Wednesday, March 30, 2011


What is occurring within the F LDS Mormon Church right now is most certainly a private matter and nobody's business but the members of that Church. That's a fact!
However it is also a fact that what went on inside the gates of the Yearning For Zion Ranch in Texas was also a private matter, just as would be the case in anyone else's private home. But that didn't stop the tank and the SWAT teams did it?

More than anything else, what created the attack on the Ranch was the silence of those within when the gossip mongers, bigots, haters and the voyeurs were given a clean slate to offer up the most vile and untruthful slander and libel possible, and it went unchallenged. The pain, sorrow and hurt experienced by the children was a direct result of "Answer them nothing". It egged on the likes of Carolyn, Flora and Randy Mankin.

Now today, we have another situation within the Church, and it is being defined by the likes of Brent Hunsaker and Daphne Bramham, without a doubt, the biggest bigots in town. Does the community wait until they provoke an attack on the twin towns and Bountiful? Does the world get to "See" the F LDS Church through the eyes of these dreck?

In today's world, people believe what is said and printed in the media. That being the case, I would beseech Elder Jessop and the Leadership of the Church to assign a spokesperson from within the Church to speak to the media on behalf of the members rather than to leave it to the apostates who would like nothing better than to see each and every member of the Church dead. Not figuratively, but literally DEAD.

The mistakes of the past need to be rolled back or erased. The children have every right to be raised in the light of day and not have to hide behind walls. You have a wonderful and blessed way of living, and it needs to be celebrated for the world to see, not hidden away like a deep dark family secret; that only encourages the voyeurs of the world and denies you your deserved privacy to Worship as you see fit.

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