Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I'm in the process now of receiving Michaels records from his family.

Once again, the Angel of Death, Krista Rodriquez is trying to bury her latest victim in quiet anonymity by buying off the family of Michael like they bought off the families of Daystar's first 3 victims, all girls, all strangled like Michael was killed.

It was NOT surprising to learn that once again, the name of Lisa McCartney surfaced. I'm interested in knowing if Horvath's hands are as bloody, and if so, you can depend upon hearing of it.

So far, what we have is a "Deeply disturbed boy" according to CPS that they were trying to "Help". My first question would HAVE to be; If this kid was so disturbed, what was he doing in a public school?

If Daystar was being paid the big bucks to "Treat" Michael, why did they leave him in a Detention Center for 4 days before picking him up?

Why are former staff telling me that the reason Michael was "In a closet" is because when staff has to "Restrain" a "Client" that's where the restraining can take place without fear of the camera's lens?

Why did Daystar's Attorney feel the tape was OK "Now"? As opposed to when Mr. Carsey?

Main stream media has lost interest in Michaels murder, probably in record time, since there was no indications of sex being involved. Well, much to CPS and CASA's chagrin, Bill Medvecky doesn't really care all that much about the sex-o angle since he's not selling newspapers or commercial time.

Michael's murder is not going to swept under the rug, and SOMEBODY is going to prison this time! That's my promise to Michael.

Michaels pictures are going up. His cell-mates pictures at Daystar are going up, the little deals cut by CPS and CASA are going to be made public, and most importantly, Daystar's ponzi scheme is going up on the internet front and center. This is Daystars last murder Mr. Hill, COUNT ON IT!

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