Friday, February 4, 2011


Apparently, it's the time of the year again to drag Ronny RayGun out of his box again and try to make some quick cash off his dead ass.

Both his son's are on the talk show circuit drumming up business, and the Red Ronny's boy has now teamed up with one of the leading Texas baby stealers for fun and profit, the "Arrow Children and Family Ministries." headed by their chief baby thief, Mark Tennant.

More on Mark and his Baptist's in just a minute, but I first want to discuss the First Molester, Michael RayGun.

According to him, some perv took him to bed for a year as a child. We learned of this fantasy only after Michael needed some juice for his book. Since sex sell's big in America, and the "Perv" would have been dead by the time Michael mentioned his "Molestation", one can come to their own conclusions as to the truth and veracity of Mike's loss of virginity.

As for me, I can't relate: A Nassau County cop, in a Levittown pool molested me ONCE when I was a boy, so I guess these things can happen. However, if I was molested once a day, or once a week, or once a month for a year, then you can reasonably assume I was not being "Molested", I was getting my rocks off.

As it was, I didn't like being raped, so little Billy made damned sure he didn't come into contact with that particular cop again. If I had, then by all means, assume I was in a position I enjoyed.

Sorry Mike, but after the 2nd romp, you were no longer a "Victim" of anything.

Now onto the Arrow babystealers which you have seemed to hitch your wagon to.

But first, a little background:
 This is the stable that the Baptists delivered 475 Mormon children, and another 170 adults into in April, 2008
 This was the first (And last) picture of the Baptists moving their booty to the stables on April 4, 2008
This is a picture of the children and adults outside of the stables. They had to use the Port-A-Sans (Always segregated from the Baptists toilets, because the Baptists KNEW all the Mormon women had STDs), because the stables had no indoor plumbing, heat or air conditioning.

The picture isn't up to watch the children go to the toilet, it's up to show the back of the bus. "BCFS" stands for "Baptist Children and Family Services".

As the "Judge" who was hearing the case called them, the Baptists were looking after the "Cattle" while waiting for her "Cattle call". (First rule of the Nazi's, first you demonize and demean your opponent.)

Well, as we now know, the Baptist lost their animals when the Appeals Court bitch slapped the judge and Ordered all the Mormons to be returned. Since the Texas Supreme Court couldn't find an excuse to over rule the Appeals Court that would possibly pass the Federal smell test, they had to agree, and the Mormon children today live once again free and happily non-Baptist.

None of this sat well with Mark Tennant of  the Arrow Babystealers Club, and he fired this letter off to the hairball in Austin:

First of all, it is against Federal Law for a 501 (c) (3) to be lobbying anyone for Legislative action. So where is the I.R.S.?

Secondly, they needn't be concerned that the hairball didn't do anything, he isn't about to bad mouth CPS, something he has never done, even when CPS cost the State millions due to incompetence and malfeasance.

As Arrow so boldly states and even prints, they are in it to supply foster care and adoption services. How does that meet Federal and even State requirements as regards family reunification which Texas gives so much lip service to?

This letter was an embarrassment to the hairball on many fronts, not the least of which was to state in WRITING that there was an Agreement between barbie and the State to sell these kids to Arrow. They were told to go out and hire staff for their adoption business even before the State had Legal possession of their captives.

These two clowns shot off their mouth. Since the gitgo, they have been in bed with one another in the baby selling racket and THANKFULLY, they told us what we knew all along about the intentions of Texas as regards the Mormons they had stolen from the Ranch.

Unfortunately for them, the letter was written just before the Supreme Court collapsed and had to give the children back to their family's.

Say Mark, what ever happened to all those "Lost Boys" running all over Texas?


Anonymous said...

yes, I am glad I did go into court that day and defend these children and have them returned to their parents, and the Lord will not leave us..He will deliver us....

Anonymous said...

and only the people there know who does speak. It cost the state of Arizona a lot. Their debt is not yet, completely paid. They will pay it. Texas also will pay the debt. They betrayed their own country.