Monday, September 5, 2011


Having been called every nasty name in the book for calling the kidnapping and rape of 465 Mormon children wrong by their Texas persecuters, I have no empathy for the situation these scumbags in Texas now find themselves in.

Just as the good old boys wanted to see even more pain and suffering heaped upon the children of the Ranch solely based upon the fact that they were Mormon, so do I waqnt to see more pain and suffering heaped upon their oppressors.

I pray Texas gets no rain. I pray Texas houses burn to the ground. I pray that EVERYTHING they wished upon the children and parents of the Ranch occurs to them, 10 FOLD.

They showed no pity, they showed no humanity, they showed no compassion, so why the FUCK should they even expect any for themselves?

I don't see what's happening to the vultures in San Angelo or Eldorado as a sign that Warren's pox on their houses is coming true, nor do I see it as a sign from God (Like some nutjob, whacko, Right Wing Conseravative asshole would), but as KARMA. You schmucks are so filled with hate and bigotry, you CREATE it. You love to destroy. You love to hate. So live with it! 


Vulture said...

I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of the Texasses. But why'd ya hafta call them vultures? My kind are better than those knuckle-staggers.


I do admit, they most certainly give vultures a bad name. Then again, they give maggots, bloodsuckers and predators a bad name too.

You can't call them scumbags, even condoms have value.

You can't call them rags, even sanitary napkins use to have a value.

You can't call them assholes, shit happens.

How about: CPS DICKS. ?

First of all, any male working for CPS wouldn't have one, or if he did, wouldn't know where to put it.

Secondly, female CPS workers only know the strap-on variety, so it's not a personal "Threat" to them.

So, a "CPS DICK" could be a male or a female.

It could stand for:

C Childrens
P Persecution
S Society

D Dykes & Dudes
I In
C Cash
K Kidnapping
S Services

I'm open to suggestions so we do not offend any of our righteous vermin.

April Day said...

Texas is on fire! I was expecting someone to say that the fires were God's way of punishing Texas for what Texas did to the FLDS.

The good news is that the fires haven't reached our friends and families in Texas.

Thomas said...

Warren Jeffs has already cursed Texas.

Marie Lynette said...

You need to say it yourself April! Of course I don't want the fire to burn up the Mormons.
. I like Medvecky's acronym.
. I like to call the "social workers" social pests or social problems.

April Day said...

Warren Jeffs didn't have to curse Texas. Texas cursed itself.

Spain cursed itself by driving the Moors and Jews out of Spain during the Inquisition. The Muslims and Jews were Spain's intellectuals. Spain was once the wealthiest, most powerful kingdom in the world. Without intellectuals, Spain became practically a third world country.

Germany cursed itself by letting Hitler persecute the Jews, the Gypsies, the homosexuals, the disabled, the mentally ill, etc.

Karma is a bitch. When you treat people bad, it comes back to haunt you.

April Day said...

Someone should send the information re Debra Brown's indictment to Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachman, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and any other Republican running for the presidency.

Ask the other Republican candidates to question Rick Perry about the missing CASA funds during the next debate.

It is my understanding that Judge Mike Brown, Debra's husband, was the Republican candidate for the office of county judge. He was elected to be county judge as a member of the Republican party.

The public has the right to know that the wife of an ELECTED REPUBLICAN JUDGE IN TEXAS has been charged with misappropriating funds that were supposed to go to abused children.

The other Republican candidates should ask Rick Perry point blank what he intends to do about the missing CASA funds. Does Rick Perry still approve of Judge Mike Brown? Does Rick Perry plan to endorse Mike Brown for county judge during the next election?