Saturday, March 5, 2011


Did you ever lose a toddler in the supermarket, a children's park. or had one who walked away from you for a short time? If you didn't, I hope CPS didn't grab your kid because you had a collar and short leash on it and charge you with child abuse.

It was the crack of dawn, and a father and his child were alone in the house, sleeping. The toddler wakes up, and finds its way outside. It happens every day. A neighbor see's the kid, and calls the cops. The toddler is now in REAL DEEP SHIT, now in the the "Care and custody" of the Houston Office of CPS. If its going to be raped, murdered, abused and neglected in its lifetime, the tot is now in the greatest danger of its lifetime; his "Protector" is Krista Rodriquez, our very own "Angel of Death" whose 56 dead foster children record is an Agency Legend. NOBODY in Texas CPS can guarantee a child is fucked up faster than Krista can, she has an innate knack for it.
This picture was taken at a recent appearance in Court when the Judge ripped her a new one and she tried to escape down the back stairway to escape the TV camera's.
She didn't succeed.

Now, she was just given possession of a piece of property, that, if she can manage to keep it alive and a virgin, could be worth in the vacinity of $150,000.00 on the open adoption market.

The tot is blond headed and blue eyed. Its an automatic target with  dollar signs printed on its ass. If the kid had strayed from the inner city, you most probably couldn't even have gotten the cops to answer the neighbors call.

My sincere condolences goes out to the tots family, and I most certainly hope if the tot has siblings, they are IMMEDIATELY taken to a safe haven away from Texas CPS and especially from the death grip of Ms. Rodriquez.

If the family has the funds to hire a lawyer and spend something between $75,000.00 to $125,000.00, their child will probably survive. If not, they MIGHT have a live child a year from now to never see again. 

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