Sunday, February 20, 2011


— An out-of-town firm will interview members of the Children's Advocacy Center next week and go over the center's documents as part of an internal investigation concerning Debra Brown, the center's executive director.
(Like who? The Girl Scout's? 4-H Club?). 

Brown was still on administrative paid leave while board members conduct an "internal personnel investigation" that solely targets Brown, agency president Monty Stanley said.
(Get that distance between her and CASA!)

The investigation could produce findings within a week, Stanley said Friday.
According to a 2009 annual report, the center operated on an $810,000 budget. In the 2008 annual report, its total funding was more than $1 million. Funding sources include largely grants and contracts, contributions and money raised through special events.
(Horseshit! Read the 990 from the IRS. Funding comes mostly from the Government. That makes them Taxpayor dollars sending her fat ass to Las Vegas)

Heather Ward, a senior staff member, was made acting executive director. Stanley declined to reveal the reason Brown was placed on paid leave but said the board saw a need for extra scrutiny in December.
(Heather Ward is a CASA. The story tries to imply she is a staff member of the Childrens Abuse Center (CAC), when in fact, she is a CASA.) 

"I'm not at liberty to discuss the particulars out of fairness to Debra and the center," said Stanley, who also is the human resources director for the Standard-Times.
(Heaven forbid the rag comment on any on-going investigation, right?)

The matter first came to light when Champagne and Diamonds, an annual Valentine's Day fundraising event for the CAC, was postponed indefinitely. The CAC will be better able to set a date for the fundraiser after the investigation is complete, Stanley said.
(Horseshit! The paper needs to read it's own paper. FIRST she was fired, THEN the "Fundraiser" was canceled. The paper is trying to deflect the real purpose of the audit, which has nothing to do with a silly little 20 grand party.) 

The event is the agency's biggest fundraiser of the year, bringing in about $20,000 in past years. Stanley said a "virtually none" of the Champagne and Diamonds sponsors wanted a refund. Those who did told board members they planned on donating for future fundraisers.
(Texan's aren't known for their brains, they would NEVER admit they were taken) 

"The common response was, 'Keep it and use it as you see fit. We trust it will be put back to good use,' " he said.
(Gee guys, who ever said this had anything to do with money?)

Diedre McCoy, a spokeswoman for the CAC, said the San Angelo CAC began in 1992, a couple of years after a need was seen across the nation for a place where law enforcement, Child Protective Services and advocates could communicate with one another.
(There's money to made in stealing children.)

McCoy said Brown became the second executive director in 1995 or 1996.
Brown, the wife of Tom Green County Judge Mike Brown, could not be reached for comment. Judge Brown did not return messages.
(Be very careful boys, Judge Brown decides who gets paid, and how much in that town, you DON"T want to piss him off!)

The San Angelo Police Department made the decision weeks ago to recuse itself from playing a role in the investigation. Assistant Chief Jeff Fant said the department was alerted that something would be made public shortly before it was printed in the Standard-Times.
(Gee guys, who said the "Investigation" was possibly criminal?)

Fant said the reason the police chief and his executive staff recused themselves was that detectives with the department work closely with Hope House, one of the CAC's programs.
(So the Chief says if there's any nexus between his Office and the accussed, he recuses himself? Since WHEN?)

Chief Tim Vasquez's position on the CAC board also was taken into consideration.
(The Chief is afraid he can't do his job fairly because he knows the accused?)

Spokespeople from the Tom Green County Sheriff's Office and Texas Rangers said they were not involved in the investigation.
(Hi guys, would you like to investigate the wife of Judge Mike Brown?)

A spokesman for the National Children's Advocacy Center said each charter is "self-supporting and self-governing."
(Taking a page from CASA and distancing herself from the front of the fan.)

A San Angelo city spokesman said no city funds go toward CAC.
(Now ask him about City funds for CASA)

Employees can contribute their own money to the organization through the United Way.

In 2009 and 2010, the United Way of the Concho Valley gave $82,000 to CAC's Project Healing Feelings, according to an e-mail from the United Way. Project Healing Feelings provides children in crisis with forensic interviews, therapy, a friend of the court, social service referrals and court preparation.
(82 grand and 20 grand make 102 grand. We're talking a million here folks, so let's keep our eye on the ball.)

According to the agency, 952 children were served in 2009, and 99.2 percent of the children helped in the past five years have found permanent homes safe from abuse and neglect.
(Very strange claim! According to Texas CPS, 1 in every 6 children in Tom Green County in abused and or neglected. Is San Angelo full of shit or is Texas?)

(As for where the money went, we have to look towards those Caribbean Cruises she took and the Vegas junkets. Here's a few pics of Ms. Judge Brown and the CASA blimps in action.)


Anonymous said...

Debra Brown's husband is a county judge. Surely the Browns can afford to pay for her vacation to Las Vegas and Utah!

Anonymous said...

Tax dollars or not, CASA San Angelo's funds are intended for abused and neglected children in Texas. Those monies are not intended for abused and neglected children in Las Vegas or Utah. Judge Brown and his wife should have used their own money to pay Debra's junket to Las Vegas and the twin towns.

Anonymous said...

The people who made donations to the champagne and diamonds fundraiser are probably too afraid of Judge Mike Brown to ask for a refund.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think the Lord has sent the message that this government is very corrupt? I was watching the news the other day, and a woman took her niece from foster care, and they charged her with Kidnapping. I think the State is the Kidnappers, and need stopped; and I believe they are as corrupt as a government can get; and will be stopped. If Texas and the people do not stop them, the Lord will; for America has been promised its freedom. We are the free and the brave, and if the people have lost that; they have lost their right to possess the land, and the Lord will make an adjustment and give it to the Free and the Brave; so if you are right Bill, Texas will fall.

Anonymous said...

But one thing I must always remember, If our government is that corrupt, they have already literally fallen. And it is only a matter of the Free and the Brave rising; for they have the power. and Texas has fallen, has fallen, has fallen.


As of this morning, there are 52 comments on this story in the local rag. Most are screaming about the protection being afforded little debbie.

However, one complete asshole suggested that everybody just shut up and let the "Investigation" proceed like its "Always" done, and THEN we can all decide guilt or innocence.

Do you mean like you all did when the Ranch was attacked?

I also noted that the locals are zeroing in on the facts, the news about Vegas and her using the funds as a private piggy bank are seeping out of the woodwork.

In a way, I feel sorry for her, she seems to be taking the rap for the whole thing. Take a look at the Vegas pictures and you'll see 6 fat-cat, CASA asses running around with Lover Boy, and not just little debbie.

Anonymous said...

From Jam Inn, so Medvecky the Ranch was attacked and seven new underage mothers, who lied to protect their hubbies were brought into custody but lied to authorities about their marital status, motherhood or country of origin. You show no concerns for the illegal Canadian teens found at the YFZ Ranch and deported because they were here illegally, the US teens that have been trafficked to Bountiful, Canada over twenty-five girls and the Texas laws of Age have Consent are unchanged from before the FLDS Church came to Texas in two thousand and four, which clearly states that sex with a child, defined as sixteen years or younger, is illegal. Whether the lawful age of marriage was raised from fourteen to sixteen years, sex with a minor was ALWAYS illegal and so was polygamy.
Your attempt to URL block, is so typical of your 'edited only' behavior. remove it and check your foul language or I will lodge a complaint.

Anonymous said...

why would you care about an illegal law. Polygamy is not illegal; your laws against it are. and no one has sex with girls, unless they are caught and put out of the church. In truth the hatred of this nation and the harrassment has let filthy, gross men, walk free; why inacent men are jailed; and who ever heard of attacking a whole city? Complain all you like. We do not care. I do not like Bill Medvecky's swear words at all; but Texas has fallen.

Anonymous said...

When exactly did Texas fall? Last count it was the Statenof Texas 7 and the FLDS pedophiles 0. Warren Jeffs is still in jail. Merril, Wendell, Willie, Bill Shapley and others have been exed. Doesn't sound at all to me that Texas has fallen anywhere. In fact, sounds kinda like they are on top.

Anonymous said...

Jam Inn,

If you can't stay on topic, go away. This article has very little to do with the FLDS. It has very little to do with Texas falling either. This article is about Debra Brown and CASA funds.

If you don't like the language, go away. No one is forcing you to read Bill's blog. You read Bill's blog because you want to. Quit complaining because it makes you sound silly.

Anonymous said...

yes, and you complain. Texas has fallen; and this has every thing to do with me. For Texas robbed me. And they plunder children, and it is my country. And Arizona has robbed me. And Utah has robbed me. And this is my country. And you complain. Yes, when your twin tower's were bombed you sat idle; because they used a persons religion to kill. And in Waco they used religion to kill. You all snickered, felt shamed and watched as Texas bombed a ranch, and buried the women and children, and you sat Idle, as they said the man was crazy, because he believed in the Lord. And you watched as they took prayer from your school. And you say this has nothing to do with us. You are very wrong. The bases of AMERICA is upon religious freedom. and freedom for all. Yes, Texas has fallen, and the only thing left is for Zion to rise; for Texas has fallen. and Bill Medvecky puts out proof. Why devil's rage and TExas falls. Zion will rise. and when you stand in the spirit world; it is written that you will weep, because your fair sons and fair daughters are not saved...Texas has fallen, has fallen, has fallen, has fallen; right behind Utah and ARizona.....

Anonymous said...

Now, there is one question I have left for these murder's; Is no other state going to back you up in your murder's; or is it just uniqe to TExas, Arizona, and Utah?

Anonymous said...

and for those who change the scripture's to justify your murder's, I also have this question; It is written, that Earth Quake, Plaqes, diesese and famine will sweep the wicked off the face of the earth, to prepare the way for the City of Enoch to return. And it is written that after the Testimony of the Prophet's come the Testimony of the Earth. Earth Quakes, storms, hail and famine. And the weather man can not explain the change in weather. Well, the fig tree leaves. Every knee shall bend and every toung shall confess to Jesus, that he is the Christ and his ways are just. Yes, Texas has fallen. and the men who ordered these disasters. for the Lord has recorded your murder's and no man can stop the hand of the Lord. no man....yes, devil's rage as Texas falls; and when it is over, as Joseph Smith said, "there will not be so much as a yellow dog to wag its tail in opposition to the Lord and the rise of Zion. And this is my Country, and I never gave up my right to Citizinship; even though my country men tried to kill me, and lie and slam me. Yes, Texas has fallen, has fallen, has fallen, has fallen, has fallen. and they wallow in their deciet and mire; with Utah and Arizona, who strip people rights away, and try to make them slaves. as they have you. or kidnap children to sell, as Bill Medvecky has pointed out.

Anonymous said...

oh, it is not official, these murder's lies, and deciet; the media has not printed it. They print lies to stir every one up to hate; so they can justify their murder's. but for some reason the media has been silent; so the government boys do not know who to target. quite the decietful gig this great big country has going. Yes, it has every thing to do with me. I just did not die, when they tried to kill me. I guess when it is my time, these murder's will get what they want. in the meantime. I tell you that Texas and Utah, and Arizona has fallen, and this is my country. And if I had died when these murder's had tried to kill me, it would still be my country, for I would have come with Jesus in great glory in the cloud and I still would tell you all the same thing. For you killed Joseph, and he will also come with the Lord; and no man can stop the hand of God. Although he, like in the days of Alma, does allow some to be murdered, as they killed my children. and that is also written. Why did they kill them? because of my religion. and the blood of my children does stain your American soil, just as Joseph Smiths does. and TExas has fallen. Just as the Waco children's blood stains your soil. Just as the children on Bills blog stains your soil and cry for the Lord to stop the Murders. and Texas is guilty if it is covered up. But they are guilty if they do not too. So, go ahead; complain about what I said too. For Texas has fallen.


Yo Jam it in,

In the very words of your Vice President;

"Go Fuck Your Self".

Bill Medvecky


CASA is now refusing to open up the public records of the Childrens Abuse Center and CASA regarding the theft of money by Brown and the other CASA.

By the way, the local rag is using "Audit" for the first time since the money was stolen for the Vegas junkets.

It appears that an impossible quest is to find "One honest dyke" in San Angelo, and it's proving to be an impossible job.

Anonymous said...

From Jam Inn, BillM thanks for showing your true colors here, child advocacy is not a part of your real agenda, just some warped vengeance. How many children are facing reassignment after Warren Steed Jeffs latest purge of Bishops and Mayors? Talk with Willie lately? You care anything about children being denied access to their shunned fathers? Hypocrite!
Yo, BillM 'Your Self' is one word, i.e. yourself.

Anonymous said...

but ye, fathers asked for it. right? so, get off Bills case.

Jam Inn said...

Po' Boy Bill the misunderstood self-styled children's advocate, who only advocates FLDS Church familial values of underage marriage, underdevelopment in education, illegal border sex trafficking, ostracizing youth from their family and allowing minors pregnancy & medical risk-taking as a religious value. Real creepy endorsements for a Child Advocate, Huh BillM?
Since when is speaking about the truth getting on Bill's case?

Anonymous said...

Off topic as to CASA and CAC related material but pertinent to the FLDS saga. I can't figure out what Jeffs is up to and can't say I admire his approach but it is certainly well-timed. A federal judge has ruled that the take over of the FLDS trust was unconstitutional. It will be interesting to see what this means for all of the expenses due to the state appointed trustee. How I wish Brooke were still covering this. She seemed to have a lot more insight that we get with the current coverage.

Anonymous said...

Jam In,

You claim you care about abused children. If that's true, why aren't you complaining about Debra Brown who allegedly used CASA money earmarked for abused children to take a personal vacation. Don't you think that was wrong? Do you keeping silent about it because Debra Brown is one of your friends? It's funny that you want to argue and pick fights with Bill, yet you ignore your friends' transgressions.

Jam Inn said...

From Jam Inn - Sorry, Anon I don't know Debra Brown but if she did something illegal at CAC it will be dealt with properly by the board. BillM judges in advance of the facts and makes unproven CASA claims. CPS isn't my favored system anymore than a unlicensed, non-degreed self-appointed vigilante. Canadian Chief Justice will decide this Friday if claims of sex trafficing are valid. BillM seems to have gone mum on the claims that three (3) FLDS children were shipped to Short Creek to marry the prophet Jeffs and then taken to the Texas YFZ Ranch that BillM proclaims to be heaven for FLDS children, right BillM?



You mean like parroting the bull shit from Texas they gleaned from stolen records?

Every single Defense you have made comes from stories, not facts.

You seem to have "Forgotten" all those "Broken bones". How about the "31" pregnant teens?

Nothing on the "Crematory"? How about all them "Dead babies" buried all over the Ranch?

"Undereducated" children? Did Daffy tell you that too?

The FACT is that Warren stands convicted of NO CRIME as of today, and that bugs the shit out of you. He's cleaner than Tom DeLay. Aggravating huh?

Taking the U.E.P was un Constitutional. That just boils your liver, right?

The children were kidnapped by Texass. That just drives you CRAZY!

I just wonder what you will have to say when a REAL Court of Law throws out barbie's search warrants.

NONE of these FACTS are going to matter to you, SOMEBODY is going to hang, and you can't even show it to your negro's anymore.

It must be a BITCH to not be able to look down on someone, that makes YOU the asshole in the woodpile.


Concerning CASA, the local rag is now using the "A" word (Audit) that they have avoided up until now.

The rag also asked to see the Public Records of CAC and CASA (501(c)(3) are ALL Public). CASA refused and went running to the AG. They WILL LOSE.

On another note, I just learned of the life and times of another CASA, Shirley Jo Davis. This sanctimonious blimp is seen in the pictures of the Vegas Junkets.

Apparently, she was bragging about the junkets to friends not to so long ago. Good, she can sit in prison with little debbie.

In the meantime, Princess Davis was quoted be OUTRAGED at the FLDS men having sex with their "Children" for the past few years.

That's a strange stance for the Princess to take, the same one who married in Texas at age 15 and had the fat belly to go along with the honeymoon. (Born: 6/18/67, married: 1982, Baby: 1982.) Apparently, it's OK for Shirley to be on her back, but God Forbid a Mormon girl try the same position.

Let's hear again about Texass "Law" and 14 year olds getting pregnant, Jam it in!

Jam Inn said...

Gee much frustration, so much anger, here's more details, since you asked. Winston Blackmore's older brother and his son, respectively McRae and Spencer, sent there two 12 year old daughters to the Prophet Jeffs in Colorado City, Warren tried to keep it 'sacred and silent' and asked the parents to keep a 'Heavenly Hush' about these two celestial betrohals. He was a Federal fugitive at the time and wanted the girls fully prepared for their nuptials and for them both to be ready to,"get close" quickly, that's FLDS-speak for rape. After the sexual trafficking and rape the two plural wives were taken from Utah to the YFZ Ranch, you'll get to read the greater details at trial. You still fancy yourself as a self-made Child Advocate or just a FLDS-YesMan?


Sounds to me like you've been reading Daffy's dyke fantasy's up in Canada.

Easy pal, when you were telling the story, you wrote like you were breathing heavy. Sex stories about children turn you on much?

I always assumed you were a guy. You ain't one of them flaming dykes still looking to groom a few girls from the Ranch are you?

Sorry schmuck, these girls have class and MOST CERTAINLY wouldn't give somebody from San Fransisco a tumble regardless of your sexual deviance.


Getting back on topic:

The rats continue to leave the ship in San Angelo.

Monty Stanley has resigned from the Childrens Abuse Center (CAC).

He states he resigned so he could give them advice. As Board President, he couldn't give them advice? Monty needs to muck the stalls, the bullshit is piling up again.

Anonymous said...

Jam Inn:

It doesn't matter to us if Willie Jessop was excommunicated or not. We wouldn't hold it against him. We are still willing to be Willie's friend.

I don't believe in putting conditions on friendship. I have been friends with people who were excommunicated from the LDS church. I felt whatever they committed was between them and God. I stayed completely out of it. Why should I treat a person excommunicated from the FLDS church differently?

I always thought it was strange that the antipolygamy crowd thinks that anyone and everyone who disagrees with them is their enemy. It shows a lack of maturity of your part. I would never tell anyone that he/she must believe or think as I do to be my friend. Friends should be willing to agree to disagree about certain subjects or issues.

Anonymous said...

I like your post Jam Inn. That is very nice of you. I do not know anything at all about Willy Jessop. Not one Iota. Just as ninty percent of the people in the Fundamental Mormon Church knows nothing about me. They never cared enough to even speak to me, let alone know me. They only talked to the man I married for one year, judged me as an apostate because I left him, and still never talked to me. My life would not change if they all were put out of the church, or if they all stayed in the church. They never talked to me, before, and they never talked to me now. His lies about me, are as they always were.

Anonymous said...

And Bill, I like what you said about the girls not wanting the men hanging around for a quick fix. There was one man who hang around for five years. The answer was no then, and it is no now. If people do not know the difference between marrying a man and being a harlot; they need to go to church again. and sure, a few men get their fix; but not with girls who want to be in the church and it shows in every thing they do. but then there are the guys who lie a lot and their wives leave them; and stay left. but these woman do not turn to harlotry, so the men, who I call dogs; just like my husband, and his dog cops, still do not get their fix. So, keep it straight. now, scream about my english and spelling. Still won't change the truth. To bad all the devils in C.P.S. do not quit. My husband would not have a fist to hit me with, after he paid them, and his dog friends lie to them. To bad every one does not live as saints. and may all the dogs leave the ship. Them and there harlot friends.

Anonymous said...

Debra Brown's problems with CAC must be more serious than originally thought. According to GoSanAngelo, the United Way will not be funding CAC any longer.

Anonymous said...

Bill, Monty didn't resign from the CAC Board, he just quit being their spokesperson. He's still President of the Board of Directors.

April Day said...

This weekend, the San Angelo Standard Times reported that Debra Brown resigned as the executive director of the CAC center.

I'm disappointed in the Standard Times' reporting because they provided little information about why Mrs. Brown resigned. I would have liked some answers. Is what Bill said about Mrs. Brown true? The public has the right to know if and why CASA San Angelo is being audited. I would like to read the Browns' side of the story.