Friday, January 7, 2011


It took just 2 months for the State of Texas to figure out that Michael Owens was chocked to death.

Naturally, they don't call it murder, they call it; "Complications from mechanical asphyxia".

Isn't that cute? Don't it make the fact that the kid is now maggots so much more "Palatable"? 

Daystar and it's owner, millionaire Clay Dean Hill will get away with Michaels murder as will our own Angel of Death, Krista Rodriquez (For the 56th time).

It's just too bad neither one of them could enjoy these same "Complications".
The Angel of Death of the Houston Office of CPS, Krista Rodriquez.

I don't have Clay Dean Hill's mug shot yet, but I'm working on it. If he wants to "Take care" of YOUR kid, you're going to want to know who killed him.


Anonymous said...

KTRK-TV ABC-13 is reporting that:
"The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has revoked Daystar's license effective immediately. The agency considers the facility unsafe for children. The state removed all foster children from the facility and has found them new places to live."
cited here

Anonymous said...

And it only took 4 dead kids. Imagine that!

Anonymous said...

Daystar should have been closed after the first child was killed.