Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I guess out of its "Civic duty", the State of Texas sent 800 pages of stolen material from the F LDS Church in Eldorado, Texas to try to convince the Canadian's to join them in their pogrom against the Mormon population there. Texas has been trying its damnedest to eliminate and destroy the F LDS Church, even going after its women and children with a vengeance not seen since Hitler went after the Jews of the world.

The question now is, are the Canadians ready to tell not only the F LDS Church they are criminals for practicing their religion, but so are the Jews and the Muslims who practice their religion, and that they too are now criminals?

Persecution for the Jews of Canada would be nothing new, but the approximately 1 million Muslims of Canada might not be as prepared for the kind of treatment metered out to the Jews and the F LDS Church. They need to prepare.

In the past, they relied on the Charter of Rights to protect their religious practices and those days are now numbered as the persecutors of the F LDS Church are preparing to scrap the Charter to eradicate the Mormons from their midst, just as the State of Texas dumped both the State and U.S. Constitution to eliminate their Mormon "Problem" by their chief bigot, Harvey Hilderbran.

Do Muslims feel the Charter of Rights "Protects" them? If they do, then they had better think again. If Dapne Bramham of the Vancouver Sun has her way, she'll eliminate every male from a Muslim family as fast as she'll eliminate every male
F LDS Church member from theirs. It appears Daphne has a "Thing" about males, and she is dead determined to burn not only her bra, but every other Canadian woman's as well. Then we have the booksellers and the haters, who simply don't like it when other folks don't worship as they do.

These were the figures in 2000 concerning Canada's Muslim population:
Province Muslims
Flag of Ontario.svg Ontario 352,530
Flag of Quebec.svg Quebec 108,620
Flag of British Columbia.svg British Columbia 56,220
Flag of Alberta.svg Alberta 49,040
Flag of Manitoba.svg Manitoba 5,095
Flag of Nova Scotia.svg Nova Scotia 3,545
Flag of Saskatchewan.svg Saskatchewan 2,230
Flag of New Brunswick.svg New Brunswick 1,275
Flag of Newfoundland and Labrador.svg Newfoundland and Labrador 630
Flag of Prince Edward Island.svg Prince Edward Island 195
Flag of the Northwest Territories.svg Northwest Territories 180
Flag of Yukon.svg Yukon 60
Flag of Nunavut.svg Nunavut 30
Flag of Canada.svg Canada 579,640

Now most certainly not ALL of these Muslims practice polygamy, but that really does not matter in this case. Let us NOT FORGET; not ALL F LDS Church members practice polygamy either, but that hasn't stopped the bigots and haters from going after every single one of them: Man, woman and child, right down to a baby in the womb.

In WRITTEN pieces in her paper, Ms. Bramham has said that if the Charter of Rights is upheld in this case, then it is time to ignore the Canadian Constitution. That kind of bigotry and persecution is PRECISELY what has occurred in Texas over the past 6 years since the Mormons arrived in Texas.

The only question is; are the Canadians going to allow it to be repeated in their Courts of Law, and are the Muslims going to be the next Mormons in the bullseye.



Anonymous said...

We are not sad at all. Warren Jeffs said that the Lord would deliver us. I know he will. For it has begun.

Jam Inn said...

Gee..... Bill who are you with, is it Bishop Jim Oler or his brother Ken Oler? Maybe you back Winston Blackmore? It is awfully nice of you to back the Mormons but which faction are you supporting?

The Canadian antipolygamy laws date back to the late 1890s, so there is no Charter protection. The reference case is to deny or reaffirm the polygamy law but it has never been legal to practice bigamy in Canada. Visiting Muslims are only allowed one wife per visit and they leave their harems in Mecca.

Anonymous said...

yes, but earlier than that there was the free America; now it is under bondage.

Jam Inn said...

Bill you claim to be a friend to all fundamentalist groups but they each follow the leadership of different prophets/leaders. Your statement that the Texas Rangers have no business sending needed documents, birth and wedding certificates to verify that over 25female minors have been brought to Bountiful, British Columbia illegally. The documents prove that sex trafficking has transpired and the Canadian court is questioning if any harms to individuals rights/freedoms would occur if poloygamy was made legal. The Texas Rangers were simply supplying proof that child trafficking is in evidence. You also need to google 'CEDAW', which Canada's government is a signator and bound to keep polygamy illegal per this International Accorde. Do your homework Bill, then you come across informed and not so ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Has Canada ever repealed the law which prohibits Mormons and ex-Mormons from migrating to Canada?
That law dates back to the 1890's too so there would be no Charter protection for it either. Nevertheless, Canada owes a huge apology to Mormons and Mormon Fundamentalits alike for ever allowing a law based on ignorance, fear and hatred on their books.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Canada did repeal their laws which prohibited Mormon immigration several decades ago.


Texas being against having sex with children is a little like carrying coals to Newcastle.

Texas can teach the WORLD how to screw kids.

You assume Canada is going to ban polygamy. That's rich... One Million Muslims in the Country, and you think Canada is going to tell them that Allah was wrong?

Wanna bet? How about $100.00 just for giggles? Got balls?

Jam Inn said...

Uh, BillM I agree that Canada won't ban polygamy but you realize that it is already illegal there, duh! I think the question before the court is do they affirm/sustain anti-polygamy laws or choose to over-rule them. CEDAW International agreement is to affirm and protect women and Canada has already signed this accord. Then the Charter of Rights and Freedoms will judge if an individual is granted the practice of polygamy is another person harmed which infringes on anothers rights. Islam refers to second wives as "Darra" which translates 'one who harms'. Good luck with your YES vote. No other developed nation has overturned their existing bigamy laws but you Bill always know best and back the loser, it would seem.
The Canadian Supreme Court closing statements will be televised starting 27 March, 2011.

Anonymous said...

Closing arguments will be heard by the BC Supreme Court, not the Canadian Supreme Court. Inevitably the case will make it there but that's a long ways off.


LOT'S of things are ILLEGAL in Texas, that silly fact stops NOBODY.

Just as Texas looks the other way when thousands of good old Baptist boys give their little girls fat bellies and fry's Mormons for the same exact "Crime",

Canada allows the Muslims to openly practice Polygamy while trying to stop ONLY the Mormons from doing the same exact thing.

It won't work for Texas, and it won't work for Canada either.

As for Bigamy Laws, the U.S. already knows that if they reach the SCOTUS, they are history. That explains why they won't even prosecute a case of Bigamy, any more than they prosecute Adultery.

Same EXACT thing.

Jam Inn said...

No BillM it is not the same exact thing at all and you always have to label it, paint it and twist it to your narrowed viewpoint. Did Texas Rangers really stick their nose where it didn't belong??? Over 25+ female teenagers from the US have been illegally trafficked into Canada and the Rangers provided the evidence. Do you care nothing for US citizens who are illicitly exported to Canada in violation of sex trafficking statutes? Canadian teens where found at the YFZ Ranch during the searchs and were returned to Canada. Even Bishop Blackmore had two wives deported in 2005 back to the US because they held no legal Canadian residency. BillM you ignore the facts so frequently that I am aghast at your lack of understanding. Your view that the current teen sex pregnancy problems in Texas grants the YFZ Ranch to join in is simply ludicrous, are you serious? I thought you are a advocate for children, really? Importing/Exporting American minors for illegal sex activities is OK? What about their rights to US or Canadian citizenship, you show no concerns, very bizarre.

Jam Inn said...

Well Bill the prosecutor of the indicted FLDS Church Members, namely Eric Nichols, seems to have presented evidence that the RCMP courts in Canada will hold hearings on next Friday, 25 February. The evidence shows that three(3) 12-13 year old Canadian girls were taken to Twin (Sin) Cities to wed the Prophet Warren S. Jeffs.
Whos nose now seems to be stuck?
You do proclaim the aspire 'to free the FLDS Children'? You are a self-styled childs advocate?