Friday, January 21, 2011


Not that I think they will print it, but I sent the Editors of the Vancouver Sun a Letter this morning.

Like her main-stream media counterparts in the States, Daffy seems to have the papers permission to libel and slander the Mormons at will with their blessings. Any source can whisper anything they can dream up about against these Mormons in Daffy's ear and these clowns are all too happy to allow her to print the garbage, no questions asked. Has the Vancouver Sun become Canada's Enquirer or Daily Mirror? It would appear so.

Were the Sun to review her rants for the past 5 years, they would find that NOT ONE of her claims has ever been substantiated as FACT rather than sexually titillating rumor and innuendo. 

It's perfectly OK to run a "Penthouse Forum" if that is what the Sun intends to do, but at least let's label it for what it actually is; the writers sexual fantasies run amuck.

This is the Letter, let's see if they have the integrity to even publish it:

As a reader who has been watching the events surrounding the community of Mormons in Bountiful, I have been struck by the blatantly biased and prejudicial writings of Daphne Bramham. For years she has been attacking this community and not once has any of her outlandish assertions been proven with documented facts. The latest, is her "Water boarding" fantasy as stated by Carolyn Jessop. Is she not aware that even after writing two books, Ms. Jessop NEVER ONCE mentioned water boarding of children until after it became public in the press related to Cuba?

Has Ms. Bramham ever gotten confirmation from an independent source for even ONE of her charges? Why does she regurgitate this garbage so freely without verifying a single negative thing she is told about that community? Does she hate Mormons that much? Why?

I am not a member of that community, nor even of that religion, but if Ms. Bramham's personal prejudice against those Mormons is an example of the rest of her "Reporting" credentials, then she has the credibility of a Geraldo Rivera when it comes to truthfulness and professional ethics.

In the name of the Vancouver Sun, what she is doing is yellow journalism. At LEAST get her to back up her slander and libel with independent corroboration.


Bill Medvecky

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