Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Most folks who have ever come into contact with CPS and CASA know how sneaky and under-handed they can be. Usually, they hide behind a child, trying to claim they are "Protecting" the child from damaging scrutiny. They claim that divulging any information would be a breach of the childs "Confidentiality". Even when they murder the brat in their custody, they won't give you any information "In the childs best interest".

Horseshit. The only "Best interest" they are interested in is their own.

This is a copy of a "Permanancy Hearing" of one of the Mormon children from Texas. You will note that the document came from the Court. I have included the request from my Lawyer to get this document. I expected it to be redacted to eliminate certain information, but as you can PLAINLY see, the Court sold the document to ANYONE who asked for it with the judges blessings, UNREDACTED in ANY way.

Why would the judge do this? Simple, she wanted the mother and father trashed, and this was the fastest way to do it. Her target, the childs mother, was dead of a stress induced heart attack less than 5 months later. During the court cases Mrs. Jessop complained of being ill. CPS and the pig of a judge, barbie Walthers, insisted she "Was as strong as a horse". So far, Merrianne has lost her mother, an Uncle, and a brother, all to stress induced strokes or heart attacks. Her brother was 26 years old. Her Uncle was 54.

Without question, Merrianne Jessop Jeff's is a victim; of the State of Texas.



Dr. Matthew Leigh Jan 10, 2009 10:43 pm
Stafford, VA

I am deeply saddened by the religious persecution that has resulted in your incarceration. However, I find the courage shown by you and your people to be quite inspiring.

There are many in the academic community that support the struggles of you and your people for freedom from persecution. There are many examples of intellectuals who, like yourself, have been forcibly removed from family for speaking their beliefs, and have also sacrificed their lives.

Thousands of scholars perished in Communist China during the "Cultural Revolution," and I have been privileged to know and work with some of their children who survived. Similarly, Nazi Germany not only forced the great physicist Einstein to flee, but evicted or killed many other eminent scientists and professors. Just as you have become a symbol of the persecution against your religion, you have also become a symbol of the larger story of persecuted humanity.

There are many of is in the academic community that decry governmental attempts to stifle speech, belief, and inquiry. Though we intellectuals have a culture very different from yours, we offer our support and encouragement.

Matthew Leigh
Ph.D. Physics


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