Monday, January 10, 2011


Before the smoke had left the parking lot of the Safeway in Arizona, main stream media was falling all over itself to cover Sarah's ass from any and all responsibility for the shootings.  How DARE we put those Bulls eyes on the Net!

It now appears that the fault for the rampage was not the bulls eye that the teabaggers attached to Gifford's, or the nutbag "Warriar" who campaigned against her; it is those among us who balk at the bulls eyes being painted in the first place, or the AK 47 "Practice" given to Jesse Kelly fans for "Dealing with" Ms. Giffords at the polls. I would ask Mr. Kelly AGAIN: What does an AK 47 and an election have to do with one another, sir?

All of a sudden, what we need is proper "Discourse" and "Civility" to return to the American people.

I for one would be at ALL surprised if these new "Manners" were presented to us by Mr. "Go Fuck YourSelf" himself, Dick Cheney. How about we nominate the Virgin Sarah herself to lead us to the new enlightenment? We could always ask Dick Armey or Tom DeLay for a Ms. Manners lesson in civility.

I got a NEWSFLASH for the media: When folks are attacked, they attack back. When somebody calls you every name in the book; wants to destroy the Constitution; gives you no due process or doesn't happen to like your political or religious views and determines to "Eradicate" you; don't expect them to turn the other cheek.

Even the LDS Mormons are now jumping on the "Be Nice" bandwagon. I wonder if that includes their attitude towards those among themselves that practice Fundamentalism? 

That 9 year old child had her head blown off because of the atmosphere CREATED
by the teabaggers, Palin and a trigger happy grunt named Jesse Kelly, just as surely as President Kennedy was killed by the atmosphere generated in Dallas by the "Wanted for Treason" schmucks of the Republican Right Wing.

If the behavior of the demagogue's embarrasses us, then it's time to tell them to shut up and sit down. Blaming those who protest being attacked might be a cute idea, but it doesn't work. It's the same tactic used by the Palestinians against the Isreali's, and it's a turkey that just won't fly. Crocodile tears simply don't work Mr. Boehner.

Now: who among the brave media is going to explain that to Mr. Cheney or the Virgin?


Anonymous said...

It was horrible reading about that little girl and all the others who got shot. I hope this murderer recieves justice.


Anonymous said...

Arizona's new law re illegal aliens have made the state a political hotbed.

Forcing Hispanics to show proof of citizenship unlawfully discriminates them. It is racial profiling because Hispanics are being targeted because of the color of their skin. (Not all illegal aliens are Hispanic. Why doesn't Arizona require everyone how proof of citizenship instead of targeting one minority group?)

It is sad that the drama is Arizona politics came to a head in the form of an assassination attempt.