Wednesday, April 6, 2011


For those who do not remember it, this "Deal" Utah is claiming as a Victory for it self concerning the U.E.P. Trust is about as much a "Victory" as the return of the children held by Texas was for the CPS and CASA dykes and "Judge" barbie.

As you may recall back then, Texas said that while the children were going to be going back home, that DID NOT mean that CPS and CASA were going to be putting their tail between their legs and running away, they were still going to "Monitor and control" the children. They were still going to be involved with them, and their parents in seeing to it that the children were "Safe". Sure they were!

They haven't been back since and every single child is completely free of their abuse and neglect.

Now tearing a page out of Texas history comes the State of Utah trying to save face.
They are claiming that they will give the F LDS Church back the Trust "For now" and with conditions.

Mark now claims that at some point a year or so down the road, he will Appeal the bitch slapping of Lindberg and retake the Trust. The success of that Appeal won't come in the Utah AG's lifetime, that's a certainty, but I guess it does wrap up some loose ends for him.

He also thinks the Trust is going to pay Wisan, and that Wisan is going to stay on as Trespasser in Chief. The fact is, once the Trust is back under the Churches control, like the children's return, he can huff and puff all he wants, it's no longer his call.

Wisan and the ambulance chasers along with the book selling pole dancers can certainly sue for the money they are owed, but all they need to do is to convince a real Court of Law that the Trust owes a debt incurred while it's Rights were being unconstitutionally violated and they have to pay their thief's for their efforts. Good Luck on THAT one brucie!

The only entity being somewhat realistic in this situation is the State of Arizona who will not sign off on handing the Trust back. They at least are not delusional in thinking that the Church is going to remain under Utah's boot while they run to the 10th Circuit for salvation. Arizona says there's no way they're going to hand over the Trust to Warren Jeffs. One has to wonder what they don't understand about Judge Benson's Ruling that Warren Jeff's has NOTHING to do with the un constitutionality of the theft of the Trust. Arizona simply has no say in where the Trust goes.

The bottom line after all the pissing that went on today by everybody is that Judge Benson will be deciding the issue since Utah and Arizona STILL THINKS they are in the Trust business. What they all need to do is to sit down and read Benson's 48 pages of bitch slapping and live with it, face, or no face.  


April Day said...

Wisan needs to go, and the state of Utah should pay his fees since the FLDS did not hire him.


lindberg told Benson to screw off. So much for her Judicial career.

This gives the Church the opportunity to take back the Trust with no strings attached.

Telling a Federal Judge, telling the SON of Ezra Taft Benson to fuck off in Utah, is NOT the smartest thing this silly skirt could have done.

I'm hoping Brucellia puts on his pair of knee pads and drops down on her, that'll solve the problem of him as well.

It'll be interesting to see how the dying AG will handle this. As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the State, will he disregard a Federal Court Order? I hope so!

The fact is, Benson could have been 100% in the wrong yesterday, today you have the 10th Circuit being told it is subservient to a State Court Judge. I wonder what Cuban cane field Lindberg got her Law Degree from?


A hearing has just started in SLC. For those who think otherwise, the Hearing is titled:

Snow Christiansen Martineau vs the Honorable Judge Denise Posse Lindbergh.

While there's nothing "Honorable" about the Ho, they ARE her tits in the wringer, NOT the F LDS Churches.

The FACT is that Utah punted, and now wants to take it back. It's just a little too late for that brucecellosis.

By the way, the Church has filed a Motion with Benson to find Lindberg and Wisan in Contempt.