he fasted or prayed.

It ends with Warren receiving 99 years from his "Peers".

I just wonder where this same San Angelo Jury was 2 months ago when a local Texan was sent to the big house for 8 whole years for Aggravated Sexual Assault of an 11 year old girl who actually testified against her raper.

In Texas, they have no problem with raping children, just so long as you do it with a Texas penis. If that penis happens to be Mormons, well pardner, that's ANOTHER matter altogether!

It should be a real interesting Appeal Process with the AG explaining how a Jury could listen to some heavy breathing and conclude a rape was occurring on the audio tape.

April Day said...

Warren Jeffs was convicted of both charges.

This is no surprise. I expected him to be convicted.

I believe that he will spend the rest of his life in a Texas prison.

Condolences to his friends, families and those who loved him.


No surprise, he's in Texas.

Even if Texas found him completely innocent, he would still not be breathing a free day in his life, the government wants him, the government will keep him.

April Day said...

Even if Warren Jeffs and all the "Texas Twelve" are convicted, it doesn't mean that all members of the FLDS are "bad people."

We didn't know about the alleged sex audiotape. I doubt the majority of rank and file members of the FLDS did either. How can we blame them if they didn't know about it?

Let's not forget that the media put out some really awful stories about the FLDS -- stories that turned out to be unfounded. Remember reading about the crematorium? Remember when LE dug up the little girls' flower garden, looking for dead bodies?

The state does have the right to prosecute members of a group who have broken the law. But it is still wrong to make broadswept generalizations about people.

Ignorant people stereotype people who are different from them.

There are good and bad in every race, religion and ethnic group.