Thursday, December 22, 2011


The children of the Ranch have been free from CPS and CASA captivity now for well over three years and the scars still remain from their abuse, neglect, sexual rapes and medical neglect at the hands of those "Good people", the residents of Eldorado and San Angelo.

For those ghouls, it is quite normal for them to abuse children, after all, CPS reported long ago that one out of every six children living in the same County where the Ranch is located was a victim of abuse or neglect. Their girls are use to being sexually abused, there are OVER 336 girls registered in the San Angelo Independent School District for the 2011-2012 school year who are either pregnant or already have a baby (Or more).

So kidnapping children at gunpoint and raping them is merely par for the course for these Texass "Good old boys".

For the children of the Ranch however, it was a travesty that will stick with these particular children for the rest of their lives, as did the States persecution of their parents and grandparents for merely being Mormon.

The children and their parents are moving on with their lives, the Ranch population has very nearly doubled since the tanks and SWAT Teams rolled on them on April 3, 2008 While their "Neighbors" made plans to adopt out the children and see to it that they never practiced their religion again. In that, Texass failed miserably. All they accomplished was to reinforce the Truth; That their neighbors and those not of their Faith were evil, disgusting perverts. That learned lesson will be taught for generations of these Mormons to come and is the only real Legacy of the attempt to eradicate them and the religion they have chosen for themselves.

While the Ranch flourishes in the midst of a drought and the economic collapse of the system that propped up and supported the local vagrants drags them further and further into destitution, CPS and CASA in San Angelo has been busy trying to stay afloat while their own people steal every penny they can from the local children. It appears that not only are they screwing as many children as possible, but they seek to add to the children's pain and suffering by even resorting to stealing their Christmas presents. (And yet, people have the nerve to ask me why I call them vultures.)    

The Ranch children were kidnapped, just as ALL children around the Country are kidnapped by CPS and CASA for the State and Federal dollars these children bring in on the foster "Care" and Adoption block. This fact couldn't have been made any clearer, than by reading the letter written to the hairball by Arrow Children and Families Services, when they complained of losing the Mormon children that were promised to them DURING the raid by the dykes of San Angelo CPS, CAC, CASA and the "Judge" herself. Fortunately for the children, there were people on Texass and around the Country who didn't approve of the childrens being raped and abused by the State, and we made damned sure the children were returned to their parents where they belonged in the first place.

While the Ranch children are now home and once again safe, the same cannot be said of the thousands of other children around the Country who are STILL being used for the State and Federal dollars that can be wrung from their misery.

For them, the Holiday Season that is now upon them looms bleak as the vultures gorge themselves to even greater obesity (If that's even possible given some of these bitches weight.).

Having been through the disgusting depravity that is CPS myself ;  I completely understand what they are being dragged through. It is a mindset and a system we have not seen since Nazi Germany.

Having your children stolen from you and abused, neglected, raped and even killed is bad at any time of year, but during the Holidays, it adds bleach to the wounds, and the filthy bastards know it! While everyone around you walks around with smiles and good cheer, it stings you like sleet in a blizzard. Hearing the words "Merry" or "Happy" are actually painful. Seeing a Christmas tree or a Chanukah Bush makes you want to lay down and cry. But the worst of all is knowing you have NO ONE to call or write to to try to stop the madness because they are all off having a great time while your child languishes with some stranger, or worse.

Who can imagine a Christmas or Chanukah that is black, cold, and dark? A parent with a stolen child can!

The only gift I can give to any of those parents who are hurting out there is the gift of letting them know that what they are going through is understood, and that there are folks who are thinking of them and their children. If you need a sounding board, or just someone on the other end of the keyboard, I will be available from Christmas Eve through Christmas Day to let you know that you are NOT alone, and that people DO give a shit about what is going on.

Christmas is a very dangerous time for those of us who have had CPS and CASA enter into our lives. You need to realize that these ghouls would like nothing better than for you to make a very foolish decision. Don't play THEIR game! Don't make THEM happy! The LAST thing they want to hear when they return to their desk is the phone ringing with YOU on the other end.

It's EASY to get depressed about what they are doing to you, but remember, depression is anger turned inward. Take that anger and point it in the right direction; point it straight between their eyes and fight for your child like no one else can.

Stay strong,


(Roger, NOTHING would make me happier than for you or that other pedophile friend of yours "Stamp", to e mail me or to phone me. GOT THE BALLS?)

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It's an amazing fact that if we didn't have CPS and CASA stealing other people children FOR NOTHING, we could INSTANTLY eliminate 80% of the child abuse that's happening around the world.