Tuesday, April 19, 2011


With all else miserably failing for them, the bigots and haters are running out of time. Just exactly HOW do we eradicate these filthy Mormons from the twin towns of Hildale, UT and Colorado City, AZ ?

The folks in the twin towns have been actively involved with setting up a "Lending Library" for the adults and children of the F LDS Church. I myself have been recruited in their efforts, and have sent shipments of books from Florida towards that effort. Today, those books have had to be destroyed.

During a recent inventory, it was discovered that several shipments of books were arriving from Europe unsolicited and without return addresses that could be verified. The question had to be asked; who was sending them, and how did they learn of the program?

Out of an abundance of caution given the times we live in and the poisonous atmosphere or hate and bigotry leveled against their women and children, taking the chance that these books were not "Indian blankets" arriving on their doorstep, the decision was made to destoy the books and avoid the possible "Necessity" of the State's of Utah and Arizona to "Protect and defend" the twin towns.

Having experienced the "Protection and defense" of their Trust, and having experienced that same level of "Protection" for their children in Texas, one can hardly blame them for looking upon these new "Gifts" as a Trojan horse sent by the bigots and haters.

As to "Who would EVER do such a thing?", I would have asked that very same question; BEFORE they kidnapped and raped 465 children for merely belonging to the "Wrong" religion. 

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