Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Always on the search for a new way to steal your kid for fun and profit, Texas CPS and CASA is going to have a banner year when they can now put your kid on the adoption and foster care slave-block with this new wrinkle:

Published Date: 01 February 2011
By John Forsyth and Gareth Rose

AN OFFICIAL report into the future of a child's welfare used evidence based on telepathy, in a move criticised by a sheriff as "dangerous".

A psychotherapist told a court an eight-year-old boy mentally communicated feelings of fear through his bad behaviour, leading her to believe he had been abused. The evidence was put forward by a children's reporter to support separating a baby girl from her birth parents.

Now, please tell me I'm making this shit up. Please tell me that the Judge then didn't take the baby away from the parents because this nutjob heard voices in her head.

Any guesses out there on how fast Texas CPS and CASA are going to have themselves an army of mind reading Psychologists and caseworkers, and how fast Texas Judges are going to recognize this Voodoo as real? 

Maybe Barbie in San Angelo needs to ask Angie Voss if she heard any voices on the Ranch!

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