Sunday, April 17, 2011

" I have Immunity" Lindberg cries.

Yo Denise:

Last month you had immunity as a Judge Denise baby, but after thumbing your nose at a Federal Court ORDER, you threw it away. When you wrote that 4 page hissy fit of yours, you acted under color of authority being TOLD you were in violation of the Constitutional rights of a group of people and you willingly chose to not only ignore the ORDER, but to defy it and order others to defy it.

Listen sweetie, let me explain to you how the "Law" works, because obviously, you are clueless;

A Court issues an ORDER, and you follow it.  (Basic Law 101 unless you somehow fantasize that the 10th Circuit, or any other Court, is going to publicly sanction folks out there ignoring a Court Order because it's THAT time of the month.)

IF you think the order was wrong, you APPEAL the order in the proper forum, you don't just tell the Judge to GFHS (Think Dick Cheney), and continue to violate the Constitutional Rights of a religion because you don't agree with that particular religion and you have sworn (Weekly) to destroy it within the covenants of your own adopted religion. Your own religious beliefs are quant, but completely irrelevant. You don't squat on that Bench to dispense LDS Law, regardless of what you may think, you rule according to the Constitution of the United States and the Laws of the State of Utah, NOT by the arbitrary political whims of the Quorum of the 12.

You now claim "Immunity" because you are a squatting Judge. More Law for you honey; LAST MONTH you had immunity. When you willingly and illegally continued to violate the Constitutional Rights of the group before you AFTER you were lawfully notified and ORDERED to stop it, you threw your immunity in the toilet. You might not know that, but quite obviously, the Utah Supreme Court and the dying Attorney General know it as exemplified by their complete silence in defending your actions. You've been thrown under the bus, and you're too stupid to realize it.

In LEGAL terms, you are guilty of Contempt of Court. You openly REFUSED to follow an ORDER of a higher Court. You may not THINK the Fed's are a Higher Court, but that's irrelevant under the Law, isn't it? 

One simply has to go to your own Court Clerk and pull up the cases where YOU found folks in Contempt. How many folks, regardless of whether they were right or wrong, got away with ignoring one of YOUR orders? What did you sanctimoniously tell them from your perch? Well baby, that pigeon's come home to roost! Now you want the 10th Circuit to tell Benson it was OK for you to give him your middle finger? I DON"T THINK SO!

So, when the 10th Circuit tells you that you fucked up, how fast do they then see your wrath? Let's face it baby, you told one Federal Court to get laid, why not tell another? After all, you know YOU are right, and they are wrong, so there's always the Supreme Court (The REAL one, not that joke in SL).

If I were one of the thousands of people whose Constitutional Rights you knowingly violated, I would send you a letter of deep thanks. Before you had your period and went off, it was probably going to take years, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in Legal costs for the FLDS to get finality to their case. Now, those same folks are going to be getting their property back and be able to sue for damages and Fiduciary Fraud at lightening speed thanks to the fast track pace you created. You just might be able to get this case all the way to the Supreme Court by Fall. They could NEVER have been able to do that without your help, and they owe you plenty.

Listen Denise, please do me a favor; When I pull up to the Drive-In and happen to have stopped into your new employers place of business, PLEASE don't short me a bag of fries or a Big Mac, it's just one big pain in the ass when I'm 5 miles down the road.

If you want to keep playing religious persecutor, you could always dump the LDS like you dumped the Catholics, and become a sheet head and do Sharia Law in Mecca.



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