Tuesday, January 4, 2011


This is a garage of a two bedroom home in Canyon Lake, Texas. It housed 6 of the 9 children that CPS sold to the foster parents. It has no heat, has no air conditioning, and no running water. There were no fire escapes available to the children.

Of the 6 who lived in the garage, 5 were Elementary aged school girls. There was also a 30 year old mentally retarded man living in the garage with the girls. The remaining 3 children lived in the house, sleeping on the living room floor.

The home was licensed by Texas as a "Therapeutic foster care home".

The couple running the "Home" was evicted by the owner of the house. CPS moved the couple AND ALL 9 CHILDREN into a new dump that they have re-licensed.

The story was reported by WOAI TV in San Antonio, Texas (NBC). They have since been Ordered by Texas CPS to take the story off their website. Local media has been censored and cannot tell this story.

Heil Hitler to Texas and Ms. Heligenstein who likes to tell the local press that with CPS; "The children's well being always come first." (But NOT before profit, Huh Anne?) 

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