Sunday, April 3, 2011


Johnnie Hanna is a cop from Texas who has had a hard-on for Mormons in his midst since day one of the attack on the Ranch in Eldorado and the subsequent kidnapping, rape and abuse of 465 Mormon children by Texas CPS and CASA.

In my opinion, he was infuriated by the return of those Mormon children to "His" community when the Texas Court of Appeals bitch-slapped the local demagogic "Judge" who is bent on persecuting the Mormons, barbie walthers.

Ever since, the boy with the banana in his pants has been on a personal crusade to avenge that "Travesty of Justice" as he see's it, and has gone out of his way to see to it that these pack of vermin hang from the nearest tree. (Almost back to the good old days.)

My first encounter with Johnnie occurred through some e mails between me and a chick who was trying to groom one of the Mormon children from her bedroom at 1:00 in the morning. The girl really didn't want to go muff diving with the bitch, and she tried to get rid of her. Naturally, barbie and Johnnie thought the chick was doing a great service to the child, so they defended her actions. The chick then tried to use Johnnie against me. I guess Johnnie knew it would be tough to try to explain in open Court why Texas was aiding and abetting the girls grooming by the dyke, so he never pursued the issue with me as the dyke wanted him to.

Following that, Johnnie seemed to appear from under every rock in the case of the kidnapped children:

When the stolen "Evidence" was leaked, it was Johnnie's dated signature on the back of it that appeared in his own hand writing. (He gave out the documents PRIOR to the Search Warrant date that authorized it's taking in the first place)

As the "Official" keeper of the "Evidence", it was Johnnie who had control of the unredacted pictures of children that suddenly and mysteriousely appeared on the Internet. This is against Texas "Law", but lets keep in mind that Johnnie is a cop. Cops in the U.S. are allowed to lie and to fabricate evidence. They can even pretend to be lawyers representing defendants to gain evidence, so passing out pictures of children for folks to droll over was probably rather minor to Johnnie, so long as he had his lynching jones satisfied.

Folks in other States suddenly and mysteriously had possession of the "Evidence" under Johnnies control.

Good old Johnnie was up to his ass two-belts deep in "Evidence" and he just couldn't seem to distribute it around fast enough so long as it put them creepy Mormons necks in those nooses.

Now Johnnie has taken it upon himself to supply that same "Evidence" to another Country to try to get THEM to hang these Mormons for him. Is Canada a County in Texas? Is the "Evidence" his personal property to distribute as he feels fit, or is it part of a criminal trial, subject to Chain of Custody? If the "Evidence" is being freely poured over and distributed to every bigot and hater in two countries, how is its authenticity and integrity being maintained? Does Johnnie even know who has been sifting through the Records and altering them or has he just thrown the door open?  

In 2008, Johnnie found 31 "Children" on the Ranch who were either pregnant, or already had children. This "Proved" these Mormons needed to hang. Johnnies problem was that the oldest of his fantasy "Children" was 37. His story fell apart and Johnnie had to move onto the next story. It wasn't as juicy, but he chose "Broken bones". (We all know how that bullshit turned out.) 

Now Johnnie has found another "31 children" in Canada. Naturally, Daffy Bramham is all over this new revelation from Johnnie like a horsefly is to a pile of shit.

My only question is this:

What is it about the number 31 that attracts Johnnie so much?

Is that how many donuts he can eat at a sitting?

Is that his I.Q.?

Was that his age when he graduated Junior High School?

Is that the number of virgins he's expecting when he dies?

I know what it isn't: Like the 31 "little girls" in Texas, it isn't reality. Then again, it doesn't HAVE to be reality, it's a headline, and folks never forget headlines.
After all, we all know all them boy babies were killed and buried all over the Ranch, don't we Johnnie?

So Johnnie; What is it about little girls and the number 31 that has you drooling?

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