Thursday, March 31, 2011


A message for my Fundamentalist Mormon friends:

Any casual review of the current stories out there in the media reveals that the likes of Carolyn Jessop, Becky Musser, Brent Hunsaker, Daphne Bramham and Randy Mankin are defining the F LDS Church and its people.

A more hateful pack of religious bigots and liars would be hard to find. They all share a common agenda: to destroy a Church and its people, down to the last man, woman and child.

Yet, when media wants a sound bite, they dig under the rocks and go find these worms, every single time.

Do ANY of these people know you? Do they know your children, or anything about your life? Do these people speak for you?

They do if you allow them to, and they will unless you speak up for yourselves.

Tell your Elders to appoint someone within your Church and groups to speak for you and to answer the lies, distortions and petty gossip with the Truth.

Tell the media you will no longer allow yourselves to be defined by vermin and filth who would sell their souls for 30 pieces of silver. The F LDS Church is NOT a cult, it is a religious institution. Who tells them that?

You prayed to Heavenly Father to return the children to their homes. He granted you your prayers. Now stand up for Him and let people know who and what you believe in. There CANNOT be any shameful or prideful behavior in doing that, can there?


Jam Inn said...

Geee...BillM, you seem to be having some difficulty finding anyone who thinks, acts individually or is independent from the FLDS Church herd? Maybe, 'One Man Rule' lends itself to a group that is under tyrannical control. The latest 'handling' of over 30 FLDS members, like Willie Jessop, Bishop Nielsen and Jessop, tends to silence the FLDS flock. William E. Jessop has initiated action to stand up but you seem to wish to ignore him, with Lyle Jeffs placed into his past position, Jessop has had four years of listening to FLDS Sort Creek members complain about the new intolerant Lyle Jeffs regime.

The William E. Jessop FLDS followers are standing up and you choose to ignore them at your own loss of any credibility.


Congrats on a coherent comment, Jam it in, it's refreshing coming from you.

First of all, not being a Mormon, what possible relevance would my endorsement of one faction over another be?

The piece is not about backing one faction over another, from the very beginning I have never chosen sides, and in fact embraced ALL F LDS Mormons.

The piece is about shit like Hunsaker and Bramham defining these people to the media and my only suggestion is that they assign someone (I don't care who) from WITHIN the F LDS Church to speak for them.

The sad truth is that Warren could be Jesus Christ Himself, Texas and the Federal government want his ass in prison for the rest of his life, and these Nazi's generally get what they want regardless of how innocent or guilty a person might be.

That's the reality of this situation, and the F LDS Church needs to be lead by someone who can take care of their day-to-day just wants and needs. You figure if the Church makes Warren their Leader, they'll be allowing Warren to perform those duties? Maybe give him a phone, secretary and a computer bank?

As far as "Credibility" is concerned, they'll decide that issue, nobody else.