Thursday, July 28, 2011


To my Friends in the F LDS Church:

It would be REALLY irksome to me if, after this is all over, I heard the rank and file of the Church say that, "We didn't understand what was happening in the media, and we didn't know the power they have".

BY THE HOUR, you have every talking head on just about every single channel out there actively working to destroy the Church. They OPENLY are saying that "This is not just a case of this one evil man, Warren Jeff's, it's a system that is abusing and destroying these children." It is a deliberately coordinated shark attack by a business that feeds off human misery and suffering, and the more, the better. When they add the gasoline of "Child Sex Abuse" to the bonfire, their ratings and the sale of their papers and books goes through the roof.

Today, there is a public ORGY of "Outrage" out there, and they are ALL using your children to satisfy their sexual fantasies concerning your children. They CANNOT hear enough "Gruesome" details about what is going on in the children's lives, and they simply don't want to be bored with hearing that the children are doing just fine. There's NO sexual satisfaction for them in THAT kind of story. 

The knuckleheads sitting in front of their TVs are watching a PARADE of dreck relating "Lost Boys", "Waterboarding", "Incest" and "Sexual abuse of young girls" (With video of girls from 6 to 14 working on the Ranch in the garden, or playing in the Creek in the background).

I see Merrianne's picture AT LEAST once every 15 minutes.

When they sit there looking at these children, they don't see them turning pitchforks and riding bikes, they envision them in bed with them. THAT"S what they are being told is happening! Quite literally, the media is whipping the public into a masturbatory frenzy over the images of YOUR CHILDREN in innocent poses and everyday activity. You can practically watch the talking heads drooling as they describe their fantasies concerning you and your children. And from you; they hear nothing, so it MUST be true! That kind of nonsense is what brought the tank and the snipers to the Ranch in the first place!

The Church is being irrevocably destroyed. The option of "Answering them nothing" is destroying it.It's LONG past time to stick a sock in Nancy Disgrace's mouth and shove it in.

The NEXT move, is going to be the "White Knight" of the government stepping in and systematically disbanding the entire thing "Due to the outrage of the public". This "Outrage" is a manufactured commodity, it is doing EXACTLY what it was intended to do by these same people, which is to disband the Church and scatter it to the wind. You give them License to do that by your silence.

By remaining silent, by allowing these assholes to define you, you are walking yourselves and your children into the ovens. Barbie tried once to sell them all to the Baptists, this time, it will stick.

If that's the plan; if you are DEAD DETERMINED to become Martyrs, then at least let the children's hands go so that they don't become a part of a suicide pact they aren't capable of understanding.

Your children deserve more than to be used by the booksellers and media for the gratification of the public's voyeuristic interests. Let the public start drooling over their own children if that is what they are determined to do.

Bill Medvecky



This comes from a friend, "The Vulture Lurks":

Great post, Bill. You are absolutely right. The FLDS have no idea what's in store.

Case in point. The other night the Missus was watching Dr. Drew when he had Flora and others on selling their "every man is abusing every child" nonsense. She looked over at me and said, "THESE are the people you support? What's the matter with you?"

If they can get to my wife, they can get to anyone. And will.

The FLDS need to go on the offensive and hit back at the media hard. Otherwise, they're headed for a hard fall.


I have had to shut down the comments section because the droolies wanted to post their fantasies here concerning the children, and I figure they can go jerk off elsewhere.

If the good old boys from Texas want to comment, post it, and if it doesn't include those fantasies, I will approve the post. If not, you waste a good amount of sperm needlessly, and you just might get the blisters to prove it.


As for the post from Dr. Fullmer:

I know EXACTLY what you mean, my family CANNOT understand how I defend a group of people who have thousands of poor little boys walking the streets of Salt Lake because their daddies want them away from their next bride.

Basically, people are fucking DUMB. They are told that these "Poor children" are raised stupid, brainwashed and un-educated on the one hand, and that these people are building space ships to the moon and blowing up the Space Shuttle. (Sam Brower).

So...Where did these people get the smarts to build the rocket ship?

"WATERBOARDING": We're all told that these people all "Waterboard" their children into submission at birth.

I find it curious that NOT ONE "Tell all" book or article on the FLDS EVER mentioned this practice PRIOR to "Guantanamo".

Don't you feel that if these guys were all sticking babies under water faucets to shut them up and make them "Compliant" since birth, SOMEBODY who was "Telling all" would have given it a word or two in their book?


Carolyn WATCHES her husband do this and does not mention A WORD about it in TWO books?

Let's just hope that some kook out there doesn't impale their child on a stake in the desert. If he does, I'll bet a cop a box of donuts the booksellers will have the men on the Ranch shoving sticks up their kids asses years ago.


WSJ just fired his lawyer and is asking to represent himself. He may as well, a lawyer with a weeks advance has about as much chance as he does.

My advice: Tell barbie to run her show trial anyway she wants, he has not been afforded adequate time for his lawyers to prepare a proper defense. AND THEN SIT DOWN.


I'm happy WSJ is at least taking my advice and not participating in barbie's dog and pony show.

I's legally IMPOSSIBLE for any lawyer to be expected to mount a reasonable defense against the might and power of the State that wants to present 1.7 TERABYTES of Discovery against their client and give them a few weeks, or even months to do it, so having a lawyer is a foolish waste of time and expense on everyone's part, including the Court's.

Warren just may as well let her charade run its course and let the Appeals Courts set her fat ass straight once again.


Please note: I have opened up the comment section of this Blog to the membership.

Those willing to post Libel and Slander against the F LDS Church and its membership may do so, but be aware that I WILL personally sue your God damned asses off in a Court of Law.

Now, let's hear all this bullshit you've been spouting as you hide in anonymity.


First we had Debbie Brown of CASA stealing $66,000.00 from the childrens charity in San Angelo sitting on the Stand testifying against WSJ, and now, we have Rozita the lesbo negro jumping onto the bandwagon of the hanging.

I guess next, the State of Texas will bring on John Wayne Gacey to give us some tips on child rearing.

One of the biggest pieces of shit in the world; a fucking dyke who caused the rape and kidnapping of 465 innocent children, and another 28 women, is touted by Texas as a human being, let alone one who has the audacity of preaching to other people about their morals?

Texas is a fucked up place, but in this case, they are out-doing themselves.

I wonder if Rozita knows that the local San Angelo School District has 325 little girls registered in school who are either pregnant or have already had a baby or two?

Hey Rozy! somebody screwed 325 little girls, and it wasn't you or one of your galpals. Don't that just really piss you off? Want to make another phone call and fix their honkey asses for them?

You need to rot in hell you filthy muff diver.