Sunday, January 2, 2011


Her name, Krista Rodriquez. She is sneaking down the back stairway of the Courthouse in this picture. She just tried to justify taking away 3 children based upon knowingly false information. She heads Houston, Texas' CPS Office and has been in charge now for 56 death's of foster chidren in her "Care". Who stops this Angel of Death from killing number 57?


As most of us know, there are hundred's of groups out there who want to stop the current abuses and excesses of CPS, CASA and the Court's.

Together, we have 10s of thousands of people, all looking towards a common goal; stopping the taking of our children without due process and for arbitrary and capricious reasons, foremost among them, the money our children are worth to the foster care and adoption industries.

Up to this point in time we have all complained and lobbied independently. It has sometimes been effective but has NEVER actually stopped the abuse and neglect of the greater majority of our children.

We're a diverse group with sometimes differing opinions but the one common goal we all have is to be left alone with raising our children or relatives whenever safely possible. When intervention is necessary we want input into the childrens care and well being, and we want to be kept abreast of significant events in their lives and care. As it stands now, a child can be murdered and we have no more rights to that information than the garbage man. That has to stop!

I propose we pool our substantial political clout into a cohesive group that speaks with one voice. We do NOT have to merge our individual groups, but we DO have to assign a single entity to speak for us all.

As a group and individually, I propose we ask our members to join an Association. I also propose we designate a single respected entity to speak for us.

I propose we designate The American Family Rights Association as our groups parent organization.

I propose we designate Mr. Richard Wexler of The NCCPR to speak on our behalf to both the media and to the various State and Federal agencies.

Both Leonard Henderson and Richard Wexler have proven themselves to be formidable and credible spokeperson's for the cause of reform, and by standing behind these two organizations with our voices and our support, we CANNOT be ignored or dismissed any longer as merely a loose pack of mal-contented child abusers.

Consider joining AFRA and the NCCPR today, and make it IMPOSSIBLE for your voice to be ignored any longer.   

 These two boys made it back to safety with their family. Will yours?

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