Friday, January 21, 2011


Elementary school teachers use to try to feed me that crap in an effort to get me to stop popping some kid for calling me an S.O.B. It didn't work anymore than getting me to believe that sitting under my desk was going to protect me from an atomic bomb.

Following the attack on the Ranch, I tried to explain to the Ranch why answering the bigots and haters HAD to be done. Frankly it was a bit like I had found myself trying to teach a pack of Amish how to drive a car.

The fact of the matter is, if you DO NOT answer them, you are telling them that what is being said is true. As Willson Jessop found out all too well, that can get people he loves dead.

The stories told were idiotically stupid. Dead babies, Crematoriums, Temple sex, storerooms full of guns and finally, a poor little pregnant girl being beaten by her husband while her mother held her baby for him.

Why bother to answer? Who would believe such nonsense? What's the harm, they are only words!

Not one single fact brought these goons to the Ranch, just a bunch or words coming from liars and bigots.

Now, there's another liar and bigot sitting in Canada talking about the Mormons "Water boarding" babies. Does anyone truly believe the RCMP are any less gullible and stupid than the Texas Rangers?


Jess said...

Bill, I am on the side of the children, but that picture you have of the man holding a gun on the child in the restroom didn't come from the ranch. I think it was shown to have come from some sort of raid in South Carolina. When you put pictures that aren't ranch pictures up and pretend that they are, you aren't doing the cause any favors. As I remember it, one of the defense counsel got reprimanded during the Suppression hearing for having that picture in the evidence.

Please take it off of your blog so that the pictures are an accurate reflection of the events that took place.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jess. Take down the photo taken during the raid in South Carolina. Post only photos taken during the raid of the YFZ ranch with this article. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

what? you should leave it up. They think that man holding a gun; was better than the child's mother. Leave it up, Bill. Our country has over-stepped it's bounds. Does it matter what state they were in? Does it matter what district? Does it matter the name of the child? Does it matter the religion? Does it matter the color? I say leave it up. Too bad you can't put Waco pitcher's that good up. A child abused, is a child abused. A country fallen is a country fallen. I say leave the pitcher up. for an accurate pitcher to be shown, I would have to put up the pitcher of my daughter. You could see her there laying with her back, breaking as she lay dieing, from a stupid Doctor's drug; because he did not think the quality of her life was good. And you could put up her pitcher and see that no child deserved to be abused, neglected and die. And every American Child deserves, freedom, truth and the protection of its country; Not raided by some great huge tank and a bunch of army men. I say leave up the Pitcher Bill. it is only a drop in the bucket.

Marie Lynette said...

Yes leave that picture up but label it and give us details on South Carolina. What about the boy in handcuffs? (male criminal acc. to Bill Baker).


Like the picture of the tank, the picture of the goon salivating over the child taking a piss was put up to show their ignorance and stupidity.

It was taken during a drug raid, but I guess either the cop expected the kid to jump into the toilet and escape custody, or he just wanted to see the kids pecker. I strongly suspect the latter, but given their mentality, you never really can tell, now can you? It was most probably a bit of both, but judging by the goons leaning into the oogle, he seemed MIGHTY interested in seeing the kids junk.