Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Thanks to Scott for the invite.

As some may know, FLDS.WS has been knocked off the net again, and this time I refuse to allow it back on-line so long as there is the possibility of it being censored again.

CPS, CASA, the State and the Judicial Branch are all use to doing their dirty work in stealth, and I for one won't allow that to happen. When they steal a kid, rape a kid, murder a kid, their names are going out there along with the kids. I don't really care if there are "Gag Orders" or "Restraining Orders" out there, or how big your hat and gun are, or how long you can throw my ass in jail for, your name, address, phone number, kids names, picture and place you work for are all going to be public knowledge.

Krista Rodriquez of Houston CPS needs to explain why there are 56 dead kids on her watch.

Clay Dean Hill needs to explain how he's making millions off "Daystar" while his staff kills kids and feeds them garbage.

Lisa McCartney needs to explain why she keeps ripping children out of hospital beds with diagnosed illnesses and declares them "Cured".

Seig Heiligenstein needs to explain why Michael Owens is sleeping in a morgue right now.

Ricky Perry needs to explain why the children of the YFZ Ranch were kidnapped over a KNOWN hoax phone call.

Angis Voss needs to explain why the Texas Mental Health people all filed letters against her and the workers in San Angelo alleging physical, emotional, medical and psychological abuse of the women and children of the YFZ Ranch.

Harvey Hildebran needs to explain his bias and persecution of a religion he does not personally like. I don't personally like you Harvey, but that doesn't give me the right to try to exterminate you because you "Offend" me.

The Freedom, Liberty, Defenders Society will be back on the internet. On that, you can all depend, and when it does come back, you can expect to see the light of publicity being shined on you, as you have all done to your victims with such abandoned glee.


Anonymous said...

"I don't personally like you Harvey, but that doesn't give me the right to try to exterminate you" LMAO Bill, when you decide you gotta have a career change Grampa, Comedy is right down you alley....Thanks for coming back up

Vulture said...

I'm certainly glad you're back and fighting the good fight. Keep up the good work.