Thursday, January 13, 2011


Supposedly, she's a reporter for the Vancouver Sun. In reality, she makes her livelihood by creating her own sexual dreams concerning polygamists of Bountiful, or by listening to folks who have their own bank of dreams and failures at living a religious life going back generations in their own families.

Folks like the Vegas pole dancer, Flora Jessop, Dan Fisher, the dentist who loves to beat his wife and kids for kicks and giggles, or Carolyn Jessop, who after 10 years of trying and burning through 12 Psychiatrists could not stop her oldest daughter Betty from returning to her Faith and the father who supposedly tortured her and "Waterboarded" her through her childhood.

Daffy got her chance once again to put her bigotry and hallucinations to print after Carolyn "Testified" in Canada to make polygamy for anybody illegal. It seems that if you are a Muslim, a Jew, or a Mormon and you practice your Faith, You beat your wives, your kids, and keep the women so pregnant, there's just no time for them to have any fun with anybody else. (Preferably Carolyn, Daffy, Flora, Natalie, Rozita, Angie or any of the other dykes more than happy to take the women's husbands place.

Carolyn and Daffy have spent a career making claims, not ONE of which has EVER been substantiated. Read Daffy's rants of 5 years ago, and the problem was one of not educating the children. HORSESHIT DAFFY. If that were true, please explain how the Bountiful children consistently test AT LEAST 10% higher than the "Real" Canadian kids do? 

Carolyn was big in burnt, dead babies on the Ranch. Carolyn KNEW there were guns on the Ranch. Carolyn KNEW there were "Lost boys" all over San Angelo, Bountiful and Eldorado. OK;  SO WHERE ARE THEY?

With all due respect to Daffy and Carolyn, every once in awhile, you have to be proven right on at least ONE of your sexual fantasies.

My recommendation to the both of you is to go back to bed, enjoy each other, and reconcile yourselves to the fact that the women of the Ranch, Bountiful or the twin towns have no interest in joining you whatsoever, and get on with your lives.


Anonymous said...

I don't get your headline. Is Daffy a Mormon? Does she belong to the LDS church? Or is she a bigot who hates Mormons and Mormon Fundamentalists?


Daffy is not a Mormon, she merely hates Mormon men because they take away from her potential groomies.

She's just a femi-Nazi who is against any marriage because it subjects women to mens tyranny and subjugation as opposed to hers.