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Being a history buff since the earliest years, all my knowledge concerning Mormons came from my childhood reading about Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and the great trek to Utah. Later on, I heard about the prurient interests some folks harbored concerning them, but for the most part, chalked it all off to one more form of human voyeurism; Some folks lead such boring and un-fulfilling lives, they simply have to find out whats going on in the other fellows bedroom. If they can't find out, you MUST be doing something wrong!

To me, prior to 2008, Mormons were a group of people who practiced a religion, not unlike Catholics, Protestants, Jews or Hindu's. It was their religion, and their business. Then along came a pack of goons complete with a tank, snipers, SWAT teams, and a group of "Women" I knew from prior personal experience who stole children for fun and profit from parents.

A week prior to April 3, 2008 I underwent surgery for cancer and found myself bed ridden and in front of the computer watching a travesty unfold before my eyes. Knowing the enemy, I knew what they were dragging the men, women and especially the children through, and I resolved to help these people in whatever way I could.

It didn't take all that long to discover that these people were Mormons, and THAT was their great "Crime" in the eyes of the locals and the State of Texas. From the day they moved into town, they were persecuted in the local press on a daily basis for being Mormon. Special Laws were passed against them in Austin for being Mormon, and meetings were held constantly to "Develop" ways to get rid of them. It all came to a head when a professional "Victim" of child abuse used by LE in Colorado by the Local police and FBI made a few simple hoax phone calls that not one Texas Ranger in the entire State seemed to be able to trace, not even 3 years later.

Before all was said and done, Texas CPS and CASA took 465 children, and another 170 women into captivity and took away their Bibles, their access to lawyers, their phones and camera's, and then raped the children under the guise of "Sane" examinations over the next 8 weeks. The attack on the Ranch was orchestrated, financed and staffed by the Texas Supreme Court. Finally, the case was heard before a real court of law, and the children were Ordered returned to their homes and families. Having nothing to legally hang their hats on after Childress failed them, the Texas Supreme Court had no choice but to uphold the Appeals Courts Decision, and the children were then returned home.

I looked forward to returning my life to "Normal" as did my family. That's is exactly what I would have done, had Texas, Utah, Arizona, the Federal government and everybody else just left these people alone, but their persecution of these particular Mormons had only begun. From Harry Reid to a jerk dentist in Utah, their goal is to destroy a group of people for their religion. That might have been OK in 1939 Germany, but it's NOT the America I was brought up in.

So far, the FLDS has won every single case against it that has been heard in a real court of law:

Arizona knew its "Witnesses" would destroy their case against Warren Jeffs and dismissed all charges WITH PREJUDICE. (They can never be brought again).   

Utah's conviction against Warren Jeffs was reversed on Appeal, and they have those same "Witnesses" to contend with and would not retry him. Today, Warren Jeffs stands convicted of NO CRIMES whatsoever. (He's "Cleaner" than Tom DeLay).

The State of Utah and Judge Lindberg, who stole the U.E.P. Trust from these Mormons were recently HUMILIATED by the Federal Courts for un- Constitutionally taking (Stealing) the Trust in the first place.

Now Texas will convict Mr. Jeffs of crimes based upon stolen evidence as they have for 7 men before him. It remains to be seen if the Federal Courts will allow stolen evidence introduced into a trial, but I think NOT.

In the meantime, the Mormons have a man, who they consider to be their leader in the custody and control of the State for the past 6 years on charges that no longer exist. The sanest of men would crack, and the strongest of men could be subdued.

Just as the State of Arizona and the Sheriff made jokes about abusing Warren Jeffs while he was in their custody, Texas also uses Mr. Jeffs for their own amusement and purposes. A rational man would know that writing a letter to the President of the United States is an idiotically foolish thing to do. Does any rational person believe he would actually read it, let alone act on it? For Texas, this became a big joke. Texas has placed a phone at Warren's disposal in jail. Is that phone there to aid Warren Jeffs, or to allow him to be taped making private phone calls to implicate himself or make a fool of himself? After 6 years in an American gulog, it's NOT all that hard to do.
Warren understood all of this, and on January 24, 2007 he placed a private call to South Dakota where he spoke to William Edson Jessop. He knew he was being taped. This is a transcript of that call;

Warren Jeffs: Hello

William E. Jessop: Hello sir.

Warren Jeffs: You can hear me?

William Jessop: Yes sir.

Warren Jeffs: Okay. I have this message. The lord has intervened and detected me to myself. He has shown me that I have not held priesthood since I was 20 years old, having been immoral with a sister and a daughter. And father pointing his finger to me was father's test on all of us.

I know of your ordination, that you are the keyholder and I have sent a note with my signature verifying it so that there is no question, according to Section 43, although not valid.

All the ordinance work since father's passing has to be redone and there's many men that were sent away that do hold priesthood and their families will need to be put back.

And then to say this to you. I am one of the most wicked men on the face of the earth since the days of Father Adam.


Have you been able to hear me?

William Jessop: Sure.

Warren Jeffs: Thank you and goodbye. You'll need to . . . [Jessop interrupts him]

William Jessop: Good luck.

Warren Jeffs: Thank you. 

On Monday, March 28, 2011, the following was submitted to the State of Utah:

"I, the undersigned, William Edson Jessop, have been called as the President of The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in conformity with the constitution, canons, rites, regulations, or discipline of such church, and by virtue of such calling I am the corporation sole of The Corporation of the President of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, organized under the laws of the State of Utah."

Having first hand knowledge of what jails and prisons can do to people, I'm both hoping and praying that the members of the FLDS both lift the burden of the Presidency off Warren's shoulders so he can concentrate on the Legal battles ahead, while the Stewardship of the Church and its peoples just wants and needs can be met by those in a position to be able to do so.

As it stands today, the Church is running rudderless and defenseless within a sea of sharks all too ready to destroy it.

Much is made about the FLDS being a Patriarchal Society. I know far too many women in the religion to believe that pack of malarkey. The women and girls I have come into contact with are some of the strongest individuals on the planet. They proved that on the Ranch, they prove it every day in the Creek and in Bountiful. If the FLDS is not to be destroyed by the apostates and the government, it will be because the women will simply not allow it to happen, period.

As an outsider, a gentile, any name you wish to call me, I implore you to rally behind Elder Jessop and save the Church rather than to splinter into yet another group which can ONLY aid the enemy of your children and yourselves. Don't think for one moment that they don't intend to raise your children in "Proper" religions, just ask the women on the Ranch how close they came to having their children raised as "Good Baptists".

I love you guys a whole big bunch, and just don't want to see you scatter yourselves to the winds. Please.



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