Monday, January 17, 2011


Pick up the local rags in San Angelo and Eldorado, Texas and you read about another factory, restaurant, supermarket, retail business or public park being closed down.

In 2008, during the attack on the Mormon Ranch, the locals bragged that they didn't care about the 50 to 65 million dollars it was costing them to rid themselves of the 2nd biggest taxpayor in the town, just so long as them filthy Mormon's left the little girls to the good old boys, and didn't take away their chicken.

Well, they saved their chicken for themselves and there's a boom in pregnant children attending the local school's going on at SAISD, but in the meantime, the Golden Tax Goose has died, they are all now unemployed, the County can't pay it's bills, they are all going on welfare, and the Ranch is BOOMING.

One of the local jock sniffers flies over the Ranch regularly to try to get a peek at some Mormon underwear. (We don't know what the fascination is, but it seems that almost everybody in Texas has it). On a recently flyover, he almost lost his grip on his johnson when he came upon the latest addition: 

No, that's not a store, or the local city hall or school building. It's just one more of the residences newly built on the Ranch by the men, women and children of the Ranch who know how to cooperate with one another rather than to find ways to screw each others children in town.

The rest of the pictures taken that day can be found at the link provided.

As the locals now know all too well, the large building use to be the Ranches Temple before they decided to desecrate it during the attack, now it is empty and abandoned. The Ranch does not use it, and the locals don't get a penny in taxes from it anymore. Congratulations Eldoradians on your stupidity.

I also encourage you to look at the cement foundry. Anybody want to go into local competition with the Mormons for a yard of cement?

In your blind hatred of a group of people who merely wished to practice their religion in Peace, you cut off your noses to spite your faces. Now if you could only stop sending your school girls off to school with fat bellies, you might have the time to go out and actually work for a living instead of bleeding the beast of welfare, food stamps and government hand-outs.

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Ranches in Texas      said...

Its good to know that whenever something is leaving, there must be coming in. The Ranches in Texas is one of the great things that happened here. Being in boom and in trend after the 2008.