Sunday, January 2, 2011


Let me begin by stating that anyone who thinks the information below is false or exaggerated is either a fool or a CPS / CASA worker. Let me know which one you think is simply ridiculous, and I'll send you the case number of the Court case to back it up.

Keep in mind; in this economy, your blond headed, blue eyed child is worth IN EXCESS of $125,000.00 to CPS and CASA in ADDITION to the job security they represent for those people. YOU are the only thing standing between them and that paycheck, and they own all the marbles.

As for all those foster parents who take in these "Poor abused little children", if that nonsense eases your conscience, go with it, but you're only fooling yourselves. But for the blood money you are being paid to steal other people's children, that tot would be home with his real family.


A child comes to school with no lunch money.
A child comes to school late.
A child comes to school "Improperly" dressed.
The electric company turns off your lights.
The gas company turns off your gas.
You run out of fuel oil for heat.
The water company turns off your water.
You do not put a seat belt on your child.
You bounce a check.
You apply for food stamps.
You apply for WIC.
You apply for welfare.
You lose your home to foreclosure.
You get evicted from your apartment.
You can't find a job.
You leave your children at home to work.
You smoke around your children.
You don't take your children to Church.
You take your children to the "Wrong" Church.
You belong to the "Wrong" group.
You name your children the "Wrong" name.
You discipline your child.
You don't discipline your child.
Your child gets lost in the Supermarket.
You take a picture of your naked child.
You allow your naked child to swim in your backyard.
Your child takes a picture of him/herself.
A neighbor/relative decides they want your child.
A foster parent needs more income.
An adoptive parent is willing to pay big bucks for your child.
You become a witness against CPS and CASA concerning a child they want.
Your LAWYER prevents them from stealing your child and gets HIS children taken away.
You finally find a lawyer who can effectively fight CPS and CASA and they disbar him/her.

Now;  If you see a valid reason above to warrant taking someone's child away from them permanently, please read no further, and have a good life. You might also Thank God you have no children to worry about.

If, on the other hand, you feel that allowing CPS and CASA to sell your children for fun and profit and that, absent any REAL instance of Abuse and/or neglect, they have no business interfering in yours or your children's lives, then sit down and write a letter to your Congreesman or Senator and tell them to stop CPS and CASA from destroying the American Family by filing frivolous and petty charges.

2011 is the year we have to turn these agencies back into the entity they were SUPPOSED to be on inception. CAPTA is a joke, Title IV is a travesty, The Mondale Act DESTOYS families rather than help them and Congress is CLUELESS unless we rub the dreck of CPS, CASA and the Courts in their faces.

Child "Protective" Services in America (And Internationally) is little more than a group of White Slavers. They take your children for the money, and it has NOTHING to do with "Protecting" anything other than their jobs and positions.

Do just a little research and learn what they are REALLY about. Then, get involved by joining a group you are comfortable with. There are THOUSANDS of them out there on the Internet!

One of the most effective and user frindly is a group called AFRA. You might also contact Mr. Richard Wexler at the NCCPR on the Web.

Please keep in mind; if you do nothing the REAL predators and child abusers will win and run laughing all the way to the bank.



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