Friday, January 14, 2011


When most folks are told that "Child Protection Services (CPS)" and "Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) are both money making business, they smile and walk away from you.

Let's see how many folks "Smile" at these facts:

"We also realize that our Kansas Legislature has also recently noticed problems with our adoptions and foster care programs, drawing Federal Title IV-D funds. $100,000 per year per child, which does not include 30k to 40k paid out in bonuses to keep children in the system, and why we need to review there policies, to preserve families and not allow SRS to destroy good families just for profits.

We recently discovered that our Federal Government has placed a freeze on all federal funds in all 50 states relating to adoption and foster care programs due to the abuse and corruption involved.

It has also been discovered that these agencies were attempting to make up the difference in these lost profits by billing both the old and new social security number to a child, in adoptions, once they change both the name and SSN.
Legally, this constitutes medicaid fraud.

David Martin Price / President of I.F.F.O.C., KCEAJ, PSA

Now folks; The next time somebody tells you that each piece of property on the foster care and/or adoption block is worth between $125,000.00 to $175,000.00 per year to the baby sellers of CPS and CASA, you have a clearer understanding of exactly where this money is coming from.

By the way, under the new rules of CPS and CASA, allowing your child outside when it is cold out can now constitute grounds for them to seize your child and sell them off.

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