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Some folks, who don't know me very well, have suggested I've been a tad too harsh on our poor, defenseless, innocent, Debra Brown, formally of CASA, San Angelo.

Having listened to her and watched her and her fat friends over the past 3 years, I don't think I've been harsh enough.

This is someone who watched children being ripped out of their mothers arms with no sense of shame or remorse.

This is someone who watched 465 children, and another 170 adult women be crammed into a stable with no running water, no toilets, no air or heat, and no one to supply them with proper medical care.

She was there, but never saw the abuse and neglect of the children and mothers reported by every single Mental Health worker assigned to the State.

She KNEW that not every child needed to be there, but did nothing about it. She merely went with CPS and whatever they wanted regardless of what was in the childrens best interest.

Then, even after the Court of Appeals told her that there was NO EVIDENCE that the children were in any immediate danger and had to be returned to their parents, she still embarked on her persecution of the Mormon's that continues to this very day.

The notion that this dreck is being treated unfairly is laughable. She deserves 100 times what is going to come her way. Below is a partial list of her communications with her fellow bigots and haters she posted on various blogs and newspapers that cater to people who think like her. These are people she enjoys being around. People who openly post un-redacted pictures of children and then claim they are engaging in sexually explicit activities. This, if Ms. Brown is not aware, is the very definition of Kiddie Porn, but that doesn't seem to bother her in the slightest. These are her friends, these are her peers. These are the kinds of people she would prefer to be around.

Read the words of a bent and twisted mind that is Debra Brown and ask yourself if you would allow her anywhere near your children.
Comments by ProudTexan
  • December 7, 2010
So does Warren think he can just waste the Court's 120 days by playing around. I'm not so sure it will work like that. I imagine that if he doesn't have counsel with him tomorrow one will be appointed for him. If he is shown to have the means to pay for it, which judging by the attorney's he's still paying for in Utah he does, he'll get the honor of paying them.
Sorry Panfish, I've already got dibs on the popcorn and drink concession.
Sorry ksb3, I don't think they take volunteers.
I wonder if Willie even knows he's in Texas yet. Willie is probably in Salt Lake City since there was a hearing at the Supreme Court yesterday for Lyle and Oler to explain why since they didn't answer originally, they should receive a "do over".
Welcome to Texas Warren!!!
I hate to break it to Brandon Hudson, but Warren Jeffs and the FLDS do not make laws, at least not ones that will stand up when they are in violation of Federal and State laws.
The wives were 66, 67 and 44 when they married Wendell.
The state did address underage marriages in the "bad acts". Wendell is said to have "officiated" in 27 underage marriages and also witnessed several of his step-daughters who were married underage, including the victim of Leroy Jessop who received 75 years.
Pliggy, go tell it to someone who might believe it. Jeffs is not an innocent man by a long shot. His guilt will be proven by a Texas court as soon as he quits fighting to come here. If he was so "innocent" you'd think he would want to show up and prove his innocence.
Merril doesn't have that many children left at home that he has to support. 1 son by Barbara (he lost custody of Merrianne and she's married to the prophet besides), a couple by Cathleen (who lied her a** off on CNN) and then Parley who is currently himself in trouble with the Schleicher County Sheriff's Office for speeding and evading arrest. Carolyn has by far the youngest of his kids.
As for why Carolyn goes by Jessop, who knows. Barbara, Ruth and Foneta all also went by Jessop. What difference does it make really?
Woo Hoo. Go Natalie and Carolyn.
Very appropriate barkeep since one of Abram Jeffs' wives is her own sister-in-law.
Willie is the one who is sore, he has never been deemed worthy of the "redemption of zion" aka YFZ ranch and is only useful to the cult when they need a hired thug to bully people. he doesn't live on the YFZ. His wives and children live in Short Creek.
Actually gemini, the search was found to be legal. if you have any other finding in a court of law, please feel free to share it with us.
Willie Jessop has 2 known wives and 8 known children. His wives are sisters.
He was never worthy of the "redemption of zion" aka YFZ ranch and is only useful to the cult when they need a hired thug to bully people. he doesn't live on the YFZ. His wives and children live in Short Creek, but I'm not sure if it is on the Utah side or the Arizona side.
His younger 1/2 brother recently committed suicide after he was dismissed from the cult. It is very sad.
Newsflash for Willie Jessop - Pedophilia is not a religion!!!
Zipper peeps, I love it.
That's funny stamp, Richard Barlow has a daughter named Viola.
Defense rested without putting on any evidence or witnesses.
Alin10, I think OldWestTexan is referring to the marriage records. I'd have to argue for the resealing documents to get into the record too. The victim's father was kicked out by Warren Jeffs and her mother was remarried to the original deadbeat dad, Merril Jessop.
I think the reporter would be the mysteriously missing Richard Jessop Barlow who finally showed up.
The title of this piece is misleading. The only ones disputing the documents are those who don't want them to see the light of day because those documents show not only this man is guilty, but others are too. The documents show underage marriage, bigamy and aiding a fugitive from justice.
Looks like Richard J. Barlow was found or turned himself in.
Julie, he could have come right out and asked her if she received money from Dan Fischer, but he didn't. She testified that she's only been partially reimbursed for expenses incurred to date.
if the child were conceived on or about May 12, 2006, Abram would have just turned 35. Sounds like to me that either his attorney can't do simple math or is saying the sex took place before May 9.
I haven't Panfish, she was married off to Abram at 14 and had her first child at 15. She's the sister of the victim in the Emack case. Some loving mother they've got, huh. Mommy dearest is currently married to none other than Bishop Merril himself. Dad got exed for some unforgiveable sin which was probably sneezing at the wrong time.

You know, it's really sad that Abram's family isn't here to support him, but when they've been spread out from here to yonder, it's kinda hard to give support. Best he can come up with is Wee Willie and that's not much support.
Julie - basically no mormons are on the jury because they didn't bother to show up for jury duty. 12 were called to be there yesterday and low and behold none bother to show up. Seems they don't care a wit about Abram. As for this being the trial of a religion, if your religion said it was all right for you to smoke pot and you smoked it and got caught, would your trial be about you breaking the law or about your religion?
san angelo's already shown them what they think of messing around with underage girls. abram's praying they can get a jury in schleicher county so they don't move his trial up here. keate got 33 years vs. leroy's 75. where would you want to be if you were abram? he's obviously not smart enough to accept a deal and get the lenient amount the state would offer, he wants to shoot the dice and gamble.
I wonder if this new batch of 100 are the ones who didn't show up on Monday.
Willie's not real bright, is he?
Since the FLDS hide out behind a locked gate, this occasion was taken to serve those who ventured out. I sure hope they handed one to willie the mouth.
i don't think it's a call to serve on the grand jury, i think it's a call to appear before the grand jury. sure makes you wonder which flds showed up for jury duty today.
that's old news news, but royal is right. the majority of the people at the ranch are related by blood within 3 generations. that makes them ineligible to serve on the jury. in fact, i don't think 2 people who are related to each other can serve on the same jury. it's just the way it is.
janet jeffs nielsen conveniently forgot that she was the aunt of the victim in the raymond jessop case until she was reminded by eric nichols during voir dire. it would have been much easier for her to simply raise her hand when the general question of "are you related to the defendant or the victim in this case" went out. instead, she decided to withhold evidence and keep sitting. that was wrong.
kinda makes ya wonder who's names were on that jury list.
breaking news out of Eldorado is that Merril Jessop's 17 year old son Parley has been arrested for evading arrest.
new0305, they can't put them on the jury if they are related to the defendant. if you go back 2 generations, almost everyone at the yfz is related. take lehi for example, he would have been excused even if he hadn't already plead guilty to his charges because he is the nephew of this defendant.
i'm guessing he'll be held in san angelo and not eldorado.
Then there's also the two kids with different mothers but the same father that the FLDS family claimed were "twins" that were put in different placements.
LeAnn has a sister who's 18 months or so younger and then a brother who's 18 months younger than the sister. Wonder of the sister in between started school on time or if she also waited for the brother. Seems kind of funny for a kid to be able to decide that they don't want to start to school and want to wait for a sibling 3 years younger.
If he had enough to pay for 3 attorneys during his trial, there's some money somewhere to pay for his appeal.
Why didn't Hurley just ask his client or Fat Willie who was sitting right behind him throughout the trial.
Sorry I'm going to miss it, could be a grand ole time.
in response to VisionClarity:
We are not able to see how the wife in question wanted nothing to do with the prosecution. You think that she had to have been assaulted. No. Shame on all of those prosecutors. Shame on you who hate Merrill Jessop. I am embarrassed for you. Just a few short years ago, it was not illegal for them to marry, by age requirements. It was not legal since 1880 for anyone to marry a plural wife, especially because the religious organization LDS Church required it as a tenant of the religious laws. basically, the unconstitutional law against a religion is upheld and has been for way too long. FLDS should have been excused for polygamy and bigamy as long as it was performed by the religious organization.
the prosecution had nothing to do with the "wife" not being on the stand. they even had her on the witness list, unfortunately the flds have moved her to an undisclosed location to prevent her from testifying.
in response to LaughingPanfish:
Ya mean their illegal cement plant or whatever that is?
the cement plant is in san angelo, they had an incinerator at the ranch.
that would be nice thebaglady.
maybe merril will see the inside of the cellosteel kingdom sooner rather than later since he can't seem to pay his child support.
if hurley really thought inaccurate information was put out there, why didn't he call the mother of the girl to testify? oh that's right, momma is in hiding because she's given 3 of her daughters to jessop men while they were underage. hurley can call it however he wants to, but he did absolutely nothing to counteract the testimony, so now he has to live with it.
her mother should be for sure. her daddy who is warren's brother was kicked out before this one was married off although he was part of marrying off two other daughters underage.

juliew, please keep spouting your crap, it makes the flds look dumber than they already are.
wee willie isn't so wee anymore. i saw him first hand today and yeah, he lied, there were at least 5 other flds people in the courtroom. of note though is that willie's scribe, sam steed wasn't at his post beside willie taking notes. wonder where sam wondered off too. willie's video guy was set up outside with his camera aimed at the courthouse steps videoing everyone who went into and came out of the courthouse.
i think it is taboo too stamp.
i'll be interested to see if daddy merril shows up in court since he apparently couldn't be bothered to be there on monday to support his son.

As the wife of a Judge, as a CASA worker, as a friend of barbie, Debbie supplied the bigots and haters with State's evidence, including un-redacted pictures of children claimed to be victims of sexual abuse. She supplied the bigots and haters with documents and medical records which were never released by the "Judge" in the case. She supplied confidential correspondence that was never a part of any trial in the matter, merely to smear and poison the public's perception of those Mormons she despises.

The one good thing in her favor was that she didn't have to steal the documents, they were freely given to her by "Friends" of the Court, and the Court itself.

Now let's see if she can play footsie with the IRS for playing with Tax Free money.


Anonymous said...

OK Bill what other west Texas judges' family takes home income from the child welfare industry?

Anonymous said...

You are totally off base about Proud Texan being Debra Brown. I am Proud Texan and I'm not Debra Brown.

Also, you need to worry about stealing photos from people. Some of those picture you should of happy people in the creek aren't new and they aren't yours to use.



Name a judge, and I'll find the nexus.


Dear Debbie,

I first remind you that Natalies site said the exact same thing about the prick. He wasn't TBM. We now know that was bullshit, don't we?

According to your friends in San Angelo, you were paranoid I would out you as PT for the last few weeks, and nobody knew why. Now we do, don't we Debbie?

As for "Stealing" photo's, I assume you speak of the Creek photographers.

I have their written approval to post them at will, unlike you who posts unredacted pictures of children and pass them off as Kiddie Porn on Natalie's site.

Check with your husband sweetie, that's the Legal definition of distribution of child pornography and Natalie WILL be learning that lesson the hard way.

By the way, is she still passing bad checks?

Maybe you could spare a little of the loot from CAC and CASA and help her out!

If you escape prison, keep something in mind for the future, I go after hypocrites with a vengeance. Don't be throwing stones living in that glass house of yours.

Anonymous said...

"Proud Texan" is probably a common screen name. Besides, a screen name really isn't important.

CASA should release information about why Debra Brown is on administrative leave. If she did something illegal, the public has the right to know.

Anonymous said...

Information about why Ms. Brown was placed on administrative leave should be released to the public because she is married to Tom Green County Judge Mike Brown.

Judges are elected in Texas. If the public knew why Judge Brown's wife was placed on administrative leave, it could affect the political climate of Tom Green County.

Anonymous said...

You're funny Bill. I like how you play both ends. Joe Pledger and Carole Jeffs are both apostates. You claim to be a friend of the FLDS, but they don't associate with apostates, so I guess that makes you a two timer huh.

Anonymous said...

Bill isn't a member of the FLDS. Why shouldn't he be friends of the FLDS and the ex-FLDS alike?


On "Apostates":

MY definition of an apostate is one who actively attacks those who follow the F LDS Church and is out to destroy them as a religion and as a people.

Merely choosing to leave the Church does not make one an "Apostate" in the minds of the F LDS members I speak to, so determining who I should be speaking to or not when it comes from a bigot won't work.

I have made it perfectly clear that I DO NOT recognize any difference between one faction of Fundamentalist Mormon's or the other. That's a STATE tactic.

I speak to the FLDS, Winston, the Kingstons, the Work, the LaBaron's and any other fundamentalist Mormons.

The bigots and the haters have a "Divide and Conquer" strategy going on, and I NEVER play other peoples games by any rules but my own.

Your problem is that you believe what you read, if it furthers your bigotry and hatred.

The F LDS Church has NEVER told me not to speak to anyone except them, or told me not to have anything to do with them.

Folks like Joe and Carole are not members of that particular Church, but they are nevertheless highly regarded in that community.


As for Little Debbie:

CASA denies she was EVER a CASA member.

They say that whatever she may have done has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with them.

It's called throwing somebody under a bus.

Note that for the past 3 years, they never once tried to distance themselves from her when she was the darling of the persecutors.

Now that I wanted to know where the money came from for the CASA Vegas junkets in 2009, she's a complete stranger to them.

Nice "Friends" huh?

Anonymous said...

Here it is then; A man can hire a lawyer and slam his wife; with lies and deceit. And the Government hired hands are hero's; But if that woman decides to defend herself, then she is an apostate, trying to take down the church. So, they have one set of rules for one and another for the other.

Anonymous said...

Bill, Proud Texan is not Debra Brown. That is the simple fact of the matter.

April Day said...

The good news is that she resigned from her position of executive director of the CAC.


This story was first written by me in 2009, almost immediately after debbie and her fat friends returned from their latest Vegas junket on the CASA dime.

debbie has just been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury (The locals REFUSED to prosecute her) on 6 charges of Grand Theft.

It seems little debbie stole $250,000.00 from the children she was "Protecting", and even that only goes back to 2005. debbie began her thefts in 1994 with CASA.