Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dear Internal Revenue Service:

April 2, 2011

Internal Revenue Service
324 25th St
Ogden, Utah 84401

                                                             Re: CASA OF TOM GREEN COUNTY                                                                      75-2169081
                                                                   CHILDREN'S ADVOCACY CENTER
                                                                   OF TGC, INC.

Dear Sirs:

I write this letter asking for a formal investigation into the financial practices of the above indicated entities, CASA of Tom Green County, Texas and CAC of Tom Green County, Texas. Upon information and belief, I believe both entities are using public funds for their private, personal use to avoid paying Tax.

Both entities refuse to divulge public information concerning their financial activities and "Official" travel expenses and that makes this formal request necessary in order to ascertain the proper use of 501 (c) (3) funds for the charities under their control.

No information could be ascertained through public filings of both these entities. CASA's last "Annual" 990 Return filed on their behalf was in 1997, and the last "Annual" 990 filed by CAC was in 2008. Both filings were made though the Office in Ogden. 

We are further hindered from independently verifying proper use of these public funds by the fact that local police, Sheriff's and Texas Rangers refuse to become involved considering the Director of CAC in Tom Green County is also the wife of an Administrative Judge in the County, Mike Brown.

This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that the Texas Rangers, for whatever reason, seem to be incapable of conducting any investigations into wrongdoing in this County due to an ongoing persecution of a local religious group by local judicial and political entities. (In over 3 years now, the Texas Rangers have been "Unable" to establish whether or not an out of State hoax telephone call took place within the County resulting in the illegal seizure of 465 children by the County.

In view of these facts, I ask that you independently determine if CASA and CAC public funds have, and are, being used for personal and private use by members of this particular CASA and CAC group including it's Directors, Debra Brown of CAC and Shirley Davis of CASA.

These are the facts as they are known:

On at least two occasions (April, 2009 and Sept. 2009), Ms. Brown and Ms. Davis, along with 4 other members of CAC and CASA flew to Las Vegas, Nevada.
While there, they rented cars, stayed in hotels, took site-seeing tours, and spent funds, all paid for through CAC and CASA funding. They were not in Nevada on "Official" CAC or CASA business according to the National CASA office in Washington State.

IF these expenses were later reimbursed to CAC and CASA (Which I highly doubt), I submit upon information and belief that no attempt to pay any Taxes due for these expenses were ever made. (At least not prior to a complaint filed with CASA by me) Therefore, the use of the funds as legitimate CASA and CAC expenses were illegal under the Rules and Regulations of the I.R.S.

At MINIMUM, the taxes owed should be reimbursed and the use of these funds in the future should NOT be considered as the private piggy bank or expense account of CASA and CAC employee's and volunteers regardless of who your husband might be.

With one out of every six children in the County being a victim of abuse or neglect according to figures from the Texas Department of Children and Family Services, I would expect a better use of funds intended for those children than using them for private junkets to Las Vegas by the very people charged with protecting them.

Should you have any questions or require additional documentation, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.


William J. Medvecky
2211 N.E. 1st Terrace
Cape Coral, Florida 33990


cc: Michael Friedman, Esq.
      Thomas Bolan, Esq. 

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April Day said...

If Debra Brown and her girl friends used CASA and/or CAC funds to travel to Las Vegas and Utah, they were wrong to do so. Those women should have paid for their vacations with their own personal money.

I'm glad that Debra Brown resigned. It is a conflict for interest for the wife of a county judge to serve as the executive director of CAC. She should have stepped down before her husband was first sworn in.