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Read any Texas rag today and all you'll find is outrage at the financial condition the State is in. In this hurricane of debt, the hairball is balking at using the "Rainy" day fund, mainly because it makes him look like the nitwit he and the Legislature is in this "Most Red of State's". How's he going to become President if he took one of the richest State's in the Nation into the poor house in just the last 4 years when he and his Corporate pals took total control? Does this mean he is going to have to explain his incompetence like Mitt Romney has to explain his Medicare program to the gullibley faithful?  What went wrong? How can they POSSIBLY be so broke today?

Expect the hairball to be hanging his Stetson on "The economy" as the fall guy, along with those "Tax and spend" Liberals. Maybe that will explain why Texas now HAS to raise Taxes, and it's them wonderful teabaggers and conservatives in charge.

Todays piece in "Gosanangelo" had me chuckling. The good old boys are now scrambling with a 1.5 million dollar loss in it's budget coming from Austin and the sky is falling. How fast time fly's!

Just a few short years ago, a money hungry Real Estate Salesman from Eldorado sold a worthless piece of sagebrush and sand to some "Hicks" from out of town for a hefty commission. The "Hicks" then turned the land into the fattest Tax Golden Goose the town and the county had ever seen. The "Hicks" became the second largest taxpayor in the County.

The problem was that the "Hicks" wanted nothing to do with the good old boys in town, and refused to contribute their girls to the already prodigious preggy pool the locals had going in the local Elementary, Junior and High Schools. This pissed off the locals greatly; how dare these ingrates keep their girls to themselves? Who the hell did they think they were?

So the recently retired nooses were brought out of retirement and the new cross burning began, but this time, it was "Mormon's" who needed a hanging. From 2004 until 2008, the stories in the local rag in Eldorado kept up the steady drum beat of stories of dead babies, ritual sex parties, welfare fraud and child abuse going as the "Hicks" just kept writing them Tax checks and closing the Gates of Zion behind them.

Now awash in money, the locals were only too happy when they were handed a phone with the voice of a professional "Child victim" calling from Colorado on the line, claiming to be 10 miles away on the Ranch. It was merely the spark they were praying for to get their hands on those "Poor little girls".

By the States own accounting, they then spent in excess of 14 MILLION dollars within the next 8 weeks to get those young beauties enrolled in the local school districts which would naturally make them more "Available". Money was flowing in Eldorado faster than the diaper supply at SAISD schools. Nothing was off the table, not even Las Vegas junkets by the local CASA.

Once the Court of Appeals put the brakes on the kidnappings and made it impossible for the Texas Supreme Court to overrule them, the locals shut down the information on the tsunami of money they were spending on the "Party" for the "Cattle". The figure of 14 million has been frozen in time and on the States Accounting Books ever since. According to Texas, they haven't spent one penny since May, 2008 on the Great Mormon Pogrom of 2008.

Estimates of the parties costs range between 40 to 75 MILLION dollars, and the spending hasn't stopped and won't until the last lawsuit over the "Party" has been settled by the children who were illegally taken and raped, abused and neglected by the State. Their parents might not sue, but I would not bet on their children once they learn of the potential "Settlements" involved.

The Statute of Limitations on their filing runs out when they turn 21. Since some of those children were still in the womb at the time, that means the clock tolls until 2030 

So what we have now is hand wringing over pennies by the local perverts, while the Goose is dead, the Ranch is building like it's 1950s Levittown, Eldorado and San Angelo are both bleeding jobs and industry like a hemophiliac, and every year the SAISD population of preggy children grows and grows. (Some things never change, no matter how poor the locals get).

I read this story yesterday and tried to find some sympathy for the condition these people now find themselves in. I wasn't successful, after all, they did this to themselves out of lust and greed and reaped what they sowed.


Proposed state budget cuts meant to balance a $27 billion budget deficit may seep away funds from the Tom Green County government.

The county is reporting to Austin how the legislature's proposed budget might impact county residents.

County Judge Mike Brown submitted a document as a form of legislative testimony for House Joint Resolution 56, a bill that demands protection for counties from unfunded mandates.
(Would one of those "Unfunded mandates" be Las Vegas junkets by your wife, Mike?)

"We're kind of in a tough spot," Precinct 4 Commissioner Yantis Green said. "When the Legislature mandates things we do, we don't have a choice but to provide the services. We don't have a choice but to pay the bill. If we are mandated to spend more money, then we have to raise taxes."
(Life is a bitch Yantis, get over it. Maybe if you didn't spend money like water on Mormon lynchings, you'd have a little today?)

According to the testimony document, the total amount Tom Green County could lose — depending on the Texas legislature's decisions for the coming biennium — is more than $1.5 million.
(You USE to collect more than that in Taxes from the Ranch alone. Not after the "Party" pal.)

To keep the same level of service and help effectively support county-related projects, the property tax rate would need to increase by 1.67 cents per $100.
There is no reason to panic, however, Precinct 3 Commissioner Steve Floyd said.
"It's always very fluid," he said about the budgeting process in Austin. "There are all kinds of things that fly through there."

The state's budget would potentially shut down the San Angelo State Supported Living Center, killing 765 Tom Green County jobs, the testimony states.
That comes coupled with a reduction in MHMR services that would cost the county $50,000 a year to help keep the MHMR and the Sheriff's Mental Health Unit afloat.
"We're definitely going to take a hit in services," County Treasurer Dianna Spieker said.
(Those MHMR folks should NEVER have submitted those affidavits concerning the abuse of those Mormons, should they have, Dianna?)

The bill also proposes reducing state grants to juvenile probation by 11 percent, so the county would need to give $244,000 a year to keep things operating as normal.
The state legislature's bill would also decrease funding for the Community Corrections and Supervision Department and would add 7,200 jail days, costing the county $300,000 each year, the testimony states.

The proposed reduction of indigent defense would cause an annual loss of $7,700 to the county, the testimony states.

The testimony also examines the extent to which general government services such as road construction, 911 and library funds would be impacted.

The county would lose $68,000 for general services for the biennium, meaning six miles of road would go unpaved and unmaintained each year, the testimony states.
Losing an axle or gross weight fee would cost the county $30,000, enough to pave and maintain five miles of road each year, the testimony document states.
The document states that reducing mixed beverage tax reimbursements could cost $122,500 over the next biennium.

A 28 percent decrease in grant assistance for a 911 mapping position may cost the county $23,500 over the next two years, the testimony document states.
An essential services grant that the county has been using to help pay for "unanticipated and extraordinary criminal justice related expenditures," according to the testimony document, may end and cost the county $32,740 over the next two years.

The county may also lose funds for the county library, which it was using to upgrade and add an electronic book library. Loss of those funds would come to $44,000 for the coming biennium.

Continuing education grants may be lost, so the county wouldn't get $28,100 over the next two years.

"The Medicare and Medicaid cuts and the cuts to MHMR concern me the most," Green said.

The Medicaid losses do not figure into county government, but the county could lose $24.4 million from a proposed 10 percent cut in Medicaid spending, according to the Center for Public Policy Priorities.


  The locals see the new buildings going up on the Ranch as a new source of tax revenue. My NY Jewish Accountant and Tax Attorney eyes see's the new buildings as "Dormitories" and "Classrooms" for the children attending their Academy.



Jam it in commented, but he/she is still fixated on children having sex.

Perhaps if he/she can control the sexual fantasies surrounding little boys and girls, it'll get a voice.


No Jam it in, I'm not interested in seeing your kiddie porn collection, and if it's not illegal to try to sell that stuff on the internet, it should be.

Vulture said...

The whole time I was reading your post, these words were echoing in my head:

Karma's a bitch, ain't it.


I just did a new story on the fldsws blog.

"Aggravated Sexual Assault on a Child" gets a 5 year PROBATION sentence from barbie in 2003, and THEN the guy screws two more bimbets out of the SAISD in the next 4 years.

She then decides to lay down "The Law" and sentences him to 7 (Yep, seven.)whole years in prison. (He does 2).

Now he's back on trial for tapping another SAISD
cutie. I wonder if they'll just hand him the keys to the Elementary School so he can give the girls in Junior High a rest?

I LOVE Texas, they NEVER stop showing folks what pure assholes they are!


OK Jam it in, you can stop drooling now.

April Day said...


Do you ever hear from Mandy? I liked Mandy because she was so funny.

RINKEVICHJM said... is a story where the Houston CPS office is paying over $30K in legal fees and they have write a report showing they understand their legal responsibilities. They failed to tell the court the fractures were micro fractures and that they already had a safety plan. Judge was outraged!