Monday, June 20, 2011

"Preacher's Pray": A BOOK REVIEW

I sat down to the TV yesterday and there was this weird looking dude in a silly looking cowboy hat and bad teeth being interviewed for a "Book" he had written. Within moments, I recognized him talking about a group of Mormons he was bashing, and his name popped up on the screen; it was good old Sam Brower, a jock sniffing, STD laden cop lover who fancies himself a "Private Investigator".

It appears that Sam isn't content with bailing his own family members out of jails and through divorce courts, he is still trying to persecute and spread the bull shit far and wide about fundamentalist Mormons.

His stories usually come from Vegas pole dancers and desert tramps, but lately he's been on his latest binge by guiding blimps from CAC and CASA through the twin towns of Hildale and Colorado City. The fact that the blimps had stolen their junket money from Texas children in need did not deter Lover Boy, just so long as he could get some notes for his new fantasy book.

In it, he mentions one Natalie Malonis. I guess he interviewed her in between her bouncing checks and pilfering child support money from her clients. Let's hope she's out of a Texas jail by now so she can groom more teenage girls to her "Lifestyle".

He also mentioned the "Fact" that the Mormons he was attempting to destroy were responsible for the shuttle explosion that killed the 7 astronauts. It appears that in addition to being cannibals, mass murderers, welfare cheats, baby killers, terrorists, child molesters and litterers, these dirty bastards also killed good old Christal McCauleff because they had made the O-Rings that failed. (They must have done that in between molesting children and then eating them.)

The interviewer naturally listened to all of this in awe of Sam, but never did question one word of Sam's horseshit.

So far, I've heard every story imaginable about these Mormon "Perverts", but NOT ONE documented fact to back the bull shit up.

Can I see a half eaten child please! Do they eat the fingernails too? How do they deal with the hairballs? Do they spice them with ketchup or mustard?

Can I see the Welfare checks cashed from the banks? 

Can we locate the crematorium and get a picture of it?

I want to see all them dead babies the goons dogs found buried on Ranch.

Them "Perverts" had a huge supply of guns on the Ranch...Can we see one of them?

None of those children are ever educated...How the fuck are they getting into colleges?

How does Utah, Arizona and Texas deal with the hundreds of women per day who flock to them for protection from their abusers?

While jotting down his fantasies, is Sam jerking off with his right hand, or his left?


Jam Inn said...

Geeez BillM, you didn't know that Rulon Jeffs was a boardmember on Thiokol Corporate Board when the NASA "Challenger" shuttle disaster occurred. You don't know that NewEra Manufacturing, Inc., Las Vegas supplied astronautical parts to NASA, you remember them they were the firm that held the lease on the Cadillac "Escalade" that the Prophet Warren Jeffs was captured inside of while he fled arrest from the FBI. Your not denying that Jeffs is guilty of Federal flight, are you?
Warren is charged with the assault of two 'Child Brides' aged 12 and 14 years. You don't claim that these wedlocks were by proxy only and no sexual rapes occurred, do you?


I allowed Jam it in to post so that we could document his stupidity and his mind that is so twisted against Mormons that he can't even think straight. Bill

In answer:

Well gee gosh golly Jammy, if Rulon Jeff's was on the Board of Morton-Thiokol (Which I don't know about), that in itself proves beyond a reasonable doubt that them sneaky fucking Mormons killed our poor old Krista, now don't it! Ya think maybe they dun it for the life insurance money they had on her?

Ya say that them uneducated morons from the Creek made some parts for the space shuttle? You must be joking, right? EVERYBODY knows these folks don't get to go to a real school. They are ignorant and kept away from the REAL world where they would realize that they are merely a pack of zombies. They got no phones, they got no computers, they don't even allow the children to play with crayons and now you say they are building rocket ships to Mars and beyond?

Ya tell us Jammy that the Escalade was leased by NewEra in 2006? Now wait just one minute here! Does the government actually know that NewEra caused the destruction of our beloved Challenger only a mere 20 years earlier and NewEra was STILL in business? How foolish could our government be to allow these killers to keep making such shoddy parts? You need to write Barack on this right away!

Jammy honey, here in America, we still have that silly little saying about "Guilt". Now I know these mother fuckers are as guilty as sin to you and your hooded frineds, but lets hold off on the nooses until a JURY says it, OK?

I KNOW it pisses you off no end, but let's let the Appeals Courts decide if any "Rapes" occurred. I will concede that barbie will railroad him into prison, that is a given. However, let's see what the Appeals Courts have to say about how long he remains there.

Warren was charged with being "An accomplice" to a "Rape" in Utah that never happened, so getting him convicted is the easy part, but making it stick is impossible once a REAL Court gets to decide the issue.

My bet is that he is set free by them. Now if you take off that dress and slap a pair of balls on, you could make a small, friendly wager... Say $1,000.00 just to back up your bullshit?


Jam it in wrote back and ignored all the above facts.

He now claims the Ranch had a stash of guns. I guess the Texas Rangers "Forgot" to log them in as evidence of a crime because they were doing the Ranch a favor.

He also says Rulen quit the Board of Thiakol a year and a half after Krista was toasted. Well now THAT sure does show his guilt of killing her and her 6 pals, right Jammy?

Jammy also claims that Teresa Jeff's is retarded, which explains how she got married to Richard.

Poor Teresa; She has a baby, it is stolen from her and being hidden, she's pregnant again and her CPS lawyer wants to groom her and take her to her bed... and now she's retarded.

This baby she had; Was it named Jesus?

Teresa was given a SANE Rape by CPS and CASA and was shown to be a virgin. That makes this the second Immaculate Conception that I'm aware of, so we need to let the Pope know about it REAL FAST.

If Teresa was endowed with her second Immaculate Conception as her Court appointed lawyer stated in 2008, she's now into the LONGEST pregnancy on record. She has YET to give birth to it. Just how long is the gestation period when God is the daddy?

Teresa spent 8 weeks being abused, raped and neglected by CPS, CASA and barbie in 2008 while in captivity, and another 10 months under "Investigation" by them until she reached her 18th Birthday and told them to fuck off.

In all that time, not once was it claimed she was "Retarded". Did they miss the signs? Didn't she drool enough? Did they think she was swinging through those trees just for kicks and giggles?

Jammy boy: I got NO PROBLEM sitting here making a jackass out of you, but can't you make my job just a LITTLE more challenging?