Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today is the day that the Federal Court has given the State's of Utah and Arizona, as well as a jerk Utah Judge and her criminally charged accountant, to explain exactly how it's going to get it's ass out of the United Effort Plans Trust.

Reversing all of Wisan's criminal activity over the past 6 years will be the least of his worries, since his un constitutional involvement in somebody else's business now leaves him wide-open to change his Misdemeanor charges to Felonies. His failure to immediately cease and desist after being informed of his illegal practices by a Federal Judge isn't going to help his case much, since he can's hide under the skirts of Dan Fisher's puppet anymore by claiming ignorance of the Constitution or "I was only following Orders". When a Federal Judge tell's you you're being a bad boy, you DON"T turn around and moon him Brucie boy!

For Mark's part, he'll claim "I told you so" to his bosses in the LDS who have been giving him his marching orders in this case, but he really isn't all that concerned with this case in view of his condition. A more pressing matter is his choice of who he's going to be meeting in the hereafter. I wouldn't be too worried about Barbara or William Jessop, but hopefully, Val will have some words about being persecuted to death by Mark. I know damned sure he wouldn't want to meet me!

The good news for Mark is that he will now be able to claim his brides and become a polygamist in Heaven. Ironic; the man spends his life on earth persecuting the same folks he yearns to be in Heaven. As an outsider, perhaps the Quorum of the 12 can explain how this Doctrine is not the most hypocritical pack of bullshit in the world! Do they believe the Jews eat pork chops up there? Do they believe Muslims love their Christian brothers? Fascinating!

As for Denise, all her hopes and dreams of a "Higher calling" on the Bench have gone up in polygamist smoke. Maybe she should have stayed a Catholic and become a Miami pole dancer. Well, cheer up Denise, you can always get a job cleaning teeth in Dan's place. Maybe you could write a book. How about; "How I partied during Law School". We could file it in the Dewey Decimal System under "Self Destructive Behaviors".

As for the State's; You boys need to go back to the budget room and figure out how your going to reimburse 6,000 individuals (Plus their relatives) who were screwed by you over the past 6 years out of their rightful property.

Yes, it is true that these people you hate so much are not litigious and probably won't sue your ass off along with Denise's tits; but at the rate Warren's going, there aren't going to be many followers left to turn the other cheek, and you're going to have some pretty savvy lawyers reminding those now left of the kind of payday they're looking at to meet their "Just wants and needs".


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